Pangu Cant Be Opened – Unidentified Developer Error

Pangu has finally released its iOS 9 jailbreak tool for Mac OS X. So now Mac users don’t need to use Windows emulators anymore on their Mac to run the Pangu 9 jailbreak tool. You can download the Pangu 9 for Mac now and jailbreak your iOS device with it.

Image : Pangu 9 Cant Be Opened on Mac

Pangu 9 Cant Be Opened

However, the Mac version of the Pangu tool is not working fine for many users. Many users are complaining that the Pangu tool is Not opening up on their Mac. If you are facing the same issue, please note that it has got nothing to do with the Pangu tool. It is actually a safety feature in Mac which prevents the user from launching applications from unverified sources of developers. The warning message that popups while trying to launch the Pangu 9 looks like this: can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

GateKeeper [Apple Support] is the security firewall that causes this warning to come up. It is not permanent though, and it can be turned off in order to run the Pangu tool. Just follow the below-given tutorial.

Temporary Fix to the Pangu Can’t Be Opened Error :

This method is for those who don’t wish to turn off GateKeeper but want to run the Pangu tool.

  1. Control-click or Right-click the Pangu tool icon and click Open.
  2. Now click the Open button again inside the warning popup that comes up. The Pangu tool will successfully launch now.

If you jailbreak regularly and want to completely turn-off GateKeeper, then use the permanent fix.

Permanent Fix for the Pangu Can’t Be Opened Error :

Please note that this method is for advanced users who daily play around with jailbreaks and unidentified apps. Normal users who do not jailbreak their devices everyday should stick to the temporary fix for security reasons.

You can turn off the Unidentified App Developer Prevention feature of GateKeeper to open the Pangu tool without any warning popups.

  1. Go to the Apple Menu and click on System Preferences.
  2. Select the Security & Privacy option and then click on General.
  3. Now click on the Lock icon appearing in the corner.
  4. In the menu that comes next, select the Anywhere option under the Allow Applications Downloaded From section. Pangu 9 Cant Be Opened1
  5. Now allow and accept the alert | warning that pops up.
  6. Done! The Pangu tool can now be launched on your app without any errors.



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