At one time, we could pretty much guarantee a jailbreak for everyone whenever a new iOS version was released and those were the days when we could modify our devices to our heart’s content. These days, we are lucky to get a jailbreak that some iOS users can install, certainly not one that is available to all. Because of this, we are having to try to find alternatives to Cydia [ext link] and, while you might think that isn’t possible, we can tell you that it is. We have seen a few basic solutions recently, those that let us have access to a very limited number of Cydia apps and tweaks but none offer anywhere near as much as TutuApp VIP Installer.

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What is TutuApp VIP Installer ?

TutuApp VIP is the latest in a long line of app installers to be released in recent times. Some of the previous ones limited access to just a couple of Cydia tweaks but TutuApp goes much further than that with access to loads of tweaks and plenty of paid and premium content, all in a free download. Also, unlike other methods, you don’t need your Apple ID for TutuApp VIP [ ext link ] Installer, thus keeping you in a safe download environment and, together with not needing to jailbreak, this keeps your warranty safe as well. Here’s what to expect from TutuApp VIP Installer.

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TutuApp VIP Installer Features :

  • Free to download and all content is free
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • High-speed app downloads
  • Expanded on a daily basis to include all the latest apps and tweaks
  • You can install TutuApp on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
  • All the paid content you want for free
  • Fully optimized for desktop and all models of the iPad and iPhone
  • Cache cleaner and memory optimizer built in
  • Easy to delete if you don’t want it on your device

Download TutuApp :

With jailbreaks being somewhat in decline now, TutuApp VIP Installer is quite possibly the best thing we could have. Because you can access just about any content you want, you won’t be missing out by not being able to access Cydia store and that means anyone can use TutuApp. We have drawn up a full guide on how to use it .

  1. Launch the Safari web browser  on your iPhone or iPad and go to this url tutuappvip.org and wait for the page to load completely 
  2. Now click the UP arrow [ bottom or top of the screen ] 
  3. Tap on Add to Home Screen from the new options that appear 
  4. Now name the app icon as TutuApp and tap on Add button 
  5. Close Safari and you will see TutuApp on home screen 

Video : Above steps explained in videos

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    • I don’t know. I’m looking for a tutuapp vip for free, tell me if you do. :)

      Love, someone around the world

  1. Dear Panguish,

    I suggest that you give up the search for a jailbreak. It seems evident that Apple has found a way to prevent easy-to-use Jailbreaking.

    The attempt to bring Apps like is really a waste of everybody’s time.

    We appreciate your good work in the past and have enjoyed Cadiz, while it was available.

  2. I never thought that I will ever say this but here I am saying that it might be time to start thinking of an Android device.
    Steve Jobs said that the iPhone is 5 years ahead of Android, well those 5 years have long past and even so that I never had an Android device, I did noticed that there is a shrinking Apple community and on the other hand an unbelievably growing Android one.
    It only means one thing, Android is no longer a toy!

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