Stuck at Slide to Upgrade Screen iOS 10

Well, after a long wait and a lot of teasers about what to expect, iOS 10 download [ext link] has finally arrived. The hype surrounding it has been incredible, pretty much the same as it is whenever a major new iOS is released. iOS 10 is now ready to be downloaded onto your iOS device but, for some of you, it won’t be plain sailing.

Image : Stuck at  Slide to Upgrade Screen iOS 10

Slide to Upgrade Screen ios 10

While many users will be able to upgrade their device without a hitch, some of you are likely to encounter a problem or two along the way. Much of this will be down to the sheer numbers of people trying to download the new firmware at the same time; although they should be used to it by now the servers at Apple simply can’t cope with millions of simultaneous downloads. While some people are reporting getting a Software Update Failed error, others are talking of getting stuck at the Update Requested screen. However, this year, there is a new error that users are facing – getting stuck on the Slide to Upgrade screen.

This error is being widely talked about on the Apple Support forums, with people saying they cannot move on from this screen. While only a handful of users have reported this problem so far, it is best if you are prepared on how to fix it should you come up against it when you are upgrading to iOS 10.

Fix Stuck at the Slide to Upgrade Screen :

  1. Connect your iOS device to your computer
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Choose your device from the main iTunes screen itunes summary device select
  4. If your device is not listed, force restart your iPhone or iPad. To do this, hold the Power and Home buttons on your device down simultaneously until the Apple Logo appears on the screen  iphone_6_logo_apple (1)
  5. If you have already made a backup of your device on iTunes, before you attempted to upgrade (something you should make a habit of doing), you can see that backup to restore your iOS device from. If not, back it up while you are connected and then choose the option for Restore Backup. itunes restore backup

Do keep in mind that, if you have backed up your iPhone or iPad via iCloud, this will to help you. You must backup your device through iTunes and then use that to restore your device from.

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