Yalu Jailbreak

After such a long wait and many weeks of anxiety, we finally have a new jailbreak. It comes to us from Luca Todesco and is called Yalu Jailbreak. Some are quite surprised that Todesco has given us a jailbreak because he is not known for sharing his exploits with us in the form of a public jailbreak. However, he has told us that this could be the last public jailbreak for some time so we should make the most of it.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak Update

Before you Jailbreak :

  1. This is a beta jailbreak; this means that it is likely to be full of bugs and not too stable. Luca Todesco has recommended that great care be taken and only to install the jailbreak if you are experienced or a developer
  2. Yalu is not a simple to install jailbreak like we usually get. It must be side loaded using Cydia Impactor and you will need an Apple ID [ full steps are given below ]
  3. Lastly, in the same way that PPHelper was, this is a semi-untethered jailbreak and it will have to be reinstalled whenever your device is rebooted

How to Install Yalu Jailbreak :

  1. Download Cydia Impactor onto your Mac or PC
  2. Download Yalu jailbreak .ipa file onto your Mac or PC [ext link]
  3. Back up your data using the latest version of iTunes 
  4. Disable your Passcode and Touch ID if applicable by opening Settings > Touch ID & Passcode 
  5. Disable Find my iPhone/iPad by opening Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone | iPad whichever is applicable 
  6. Connect your device to your computer and launch Cydia Impactor
  7. Open the .ipa file and drag it to Cydia Impactor 
  8. Input your Apple ID and password 
  9. Wait for Cydia Impactor to side load the jailbreak onto your iOS device , do not touch anything while this is going on
  10. When Cydia Impactor has finished, disconnect your device and open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management 
  11. Locate the app , it may be called Yalu or mach_portal and tap on Trust; come out of settings
  12. From your home screen, tap on the mach_portal icon and wait for it to load up. 
  13. It will take a few seconds so be patient; your iOS device will respring and you should see Cydia on your home screen 

Be aware that, as this is a semi-untethered jailbreak, whenever you reboot your device, you will need to do Step 11 again, every time. Also, if you are using a free Apple ID, the app certificate will expire every 7 days and you will need to start from step 7 again each time. Paid Apple ID’s do not have to do this.

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  1. I KNEW it was too good to be true. Luca sucks! Stop making empty promises. He Finallu releases a JB and it’s half assed garbage.

    1. Yo bud don’t be mad he has made it farther than enyone else so far and he’s one kid that 19. He could have kept it to himself but he declined to release it. He said it’s just a beta so give him time he’s just one kid

      1. Rather a wording piece of sh*t, like the maker of of Blackrain and Limerain than a little boy, maybe quite clever but not even after months of teasing and complaining a jailbreak for my 6 Plus. And the empty promises keep on coming…

        1. What are you talking about? Yalu 102 beta 6 was released yesterday for my iPhone 6 and works flawlessly. This guy is the only one to JB apples most secure OS to date. So yea I’d say he’s pretty freakin clever,he has came through just like he said he would,don’t know how you interpret that as empty promises. I would bet over half or more of the people having problems are self inflicted.

        2. What are you talking about ? I have a 6s Plus and am running the yalu 10.2 if you’re having problems then just contact me Ill help you get it loaded… I’ve never understood people sitting on forums complaining that somebody does something for them that they can’t do and releases it for free lol f0cking 1st world problems

          1. Walk me through it. I get Yalu on my 6s. It says I’m jail broken. I have a cydia icon but it crashes. And I can’t remove it, even with a restore. Only an update to 10.2.1. Which I’m not going to do.

          2. Every time I open Yalu and press go it says failed, retry and turns the phone off and then back on but no Cydia. Please help

          3. Hey Brent ,I’m pretty lost about this Yalu download and desperately need some help downloading it. Recently my family’s I phones and I pads have been hacked,email,bank acts…..everything . I would be forever great full for actual help or even some advice?

            Thanks kindly and god bless
            Adam Richardson

          4. hye can u guide me?? im begging !! this is my number .. ***** .. can i get your number?? can we whatsapp ?? im using iphone 6 plus ios 10.2.1

          5. Can help me 6s on 10.1.1 which Yalu should I use as of 2017 July not many jailbreakers in Melbourne Australia thanks for any advice Sean

      1. He’s not allowed to criticize someone who made a shitty jailbreak because he hasn’t made one before? I guess you cant review movies or games or anything unless you’ve produced something in that industry

    2. At least he gave something, you know it’s not easy to do this type of stuff. If you think you can do better make a jailbreak and prove it to us. It’s beta, and you know what it is better than nothing. So quit your bitching.

    3. I’d like to see you try he isn’t the one to release the jailbreak he just tells us that it is possible to jailbreak so if you want to talk shit then do it yourself and stop complaining

    4. i downloaded both and i tried both but it keeps on coming back with this error : provivion.cpp:68
      ios/addAppld =35
      An invalid value ‘CY- mach_portal’ was provided for the parameter

      1. I had the same happen but it was bc I wasn’t on a compatible device. I heard it only works on the 6s, 7 and maybe iPads but more devices will be good to go shortly. Also I’m still on 10.0.2. Hoping that makes life easier when a full jailbreak releases.

    5. lmao its bc of people like you hackers arent releasing jailbreaks as often as they used to. be glad luca even released it, because now other hackers can work together to make it stable. and in case you didnt read anywhere, its A BETA JB! learn to read

      1. are you still having a problem with this ? Mine did it as well just got it fixed yesterday you have to use Terminal, Putty, or Ifunbox to connect SSH to USB

      1. I’m sure some people gather that you an ungreatful piece of sh*t for not just being happy that he decided to release it instead of just do the work for himself and not hear a bunch of baby’s pi$$ and moan like a bunch of f0ckin [email protected]

    6. you’re right Luca sucks! Why don’t you send me your jailbreak! Qwerty clearly isn’t living up to your standards… Oh wait… Lol don’t complain about people doing things for free for you that you can’t do.

      1. Yeah that’s what it’s come to now, it’s for developers only. I had to restore my phone this weekend and thus rejailbreak and even though it worked before, the new file (the previous ipa I used obviously is taken down) won’t work because I don’t have a developer account. Great…

    1. I have an older iPhone (5) that I’ve been itching to jailbreak for a while. It’s not my main use phone so I would cry too hatc if I brick it. I have experience rooting phones but only Android. Will this possibly work for me?

    2. I have an older iPhone (5) that I’ve been itching to jailbreak for a while. It’s not my main use phone so I would cry too hard if I brick it. I have experience rooting phones but only Android. Will this possibly work for me?

  2. Hello.
    I have an iPad mini on iOS 10.1
    I would like to jailbreak it so that I can use Cydia version of Apple Car Play
    Could you please tell me the best way to go about this.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. I also have a iPad mini however it is on iOS 10.1.1 (most jailbreak downloads have those linked in the same .ipa so i think that it will be similar) If you would like to use a projecting or “second screen” method such as apple car play you should first get the apple car play software and then acquire cydia or whatever jailbreak system you would like to use as once you have the software you cannot (usually) download apple supported apps off of your device’s app store. That is if you can successfully find a jailbreak for iOS 10.1, I have not found one and I do not think that there will likely be one till when that operating version is about 1.5 to 2 years old. I myself have not found a successful jailbreak so I cannot leave any link to a working one. I apologize if this was not helpful however by the time that and iOS 10.1 jailbreak comes out there will (most likely) no longer be Apple car play systems supporting iOS 10.1.1 or below.

  3. That’s awesome Luca, thanks. I’m a developer as well and what like to get a hold of your beta copy to work some out. How do I do so?

  4. Hi I am on iOS 10.1 if there was a jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 would I be able to use because I don’t think the code have changed much

  5. Luca sei grande!!!!
    Non vedo l’ora di poter usare il jailbreak sul mio iphone 7 plus.
    Grazie mille per il tuo gran lavoro e il tempo che investi per crearci questo nuovo jailbreak.
    Un iphone senza jailbreak non è lo stesso. Spero che esca presto.
    Ti auguro tante belle cose e un buon natale.

  6. This is a very buggie jailbreak so if your not familiar on doing them i wouldn’t do this one… Better to wait a few days and see if a more stable version full jailbreak comes out… So you don’t brick your iPhone….. Just saying

  7. Not work for me.I have Iphone 6s iOS 10.1.1.I follow all steps and after i try to start mach_portal icon its saying storage almost full but my phone have 8GB free space.

  8. The only problem is IT DOESN’T WORK !

    Cydia Impactor will not accept your Yalu IPA when you try to sign in with your apple ID. If you type in your apple ID and password it creates an error on your desktop saying that you have entered an incorrect apple id or password !

    1. It works fine. It just doesn’t work on my iPhone 6 running iOS 10.1 . It doesn’t create cydia on the desktop after running Yalu. Even after rebooting. But it loads the profiles and you can trust and run mach portal without any issues but it doesn’t install cydia on the home screen or anywhere else.

  9. Problem is that IT DOESN’T WORK !

    When you put your Yalu IPA into Cydia Impactor and type in your proper apple id and password it sends an error message to your desktop saying that you have entered an incorrect apple id or password.

  10. Hi, i have a problem
    After enter my app-id and passwort i become a error message!

    Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at appleid.apple.com

    I have change e-mail and password of my account on this site but i become ever this error!
    Pls help me…. thx

  11. Unfortunately, right now Yalu only support couple of device which is iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPad Pro. More device will coming later according to Todesco

      1. I have the same problem as him. I do all the steps correctly and I click “match_portal”, it then reboots my device but there is no cydia. HELP ME pangu

      2. Pangu Team I am having this problem as well. I do everything correctly and when I run “match_portal” it has a white screen, then reboots my phone, but when I look for cydia there is nothing there. Please help me. Email me

  12. Hi luca,
    I want to uninstall the jail break for now until a more stable version comes out. But the tool (Cydia Eraser) isn’t working on ios 10, any ideas?

      1. Cydia impactor wont even install the ipa. It has been on the step “PreflightingApplication” for twenty minutes now!!!(ios 10.0.2 iphone 6s)

  13. I have a iPhone 7 plus 256gb ios 10.1.1
    I have follow correct the steps but nothing ever the same error!
    Its the same how the jailbreak ios 9.3.3 where i has use with my old iPhone. Only the ipa change here. All steps are the same but dont work for me. :-( i want wait and hope that Luca and you Team Pangu can do a unthetered jailbreak that work for ios 10.1.1
    before i update it to ios 10.2 for error why i become ever the update message on my phone and if i want do a wrong click, i can forget to jailbreak my iPhone.

  14. Non of Cydia tweak is working with this Jailbreak even paid item.
    Can not access my account.
    This Jailbreak doesn’t mean Nothing at all.

  15. I Installed Yalu Mach_portal, correctly but, if i open it up it shows de white screen for like 10-15 seconds then it closes the app, if i do hard/ reboot, it won’t show up cydia or something like that…. Im trying it for like 10 times, i did the steps exactly like shown in the tutorial, but it won’t install cydia.

    Im on an Iphone 7, 32 Gb with ios 10.1.1 (14B150)

  16. Nice work, but for now this jailbreak is useless, you cant do anything with it. You can download stuff from cydia but they doesnt work on ios 10.1.1… Thanks, anyway. If youre stuck on a blank or black page, and your phone dont work anymore, hold power + vol. down to reboot…

  17. I’ve just did the steps and i resprung my ipad mini 2 but i can’t see cydia !!!! I’ve opened the mach-portal 3 time it restarts and guess what? I can’t see cydia😒What should i do?

  18. What type of IOS should your apple device be running for this jailbreak to work.
    I have 10.0.2 will the the process still work on my iPad Pro.

  19. I was able to successfully download “match_portal” and trusted it. But whenever I tap on it, it loads for about 10 seconds, says my storage is full, then does nothing, my phone sat their for about 10 minutes and it never respringed or cydia never appeared even after a reboot. HELP ME!

  20. Very great work, I respect you Luca, Because what a group of geniuses have failed to do, you have do it but on your own, you are a genius in their ego and respect you for that and I encourage a continuation of that, you will have quite significant in this area.

  21. Some sites say thatvsupported devices are iphone7 and 7 plus and iphone 6 and 6 plus only is that true if no can i get th jb on my iphone 5s ios 10.1

  22. !!!! EVERYONE. READ THIS. !!!!!!
    -- This jailbreak is for developers and hackers. It is in BETA version. Luca and others are working to release a more stable version. Do not get angry with luca or anyone else because “the jailbreak isnt working”. Cydia substrate is not supported yet, again, because it is a beta version.
    -- This jailbreak is only for ios 10-10.1.1. The supported devices are iPhone 6s/+ and 7/+ and iPad pro.
    -- Do NOT insult or blame luca or anyone else working on this jailbreak because you failed to read up and broke your phone. Be grateful luca even released this jailbreak FOR FREE. Stop being rude and start appreciating the fact that he did this because hackers are starting to not release jailbreaks because the jb community is being greedy, rude, and ungrateful.
    -- LEARN. TO. READ.

    1. Well said !!! I totally agree with you ! I appreciate Luca’s hard work and thank God there’s people out there are smarter than everyone else

  23. They still trying to get it to work properly you want them to support all devices. In development they first need to perfect the jailbreak. Once that is accomplished the rest of the devices is not a train smash. So give them time to get around perfecting the jailbreak first. Its a heard nut to crack. And its the last hope. Remember in IOS 10.2 most if not all the vulnerabilities have been patched.

  24. I have an iPhone 5c on ios 10.1.1. Every time I try to use cydia impactor with the jailbreak file it gets stuck on verifying application and doesn’t move for hours…

    Is it that it not supported or what?? Please help!!

  25. I really hope u, pangu and todesco will be succesfull in that jailbreak. This must be very hard to do. Whatever is the result thanks for your work and your Time.

  26. Cydia beta 3 works with matchportal the respring goes also cydia can be opened then comes a error message from cydia cant open file or director var / dpkg cydia does not load any sources and is unsafe with Ios10.1.1 Iphone 6s

    Yalu beta 4.1 the respring does not work white screen then error message memory is full iphone wants restart is about 1 minute hang and plums reboasted without respring completely reboot cydia app can not open

  27. What Is the best way to jailbreak my iPhone 6 running ios 10.2

    I have no shsh blobs nor do i know how to use them

    please help me

  28. I have an iphone 7 on Ios 10.0.1 ..

    The system version is lower than the minimum OS version specified for bundle at /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.kMJEYE/extracted/Payload/mach_portal.app. Have 10.0.1; need 10.1

    What can i do ?!

  29. Would it be possible to jailbreak an iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 10.2.x?

    (I believe my last message got deleted for some reason and only sent it a few mins ago)

  30. What devices are supported for the iOS 10.2.1 jb? I have an iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 10.2 and idk if I should wait until the 10.2 jb supports more devices or update to 10.2.1.

  31. I have 6s Plus, iOS 10.2.1 (14D27). I did step by step, but after open yalu and tap go, it gets message “fail, retry”.

  32. It appears that those who are throwing criticism in the comments have overlooked something. This jailbreak is in BETA, and it is meant only for developers and hackers. I believe that on Luca’s page he said that the jailbreak is slightly unstable and has bugs. Luca could have kept this jailbreak to himself, but he decided to release it to the public. Give that man the respect he deserves already.

  33. Well it doesn’t install that maku maker thing but it gives me this yalu thing with a Korean guys face on it and if I open it and click go (only thing that shows on the screen) it just goes to a white screen for a minute, then when I open my phone again there’s no cydia. Help me plz I’m running iOS 10.2 with an iPhone 5s

  34. I tried the new yalu beta (beta 3) in my iPod Touch 6g but it doesn’t worked. I tried with beta 2 and it doesn’t worked too. Yalu 102 app does download but when I click go and the springboard respring, Cydia isn’t there !! Can anyone help me ??

  35. I jailbroke my iPad Air and iPhone 6 no problem. Tried to do the same for my husbands iPad Air and keep getting the failed retry message. The only dispfference between his iPad Air and mine is his can use a SIM card and mine is wifi. Anyone have any idea why I’m having trouble?

  36. Hi dear Pangu Team and Luca
    Pls do a jailbreak that support iphone 7 plus ios 10.2 and iPad air 2 ios 10.1.1
    Thx very much for your great work.

    1. Same here, I’m still waiting on any news for the iPhone 7 Plus JB. I just wished when I bought it it had iOS 10.0 o 10.1 but it wasn’t. Did you update or same for you?

  37. pLEASE hELP i have IOS 10.2.1 updated by misake but now unable to downgrade to ios 10.2 .
    I want to jailbreak it .Plz help . Yalu Jailbreak not working. Its saying failed.

  38. I managed to install the jailbreak and Install Cydia but Cydia must be updated because there is a lot if bugs, As an example many buttons on the home screen doesn’t work. Thanks to Luca

  39. Does this work for 10.2.1
    Installed the Yalu ap to jailbreak but the Mach thing wont appear on my homescreen, just wondering if i should give up now.

      1. hi there
        i have iPhone 6 and i installed Yalu 10.2 beta 7 and its work nice with me also
        hope to make a certificate that will work for one year

        come on Luca we count on you

  40. Followed all the steps, used beta 7 IPA with impactor and still no cydia after multiple resprings. also, in order to get it to respring I have to tap go/retry multiple times

  41. I’ve been trying to get this jailbreak to work with my 7.0 firmware for days. Keep getting errors trying to install Yalu with impactor. I disabled my lock pattern and everything. Maybe someone can help. I have the Samsung galaxy s7 edge.

  42. Sorry this doesn’t work for me sadly i don’t have enough money to get the new iPhone 7 or 6 and i currently have a iPhone 5c with ios 10.2.1

    1. i mean the yalu opens but when i tap on go it says Failed, Retry over and over, please help i dont know if its the version of my phone bcuz its the iphone 5c ios 10.2.1

  43. the jailbreak is coo for 1.2 but I want to know if there ever is gonna be a 10.2.1 jailbreak as my phone crashed and had to update to 10.2.1 and now apple stopped signing iOS 10.2 so I can’t down grade to jailbreak does anyone know how to jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 yet???

    1. Yeah , its works on 10.2.1 but make sure you did al the steps right because i forgot to turn of my log in code so i was stuck and had to reboot and start all over .

  44. Why the difference between free Apple ID and paid Apple ID? I pay for storage on my Apple ID does that count as a “paid”? Thanks

      1. Is this Yalu beta jailbreak still the latest available jailbreak for the public??….I’m running 10.2.1 on an iPhone 6s Plus and am desperate to jailbreak but am worried I’ll destroy my phone??

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