Pangu is now a very well known name in the iOS jailbreak community. This is the team that gave us the much needed iOS jailbreak right when we were not expecting it. The team surprised us by releasing the Pangu v1.2 jailbreak and also released a couple of updates to include the iOS compatible latest version of Cydia in the jailbreak. Pangu has provided us a great jailbreak for Mac as well as Windows platforms, and more updates are expected from the team.

Image : Pangu for Windows

pangu mac

For those who don’t know, Pangu is a jailbreak team from China and consists of very talented hackers. The team made its debut with the iOS 7.1 jailbreak and gained the trust of the iOS community. From then onwards, the team has provided us a couple of more major jailbreaks, like the Pangu iOS 8 and Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak and the more recent iOS jailbreak.

The Pangu Jailbreak tool was initially available only in the Chinese language. But looking at the excellent feedback the Pangu jailbreak was receiving, an English version of the tool was surely needed, which the Pangu team released shortly afterwards. Also, Pangu team made its tool available across Mac as well, which gave a sigh of relief to the Mac users who wanted to jailbreak their iOS devices.

Image : Pangu Jailbreak

pangu jailbreak ios 10

Pangu Download Links for Windows :

Pangu has rolled out a lot of updates for its jailbreak tool till now, and the tool now stands at version 1.2 . It comes with the latest version of Cydia that has been recently updated by Saurik to provide iOS compatibility. A lot of tweak developers have already started porting their tweaks to iOS , which is why this is a great chance to jailbreak to the new firmware. All the devices that can run latest iOS are compatible with the Pangu jailbreak. The Pangu jailbreak file size is around 74 MB approx.

NOTE: The following download links contain only the Windows version of the Pangu tool. Pangu for Mac can be downloaded from this link.

Pangu 7 [ for iOS 7 ] :

Pangu 8 [ for iOS 8 ]:

Pangu 9.0 [ for iOS 9 ]:

Pangu 10 [ for iOS 10 ]:

In case you haven’t jailbroken before, you can follow our step by step Pangu jailbreak tutorial to jailbreak your iOS device easily.

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    1. Writing the solution article for you right now. I will get back with the article link. Thanks for leaving that comment here .

      Pangu Blogger

    2. It’s easier just to use another computer that solving it. tried to fix it but nothing worked than used my brothers computer and it worked.

    1. Ok, but make sure you have a working copy of the factory firmware before you root it. Otherwise if the device ever gets bricked your SOL.
      Android manufactures don’t care enough to provide a software suit that will flash a rooted device back to stock. Not saying that Apple cares if you mess up your jailbroken iPhone -- we all know they dont, however iTunes can restore the phone no matter how many times you brick it.

        1. And thats the problem with android they are easily susceptible to viruses/malware. Sure iOS has a lot of limits but it also has a lot of capabilities I wouldn’t even know why you’d wanna jailbreak it other than installing pirated apps which is illegal anyways.

  1. Apple wants control of everything even your devices after you spent your hard earned money on them. Control freaks!!! theirs nothing wrong with jailbreaking!!! Apple wants it too stop! Control freaks!!!!!!

  2. Dear all,

    I have this kind off message error (Iphone8,1 IOS9.1(Not Suitable, Only for IOS 99,0+(9.0/9.0.1/9.0.2)) (Jailbreak For IOS9 (V1.2.0) when I try to Jailbreak my Iphone 6S.
    Can someone can helps to solve this problem?
    Thank you,

    1. Download the correct application your iOS version is higher than the application supports to jailbreak. Kind of simple… if you just read instead of just download and go with it

  3. where is the download link? i’ve bee clicking every possible link and it just opens a new tab and a pangu page explaining it and no download link even when it says “pangu download links for windows”


  5. How do i download the softwares from this page they just keep leading me to the same pages over and over again and no download link. please help

  6. How do I download this? I keep getting sent from page to page and every time I click on what appears to be the Windows link for 9.1, I get taken to yet another page. Is this real or not?

  7. Is this real or not? I keep getting sent from page to page and every time I click on what appears to be the Windows link for 9.1, I get taken to yet another page. Is this real or not?

  8. when i click the link for 9.1 on windows it just keep sending me to other pages of pangu. help me. it wont download or soemthing.

  9. I can’t seem to download any links, they take me around the site but I’m not given a pop-up of any sort giving me any option to download anything.

  10. please someone tell me how this works for 9.1 it keep bringing me to the same page over and over where is the right link for the pangu jailbreak link

  11. Don’t be moron guys its to easy or your just to lazy to think … if they direct you to other pages just try clicking the version.. with the color blue and then they will directly download … -_-

  12. ну и к чему вся эта херня?
    че за дебильный развод с этим пангу!

    Козлы конченные

  13. Pangu make the download work iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Update klik on download version for windows only get de download page with the link to the same website! Fix it plz

  14. Hey,are they kidding us?The recommend us to upgrade to iOS 9.2.1 for there should be a Jailbreak in the near next time,and now they give us Jailbreak 9.1.??? WTF*** is this game now???

  15. wait so i opened up the link for downloading pangu onto my computer (so that i can jailbreak my phone) but it only lead me to the link talking about how ios 9.3.2 is jailbroken. shouldn,t it lead to me to a place where i can download it since ios 9.3.2 is already jailbroken?

  16. Hi,
    I am trying to downgrade from 10.2 to 9.3 on iPhone 6. Unable to make any progress.
    I tried DFU option and now trying using Pangu. But don’t have clear instructions . Can someone send me specific links for Modem firmware 5.32.00

  17. How to download pangu on laptop windos 7 ios 9.3.5 for ipad i need the real cydia
    Share your information and get contact with me plz

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