Jailbreaks for our iPhones and iPad’s used to be a given but not these days.No Cydia means we have been forced into trying to find an alternative way and we think that we have found it in the form of TweakBox. Now we have to wait for long periods of time between them and a lot of users are getting a little annoyed at not being able to access Cydia. No Cydia means no modifications, no tweaks, apps or games that we can’t get from anywhere else.

Image : TweakBox App Installer

What is TweakBox ?

In recent times, we have seen many different alternatives to Cydia but most of them are incredibly limited in what they offer. That’s where TweakBox [ext link] differs; the most comprehensive and in depth alternative to date, TweakBox offers access to loads of Cydia only content along with loads of iOS app store apps for free. And that’s not to mention everything else that you get when you install TweakBox. Here are the top features that you can expect to get from the latest app installer.

Image : TweakBox App

TweakBox Features :

TweakBox is full of great features, including.

  • No requirement to install Cydia
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Great looking user interface 
  • Easy to delete if no longer required

And if that weren’t enough, TweakBox also gives its users 5 separate categories of app to download from:

  • Modified Apps – a wide variety of game and apps hacked to give you all the great in-app features you would have to pay good money for, such as unlimited lives and unlimited coins
  • Tweaked Apps – a great selection of modified apps, like Instagram and SnapChat++ [ext link], giving you features that the stock app won’t
  • TweakBox Apps – the best tweaks and apps from Cydia including a great choice of emulators, screen recorders, media apps and a lot more
  • App Store Apps – all the content you can get from the iOS app store, free
  • Flash Apps – apps you can’t get anywhere else and that should never be in the app store

Please remember; TweakBox isn’t a jailbreak and, although it does offer you a fantastic choice of apps and games, you won’t get as much as you do from Cydia. It is a very good alternative for the time being though

How to Download TweakBox :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Safari browser 
  2. Go to 
  3. When the web page has opened, tap the UP arrow, top of the page on the iPad and bottom on the iPhone 
  4. Now tap on Add to Home Screen. 
  5. Name your icon TweakBox  and tap Add 
  6. Shut Safari and the TweakBox icon will be on the home page 

Video: This is a demonstration of the above steps

Is this a good way of getting what you want or is Cydia still your preferred method ? Follow us on Facebook for updated news on Cydia and on TweakBox.



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