Stuck at Update Requested iOS 10

After a long wait and lots of beta versions, the public release of iOS 10 is finally here. Packed with plenty of new features and lot of bug fixes and performance enhancements, iOS 10 is fully compatible with all of the iOS devices that were compatible with iOS 9. However, good as the new firmware may be, not everyone is finding it plain sailing to update to it.

Image : Stuck at Update Requested iOS 10

ios 10 update requested error

Every time a new iOS is released, thousands of people try to update at the same time, causing a jam on the Apple Servers. This results in a number of different error, the latest one being that people are getting stuck on the Update Requested screen, leaving them with a device that is, in effect unusable.

Fix Getting Stuck on Update Requested in iOS 10

  • If you are stuck on the screen for more than 10 minutes, restart your iOS device and try again slide_to_power_off
  • If that doesn’t solve the problem, restart your device and head over to iTunes to do the update itunes update iphone

Causes of Update Requested Error on iOS 10 ?

We never used to have the Update Requested screen but Apple introduced it with iOS 8 in an attempt to try to manage the overload of traffic when a new iOS was released. Instead of allowing everyone to try to download at once, resulting in the servers giving up, the idea was to put users in a queue and download the firmware gradually, rather than everyone at once. In theory, the update should actually download by itself.


If you are trying to download the update on the first couple of days after release, it could be that the servers are overwhelmed and there really isn’t anything you can do, except for try it through iTunes. Because of the sheer numbers of people trying to update at the same time, it is likely that the problem will longer for a few days. The only other option you have is to be a little patient, and wait a few days before you attempt to update.

Are you getting stuck on the Update Requested screen or have you been stopped in your tracks by another kind of problem ? Tell us all about it in the comments section below and how you got round it.

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  1. Ive updated to iOS 10. On a iPhone 6.

    Works great found the first bug that messages on lock screen double up behind eachother so I can’t read my messages.

    It runs smooth
    And my battery life is longer now.

  2. Solo bla bla bla sono 2 mesi che aspetto il jailbreak per 9.3.2 😑Figurati per iOS -0 quanto dovremmo aspettare ..

  3. After searching for a few second to maybe 15 seconds iPhone 5s says software is up to date on 9.3.2 in the software update tab

  4. hasn’t worked i did 3 hard resets, tried iTunes as well where it says there was a problem downloading the software as the connection to the severe was lost please help

  5. i just update to ios 10 and there is pangu app just waiting on my screen and i cant delete it how can i delete it please help me !!

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