1. Want to thank you for the volume up trick…I was unable to open any app on the iPad after installing a certain tweak… You saved my JB :) Thanks again

  2. I am only a recent iPhone user and i just bounced on a site that whas talking about “jailbreaking” and i did some jail time, off course i did read it, and at the time i whas using an iPhone 3gs, i did read everything about the benefits off jailbreaking my iDevice, so i performed a succelfull jailbreak on iOS 6.1.6 on my 3gs and whas blowen away with the power off the jailbreak and cydia! Now i have a 4s and i would like to jailbreak my device running iOS 9.2 (did get the device with this ios running) and i know that updating it can mean youre out of the jailbreak possibility. What i want to know is if there is all ready a reliable way to succesfull jailbreak my ios version or do i still have to wait some time? I refuse to update since my phone starts to ask it! Thank you a lot jailbreakers! You guys ROCK!!!

  3. I have a jailbroken iPhone 6s with 9.3.3 i tried zo delet all the data on my phone bc i did not like the jailbreak anylonger. But now my phone is stuck in a cycle where it boots up and stucks in a loading screen (i mean that bar below the apple sign) and that is going on for a few minutes after that it shuts itself off and boots up again. I tried the volume up trick but it didnt work. Please help me or my parents kill meeeh :(

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