Software Update Failed iOS 10

iOS 10 has just been released to the public after a long wait. The first few days of any software update are fraught with problems as millions of people attempt to download iOS 10 [ext link] at the same time. Because of this, many users are being faced with a Software Update Failed message, just after they tick the box agreeing to the update Terms and Conditions. The error message that people get is “An error occurred downloading iOS 10”.

Image : Software Update Failed Error

software update failed ios 10

Fix Software Update Failed Error on iOS 10 :

This doesn’t seem to be aimed at any specific device as all types are being affected. Apple has yet to give any explanation for the error but it would seem sensible to assume that, once again, the Apple servers simply can’t handle the level of traffic. In the odd rare case, it may be that there is an underlying issue, perhaps an unexpected bug that went through the testing phases undetected.

Image : iOS 10 Software Update Failed Error on iPad

software_update_failed_ipad_ios_10 pangu

To try to get rid of this problem, you can try these solutions, although they are not guaranteed to work for you:

  1. Reboot your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch where you want to install iOS 10 [ext link] firmware. slide_to_power_off
  2. Restart your Wi-Fi and make sure you have a strong working connection
  3. Reset your Network Settings by opening Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings reset iphone 6 ios 8 network settings
  4. Be patient and wait before you update your iOS device. If necessary, wait a few days and let the rush die down.
  5. Forget about updating OTA and head straight over to iTunes – more people have success this way than through the OTA method

Hopefully, one of these solutions will work for you – you may even have to try all of them in order to get this to work. If not, there are only two options open to you:

  1. Forget about updating until Apple provides an update that fixes the error – that won’t happen though if it isn’t some kind of bug or unless they increase their server capacity
  2. Wait a few days before you update. Let the rush die down a bit. In all seriousness, much as we know how nice it is to update straight away, you really aren’t going to miss much by waiting a while. In fact, you could save yourself all sorts of trouble and avoid being hit with more than one error

Did any of this work for you ? Let us now in the comments box below or tell us if you found another way around it. Stay updated with all the latest news and developments; Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.




  1. That’s right…….and if there is a bug in iOs-10,we realy don’t have to worry.
    I think that Apple update iOs-10 at least seven times a week.
    Just like Apple did in the last month’s with iOs-9.

    1. Ive updated to iOS 10. On a iPhone 6.

      Works great found the first bug that messages on lock screen double up behind eachother so I can’t read my messages.

      It runs smooth

  2. Not sure if my first comment went through because it does not say anything like “your comment has been posted”, it just comes back to this screen.

    Anyways I asked if I am better to just stay with 9,3.2 for now because that will be the next jailbreak? Do you still figure a jb will be coming in Sept for 9.3.2?

  3. Ive updated to iOS 10. On a iPhone 6.

    Works great found the first bug that messages on lock screen double up behind eachother so I can’t read my messages.

    It runs smooth

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