Touch ID Not Working on iOS 10 Fix

Since they updated to iOS 10, some users have discovered that their Touch ID is not working as it should be. Complaints coming in suggest that, on occasion, Touch ID goes a little bit loopy and won’t accept fingerprints, or will not register fingerprints. This can be quite worrying and irritating for those who use Touch ID as their main iPhone security, not just for unlocking the device but for purchases and for logging into apps.

Image : Touch ID Not Working on iOS 10


Touch ID going wrong could be down to a number of issues. For example, if your fingers are wet or dirty, the sensor will not read the prints. If you have used hand lotion, cut yourself or got oil on your hands, the sensor may struggle as well. If this is not the case for you, it may be that the Touch ID sensor needs to be re-calibrated.

How to Re-calibrate Touch ID Sensor :

When your sensor starts playing up, you should follow these steps before you do anything else. Re-calibration is akin to going back to the beginning and teaching your device to recognise your fingerprints again :

  1. Open Settings > Touch ID & Passcode passcode_touch_id
  2. When asked, input your passcode passcode ios 8 iphone 62
  3. Select the fingerprint that is not being recognised by Touch ID and tap on Delete Fingerprint touch-id-settings2touchid-settings-1
  4. Now tap on Add a Fingerprint 
  5. Place your finger on the sensor in a number of different positions – sideways, upside down, right side up, for example, and keep going until the fingerprint icon is colored completely. You may be asked to change your grip – just scan in the edges of your finger so that the icon is colored fullytouch-id-settings
  6. When you are done, tap on Continue and your new prints will be saved touch-id-settings-4
  7. Lock your iPhone and try to unlock it using your fingerprint , it should now work 

If you are still having problems and this does not work, there is most likely another issue that is causing the problem, not your finger itself. Try these solutions to see if you can get the sensor to work:

  • Gently clean the Touch ID sensor using a lean microfibre cloth. Clean it so that there are no resides of sweat, oil or dust on it
  • Follow the instructions above to re-calibrate but use a different fingerprint this time, just in case the current one isn’t bold or clear enough
  • Restore your iOS device through iTunes, back to factory settings, and have another go

If nothing works, you will need to take your device back to an Apple store and let them take a look at it. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest tips and tutorials.



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  1. Jus give us stuff about the jailbreak. We can go to apple for this. Stop sending random emails man. But good luck with the jailbreak. Hope it comes out soon :)

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