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XcodeGhost is a new OSX and iOS 9 malware that was discovered by some Chinese iOS developers almost a week ago. The malware is known to affect the Xcode compiler directly, and the malware has affected iOS very badly.

The XcodeGhost Attacks iOS 9 Apps :

xcodeghost delete pangu 9

Well, it all started when someone, probably a hacker, uploaded a malicious version of Xcode to Baidu’s server located in China. This was downloaded by Chinese developers who used it to create their apps. What happened next is obvious- the developers then submitted their apps to Apple for reviewing, and a handful of these apps passed Apple’s test and got listed in the App Store, from where they were available to download.

These apps contain that malicious code which collects personal information and sends it to the hackers’ servers. The information that is collected by the malware includes the name of the infected app, the current time, UUID of the device, type of network, etc.

Affected Apps :

xcodeghost apps 2-side

More than 500 million users and over 344 iOS apps have become victim to the XcodeGhost malware. It has also been said that the hackers might possibly give commands to the infected apps, which can be more dangerous.

Pangu Team Fights the XcodeGhost

The very talented Pangu team has given us quite a few important jailbreaks for iOS and here they are again to help us out of the XcodeGhost problem. A new tool has been released by Pangu and it enables the user to detect all the apps in your iOS device that have been affected by the malware.

How to Use the XcodeGhost Tool by Pangu :

  1. Open the XcodeGhost tool page on the Pangu website on your iOS device using Google Chrome or Safari.
  2. Tap on the blue button that is labelled as 立即下载xcodeghost_destroyer2
  3. Next, tap on the Install button when asked. xcodeghost_destroyer1
  4. You then need to give trusted access to the Pangu tool. Go to Settings > General > Profiles, choose Shenzhen Avaintel Technology, and then tap on Trustxcodeghost_destroyer0
  5. Now return to the Home screen and launch the Pangu app. Finally press the blue button labelled as 点击检测Xcode病毒.

After the tool has completed scanning your device, you will receive a green tick mark indicating that the XcodeGhost malware hasn’t been found on your iOS device.pangu-xcodeghost-malware-tool-4

But if the malware is detected by the tool, then the Pangu tool will let you know which app has been detected. You need to delete the iOS app until that malware is fixed in the next update. Deleting the app is as you would normally delete an app , by tap and wiggle . wechat_delete

Source : Apple

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  1. So i got the semi jailbreak, but I’m not a techy person. I just wanted to skip the app purchases (i.e. in the kim k hollywood game, yes i play, i want to get a bunch of k stars but i can’t…? before you could without paying…) can i do that on the semi jailbreak?

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