Pangu and PP Assistant are two of the most prominent jailbreak teams right now and, once again, they have provided us with a jailbreak. It’s called PPHelper but it is slightly different from previous jailbreak tools. For a start, it can only be installed on a 64-it device so if you are still using a 32-bit device you will have to give this jailbreak a miss. Second, it is a semi-untethered jailbreak, requiring you to reinstall it every time you reboot your device. To help you out, Italian hacker and developer Luca Todesco has released a utility that automatically reactivates PPHelper for you. It is based on the JailbreakMe tool from many years ago, and you can find the instructions at the given link. The steps to install PPHelper jailbreak on your iOS device can be found below.

Image : PPHelper Jailbreak

pphelper pangu ios 9

Things to Do Before Jailbreaking :

  1. Back up your iOS device using iTunes and or iCloud icloud_backup_ios_90
  2. Make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes on your Windows computer itunes update mac
  3. If you updated your iOS device using the OTA method, Restore it using iTunes to make sure you don’t run into any trouble with the jailbreak itunes restore
  4. Disable your Passcode
  5. Disable Touch ID
  6. Disable Find my iPhone find my iphone turn off

All of these services can be re-enabled one you have successfully jailbroken your device.

How to Install PPHelper Jailbreak :

  1. Download the PPHelper Assistant [ext link] onto your computer
  2.  Connect your iOS device to your computer
  3. Right-click on the icon for PPHelper and click on Run as Administrator from the drop-down menu pphelper admin
  4. Wait for PPHelper to recognize your iOS device  pphelper ios 9 jailbreak pangu
  5. When it does, click on the big green Jailbreak button.
  6. You may be asked to input a Captcha code before you can move on – do so or you will not be able to install the jailbreak
  7. Now wait for PPHelper to prepare the jailbreak ppjailbreak ppassitant pangu
  8. When the preparation work is complete, Tap on the PP icon added to your homescreen. pphelper_ios_9_jailbreak6_ios_9
  9. You will now be asked to give permission for a profile to be added to your device. You must agree to this as, if you don’t the jailbreak cannot be installed
  10. When this has been done, go into Settings > Security and go to the Profile page
  11. Click the button beside PPHelper | Pangu to trust the app pphelper_ios_9_jailbreak5_ios_9
  12. On your iOS device, launch PP app and click to Allow Push Notifications pphelper_ios_9_jailbreak_4_ios_9
  13. Uncheck the box beside Install PP Assistant  pphelper_ios_9_jailbreak4_ios_9
  14. A big button will appear in the center of your screen – click on it. Pangu will now start the process of jailbreaking your iOS device
  15. Lock your device screen and wait – you should see the Pangu notification on the lock screen. Ignore the Storage if Full message and wait for Pangu to install Cydia on your device pphelper_ios_9_jailbreak2_ios_9
  16. Your iOS device will then restart
  17. Tap on the icon on your home screen to launch the Cydia and see if the jailbreak was successfully installed or not.  pphelper_ios_9_jailbreak_1_ios_9 pphelper_ios_9_jailbreak0_ios_9

If the jailbreak was not successful for some reason, simply start over from the beginning and try again.

Let us know how you get on with the latest jailbreak tool. For more up to date jailbreak news and developments, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter.

814 thoughts on “PPHelper”

      • Try this. Hold the lock and home button down until the screen goes black then release the home button with your finger on the lock button until the Apple logo shows up. Then jailbreak your phone again using the PP app that’s already installed. If this doesn’t work, you may need to reset your phone.

          • Why you don’t release a jailbreak for all 32bits devices because I was so exited to make the jailbreak in iOS 9.3.3 I have and iPad 4 but you don’t release a jailbreak for 32bits devices.Pls answer me the question.

          • Inn sick of this now like really? I have been waiting since last year to get a jailbreak and I miss the 9.1 because these ppl name Pangu told me to update and a few days later 9.1 JB comes out and now that’s there is a next JB I can’t get it because in have a iPhone5… Fuck you guys…

          • OMG I wish that they would PLS PLS PLS make a 32-bit device JailBreak!!!!!!!!! If pangu is reading this then PLS PLS PLS release it!!!

          • I ll be happy if pangu could reales the 32 bit JB im using pangu since it has been realesed for ios 7 . Im using iphone 5c help please do it for old users .

          • Pangu definitely work hard for jb. We need 32 bit jb you guys already developed the 32 bit jb but not released in public. iOS 10 last update from apple please release the jb. We are waiting for your jb. Thank you pangu team

          • Yeah they make you wait around and get really excited to the state that you can’t wait for the jailbreak and then they drop the bomb and announce that there is no jailbreak for 32-bit and it’s only for 64-bit.I mean pangs we know you worked hard on this, but (I don’t know if it’s true) isn’t it SUPPOSED to be easier to jailbreak 34-bit devices?

          • Yes and I realize that pangu will probably ignore my comment just like all the others but can’t you try?I mean don’t pull one on us like Apple when they released a bunch of new feutures on the 6s but us people in 5s and 6 didn’t get those cool new feutures even though we were so hipped for them.Please Pangu if you do read this please make a 32-bit jailbreak because almost 70% of everyone who has been waiting for a jailbreak has a 32-bit device

          • Guys, are you going to make JB 32bits? It’s disappointing, I’ve being waitin to JB my iPad 4, and now you have the tool I can’t use cydia -.- ….

          • 32 bit jealbreak please 😶😶😶
            I have a 9.3.2 iOS 32 Bit

            I search … Nur no jealbreak found 😶

            Please help …


          • Are you guys going to release a jailbreak for 32 bit devices. If u guys did Pangu Team, I’m sure it would help a lot of people out there just like me. And congrats on jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3

          • Is this jailbreak comming for 32 bit devices such as iphone 5? If it’s not planned, please try work on that. I was waiting for so long and checking the site so much, now it was all for nothing. Just like the most people here. Some of them even have a 5c and that’s also 32 bit. Please try think about it ;)

          • pangu team my windows 8 computer is getting an error called nsis and it says “installer integrity check has failed” what should I do?

          • Dear Pangu Team. Super excited there’s a 9.3.3 jailbreak but I only have a Mac :(. When could we be expecting a jailbreak tool for Mac?

          • You should get a Windows virtual machine. Look up virtual box and then get a Windows virtual machine. :)

          • Download Parallels Desktop 11 and a windowns XP, That way you can use ur Mac and open Windows as a Virtual Machine.. Thank me later

          • Pangu team, I have rebooted my phone several times and needed to rejailbreak. When i tap the circle and lock my divice, sometimes the screen becomes black and won’t turn on, yet I can still hear Siri and unlock my phone. To fix it, I had to power it down without the screen on, which is really hard to do when you can’t see. Just wanting to know why this is happening, and what I can do to avoid it again

          • It Is not because of the jailbreak, this happened to me before! What you do is hold down the power button for 2 seconds then hold both the home button and the power button at the same time until u get the apple logo (don’t stop after the 2 seconds)

          • How to jailbreak my iphone 5 without conputer ? No one method is working in my iphone.. Kindly help me pangu team…

          • Just wait it will be not to long for the untethered jailbreak unless you have a 32bit device then your screwed

          • OMG do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this on my iPhone 5c I was begging everyday and do you know what it only works on 64-bit devices if your reading this please please make one for 32bit devices I’ve waited way to long 😞

          • I am exactly like you I’ve been waiting for about 8 months it’s so sad.
            Pangu will you make a jailbreak for 32bit devices

          • I agree Him , My IPad Mini 1 it iOS 9.3.3 i wish got release 32 bit device PLS PLS PLS 😞😖🙏 but Some People need device 32bit for IOS 9.3.3 jailbreak PanguTeam

          • Hi i need help, running out of hope :( Basically i did it once and i was messing around with the app and i deleted something inside it because i thought i accidentally downloaded but i didn’t, so now im trying to do it again but i just keep running into problems. At the moment i have got the app on my phone and i press the big button to download it and it starts so i lock my phone then the message pops up but not storage is full message so i try and unlock my phone and its still making the animation going around the circle. I have reset my iPhone to factory settings and not even that is working so i dunno what to do :(

          • If this is the real Pangu team Are you going to release a Jailbreak for Ios 10 Beta? if so it would be easy to release it as a unsigned provisioning profile.

            Taig 10 Official Team

          • I can update or download apps from the App Store now so I tryed using app cake and that dosnt work either

          • i accidently deleted the pp app then cydia wont open so i restored but cydia is still there. now ive downloaded the app again but cydia doesnt work it opens but thats about it. what should i do? please help!!!

          • Dear PANGU,
            please release an iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak for 32-bit because my parents don’t think I need to upgrade. I’m an iPhone 5c and I can’t convince my parents to give me a new phone that’s 64-bit. Please someone help me!

          • Please release a 9.3.3 jailbreak for 32-bit devices. If you look at the comment section it seems like I’m not the only one who needs this. I’m sure you will make many people happy if you release such a jailbreak, including me :)

          • rebot your device and open the ppjailbreak app again and clik the green button again and it will work

          • I had this issue as well, after a few try, i decided to

            -- do a clean install for 9.3.3
            -- restore from backup
            -- run the pangujb again
            once cydia had installed, it crash while opened.
            Restart springboard, relaunch PP apps, click the circle to re-activate, wait for 6 secs after press the power button, reboot, and it this time it is working fine. Go to cydia install the add-on “Apple file conduit 2”
            and everything working fine.

          • rejailbreak your device again..it will not be crash,bcause the first you jailbreak your device you turn it off and then the cydia crashing…just do the jailbreak again…if you rebooted your device just jailbreak it again thats it

          • hey you need to open pp app again and run it second time it will work faster than before like everytime cydia crashes u need to run pp app

      • u just have to go in your settings and then u go in general and then u go on profile and here u gonaa see the jailbreak profile click on this profile and just at bottom here its an option delete profile u click on it and then ok your device is not more jailbroken

      • Try this. Hold the home and power button together until the screen goes black then release the home button with your finger on the lock button until you see your loading screen. Then open up the PP app and start the jailbreak process one more. Is this is ineffective, completely reset your phone and use a back up and redo the jailbreak form start.

      • HEADS UP!!!! When you get to the point where it prompts you to enter your Apple ID: If you enter your Apple ID and Password and it’s not taking it…make sure you have DISABLED or TURNED OFF what’s known as ‘Two-Factor’ Authentication. You’ll have to do this from the official Apple Site. Just do a Google search for ‘Manage Apple ID’, sign-in as usual, do the Two-Factor Authentication process and turn it off from there. You can always re-enable this after the JailBreak.

    • Ios 9.3.3 is the last update for iPhone 4S.Are you guys seriously planning to leave thousands of people with no chance to update without a Jailbreak?Please make a last effort end release us that jailbreak.Fuck i feel offended

      • You are so right. Furthermore, I think most of the people demanding a jailbreak have an old 32bit device, because most of the people with new phones don’t want to void their warranty.

    • Ios 9.3.3 is the last update for iPhone 4S.Are you guys seriously planning to leave thousands of people with no chance to update without a Jailbreak?Please make a last effort end release us that jailbreak.Fuck i feel offended

    • I followed all the steps and my screen went BLACK. Itunes sees the phone, I can call it, but the screen is black and I cannot see anything, PLEASE HELP!

      • Install Mojo App
        You can install it trough safari
        In Mojo you can install the pphelper App
        Hopefully it works for you also

        • I have same problem app seems glitchy.
          although below the circle and above the box they circle in red there is a small box that can be unchecked but doesn’t uncheck the green check :-/
          apple logo loads and the same thing happens 4 times.
          Gonna try start all over again from beginning.

          • I forgot to do step 13 :-/ After I unchecked clicked circle did step 13 home button turn on there was Cydia next to Pangu Got Cydia!!! YAY!

          • Just uncheck the little grey box and press the big circle in the middle. And then there’re going to be chinese thigs and a 6 between them. Lock now your phone and it will restart. If cydia won’t appear do the same thing again. Uncheck the grey box and press the big circle.

      • Hello! I just downloaded and the second pp helper has suddenly deleted and now I can’t get to Cydia or the other pp helper. Help me please!!

        • Redo the jailbreak by the PP app. To keep in mind that this is the first time it’s been out so there will be a lot of bugs.

        • If you need to enter “safe-mode” but canot, try this method. It is a little different to “safe-mode”, but should allow you to make sure your device does not crash/brick.
          1) Turn your device off
          2)Wait for your device to fully power off
          3)Hold down the power button and the UP volume button for 3 seconds
          4)Release the power button, but KEEP holding the UP volume button until your device turns on fully and reaches the lock screen.

          This method makes your device boot without any jailbreak script or features booting with it too, so you are basically booting your device normally, without Cyida and tweaks loading too. From here you can use your device normally without Cydia and any tweaks. When in this state, you will not be able to open Cydia or use any features from jailbreak, so this method is only to be used if you wish to remove Cydia. From here you would restore in iTunes after putting your device into Recovery Mode as normal to completely remove the jailbreak.

          Hope this helped!

        • On Pangu site. The app is totally in Chinese for the moment. It will be soon translated in english in few days … And may also become untethered

    • It should not ask for apple id. You must have your device logged into your account to install the profile. Maybe thats why

      • It’s very great news to have the jailbreak but I couldn’t go through it cuz of its asking for apple id and am putting it and giving me an error
        I have restored my iphone yesterday and tried today do jailbreak it again but same issue still asking for apple id and not going through

  1. PPHelper Asks for my AppleId Between Step 7 and 8, i created a new one, after allowing in step 11 i cant uncheck the box in step 13, it comes an message but i cant read the signs?

  2. Help! I do not know why nothing happens when I uncheck and press the big button… Its been an hour or so and nothing seems to happen. I have an iPhone 6 Plus with 9.3.3

    • Once you pushed the big button, lock your phone (with the right button on the phone side)
      On the lock screen you’ll have a notification.
      Unlock your phone.
      It will reboot
      That’s done

  3. I have to put my Itunes ID(email) and pasword? He say to put my id and my pasword from itunes to can continue? It’s fake or? Waiting for reply, thank you.

  4. Buenas tardes, Realizo todo el proceso con exito hasta la parte de descargar cydia, me aparece este erro QQ:800097970 y quedo hay, que hago??

  5. is my iphone 5s 32bit or 64 bit ? do i need to downloas ipsaw 9.3.3 file and the restore that file on 9.3.2 ? then after that should jailbreak ?

    • iphone 5s is 64bit its not important to restore your device with a fresh ipsw you can update to 9.3.3 or stay on 9.3.2 the jailbreak tool works for ios 9.3.2 too,and you should jailbreak or you can wait until the full jailbreak.

    • it only works for 64bit devices so iphone 5 is 32bit and that means that is not going to work but pp said that in 27/jul/16 they will make a tool for 32bit devices but maybe that 32bit is not going to get a jailbreak

  6. Hey, It asked for apple ID and Password, why?

    I jb my phone first time and do not know to use cydia :( where Can I learn?

    Thanks for the jb

  7. what is iphone 5s (GSM) and iphone 5s (GLOBAL) i live in india and its not carrier locked . which ipsw file i need to download from ipsw.me ????

  8. Hi I Tried to the jailbreak on the phone however it dint work it ask to enter the Apple ID and the post that its just waiting and then gives some error message however since its in Chinese i am not able to give the exact error code. i am Using a Iphone 6plus and its on IOS 9.3.3

  9. Can anione give an answer over the green button? i cannot uncheck that little green button, only the other one from up, what i can do? He do nothing, after the screen is close, he restart by himself but no cidya no nothing… some help? Thank you.

  10. How do we find out if your iPhones are 32 bit or 64 bit? I have an iPhone 6 (just the regular one) 64 FB capacity. Thanks!

    • On wikipedia, or if you search in general if your device is , it will be on there somewhere. iPhone 5c or lower (like 5, 4s, and 4) are 32 bit devices.

  11. is my 1530 global or gsm ? is downloading and flashing with ipsw file is necessary ?

    should i 1st restore it with 9.3.2 or ota updated will be fine ?

  12. do i uncheck the small print or the big green check because the big green check wont work and i cant jailbreak.

  13. Hey Pangu team, I get stuck at the jailbreak process (still in the program). I don’t know chinesse so I really don’t know what the button says but I’m pretty sure it says something different than your screenshot.

    Please help.

    iPhone 6+ 9.3.3

    Everything disable

  14. I keep on having issues with whenever i try jailbreaking it always pops up with apple id so i can’t jailbreak i would appreciate if someone can help me with this problem.

    • If you have already installed cydia and it crashes when you try to open it, open up the PP app, tap the circle again and lock your device. it will reset cydia. it happened to me.

  15. Hola buenas tardes, Recien abro pp25 y conecto mi cel me aparece un letrero en la pantalla en chico con este codigo QQ:800097970, ALGUIEN ME PUEDE DECIR COMO LO SOLUCIONO?? solo me falta instalar el cydia y ya..

    • Sergio don’t worry about it, step 15 says “look” which is wrong, they meant to say “lock”. So, just uncheck the little box on top of the green check and press the big circle button and LOCK your device, after 1-2 seconds you will get a notification, slide it and you will see the same circle button but this time looping on itself meaning that is working. Your device will restart itself, give it a minute and then you will have Cydia on your homescreen.

      I hope this helps.

  16. Guys please read, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. For those who are stuck at the uncheck the box part, don’t worry, you can proceed without unchecking it. Step 15 says “look” which is wrong, they meant to say “lock” your device. Once you lock it the process will start and you will get the notification from PP on your homescreen, slide it and you will see the processing button looping on itself, your device will restart and guala! Cydia installed.

    I hope this helps, thanks

    • Tap the PPHelper icon on the screen and lock the device, the phone should not respring and you should be able to use cydia

  17. Cannot unmark that part on the app. When I click on the big botton on the center of the screen it stays open and nothing happen

  18. Nobody give an answer over the green uncheck how we can do, by me work not, some help will be nice, all we want the same, but strange is, we dont help each othe into the problem, but when you(yes you ho read now this comment)..you wiil want also to be helped and to have an f***ing answer on you’re comment, but i see some people ignore that and it’s really not nice.

    • Try to do another restore/clean install through itunes and try again. And i am just trying to help my friend, no need for cursing language here. Thank you

  19. Wow…I must say…I stand corrected! I have not yet downloaded this said new JB for iOS 9.3.3 BUT (and it seems to be true?!) I am PROUD OF PANGU FOR DOING THIS. Where is the donate button?!
    How long will it take for the MAC VERSION TO BE RELEASED PANGU? (A day? A week?) and I wonder if tweaks on CYDIA work for iOS 9.3.3??? regardless THANK YOU PANGU!!!

  20. It fails all the time, after i need to login with my apple id, it takes a long time and finally gives some error screen,

    Iphone 6s Plus 64gb ios 9.3.3

  21. How i can uncheck the green sign on app if he don’t let me? any sugestion are welcome, please don’t stay and delete our comments, and let only what you want to see, please help people. Thank you!

    • You need to do a clean install (restore) through itunes and than you should do the jailbreak, it does not work when the i-device is updated over the air. Try to do a restore and try again

  22. why do you have to delete the comment saying can not uncheck it??? i had seen 4 people including me leaving that comment and now they all disappeared.

    can we know why cant we uncheck it????

  23. There appears to be no indication whatsoever regarding the possible eventuality of any 32-bit device jailbreak such as for, say, iPod Touch 5. Despite the considerable time and effort to bring this about finally, can there at least be more definitive word whether, in fact, any and all such interim jailbreak development for 32-bit devices has been suspended and/or permanently terminated?

    • we will have to wait i use a 32bit device too i know how you feel but pp said that they maybe making a jailbreak tool for 32 bit in 27/jul/2016

  24. I deleted an app by accident cause I didn’t know what I was reading and now it does not show up on the app store anymore. anyone know how to get the app back?

  25. The app keeps asking me to input an apple id as soon as i hit the “Big green button” after the app initialises. What do i do?

  26. Why are people asking if it works on their device? There is a list at the beginning of the instructions. Read, people. Please!

  27. Can JailBreak on iphone 5G (A1429) ios 9.3.3 ,device 64 byte??
    Rigth now/rigth time my device on ios 9.0.2 jailbrek position.
    Thank a lot.

  28. It follows the procedure and the installation was done the device restarts, but noa appears the notification and not install cydia. made many veses can help me

  29. when i download pphelper the setup does not load it would not even open to anything ive downloaded the link three time to try again but ot wont work please help !!!!!

  30. I know that you cant un check the Green button thats now what im concerned about. What i want to know is why whenever i lock my screen my ipod just restarts

  31. When the jailbreak is done and the phone is restarted, you should tap the PPHelper icon again and then cydia should open, it is a semi unthetered jailbreak, you should tap this PPHelper icon every time you’re iphone runs out of battery or after every restart

  32. Thanks, no problem on iPad Air 2, 9.3.3 and Windows 10 64 bit. I have installed the app manuelly after many problems

  33. For everybody here that wants a clear guide on how to do this exactly right, and what to do if you restart you’re phone and you are unable to open cydia again, look on youtube for ios 9.3.3 jailbreak and click on the video of everythingapplepro . . . This guy will explain you everything from a to z . . . If you can’t uncheck the button on you’re phone, do a full restore through itunes, and start over again, do exactly what the guide says, or if you are on the youtube video, follow every step closely, it should work for you’re device IF you own a 64 bits i-device, for
    IPOD TOUCH: only the latest device (6) will work
    IPHONE: 5s, 6, 6+, 6s and 6s + will work. 32bit phones:4s, original 5 and 5c won’t work!
    IPAD: Starting from iPad Air and above! Ipad mini 2 and above, and all of the iPad Pro models are supported, ipads that are NOT supported: ipad 1 2 3 4 and ipad mini 1!

    Hope this did help you out guys!

  34. I just download it and my phone is doing crazy things allready. I can’t open cydia. And this problem doesnt go
    Away if I jailbreak it again. PLEASE HELP

  35. hi guys ok i unchecked the little box just below the big round button logo thing and click big button in middle of screen and be patient and wait it will work it has for me regards nigel

  36. I managed to jailbreak my phone but after I added an app to change my icons now cydia will not open and the changes I already made went back to what my settings were before.

    Be careful about the apps you download.

  37. Ok so I jailbroke my iPhone, it crashed and I need to use the PP helper app to get the tweaks working again. But every time I open the app, press the button and lock my phone it just turns off and when it come back on nothing has changed. Please help!!

  38. It is asking for my Apple ID. On my iPhone 6S Plus I am logged into my iCloud and Find my iPhone is disabled. Do I have to input my Apple ID?

  39. Thanks JaiLBro for info so I hope my iPhone 5c would work but if not will wait for jailbreak and do I update to 9.3.3 or stay on 9.3.2

  40. Well after more research (I guess better then nothing?!) This is a NOT. An untethered JB! You have to manually JB (according to IDB) upon each reboot via the installed app. Further, not many tweaks are working in CYDIA…although I assume that will change?!) and lastly UNLESS YOU HAVE AN UPDATED WINDOWS PC (I use Macs hence an iOS User) the JB is currently only able to work for “some” who the Stars have lined up for. (It continually asks for your Apple ID and it shouldn’t. A PANGU comment reply says you need to be logged into ITunes while JB’ing. (Doesn’t make sense) & ITS ALL IN CHINESE. Not nearly as easy to do as the tutorial reads. Anyway, I guess I’ll hope that a MAC VERSION IN ENGLISH NONTETHERED JAILBREAK COMES OUT?! It shouldn’t be this hard, difficult and or SEMI!!!!
    Hopefully PANGU is on the right track and in a day or so this is rectified?!

  41. worked for me, thanks. if you look closely the box to unmark isnt the green one in the photo its the box above it in blue.

  42. I am unable to start the app. I press the button to start the app and it loads until 48%, but then it gives me an error message and does not load anymore.

  43. successfully installed and currently running cydia! Great work Pangu. We all greatly appreciate this.

    regarding the “unchecking the box” issues everyone is having……
    I unchecked the black box above the frame with the green check mark (as another post suggested. Next I locked my device, unlocked my device and the jailbreak process started instantly.
    I stopped reading the comments halfway thru, sorry if someone already pointed that out.
    Thanks again Pangu team!

  44. Officially jailbroken!!! iPad Air. I thought it would never happened 😩
    But now it is just sweeeetttt thank you Pangu Team!!😘

  45. I’ve installed cydia. First it was working and now I cant even open it. My phone works slow. No tetherme in cydia. Then I got a pop up message my account is not approved by Beijing Hong Yuan.
    What the hell is going on?!
    Unstable and non functional. Please fix this.

  46. I have installled a tweak “iapplock” which is not compatible with ios 9, now no jailbrocked app including cydia is opening.. How to delete or uninstall that..? Ppz help

    • Yes. That is because this is a semi untethered jailbreak. If your phone dies or you manually reboot it, the jailbreak goes away and you have to redo it using the still installed PP app.

  47. Please forget the uncheck, press the big round thing and push the button for your screen(the one on top for 5s. And the one one on the right for 6 and 6s). After that the JB will start.

    • From the 5s and further are 64 bit
      Ipod 6th only 64bit ipod
      iPad air, air 2 , Pro and mini 2/3 are 64bit Hope this helps

    • The enterprise certificate that Pangu / PPHelper used to install Jailbreak app is banned by Apple now. You can not Jailbreak at this moment with Pangu.

  48. Those guys really doing their best to give us a jailbreak option, look at it from the bright side, we do know now that ios 9.3.3 IS jailbreakable, its not at its final stage, obviously, but it is possible. Have some patience, those guys really are close :) thank you Pangu :) you rock!!

  49. it stuck on preparing screen , some times it stuck on login screen and sometime it stck on finalize screen , and then it give me that crying PC screen please do something

  50. Thank you so much dear Pangu Team!!!! I am so happy now… ben waiting to jailbreak for months… thak you so much!!!

  51. I have an iphone 6s 9.3.3 . When i click the green button on pphelper, it processes but doesnt do anything else. i have waited for nearly half an hour for the same but nothing happens. please help me with the same. my friend has done in iphone6 9.3.3 and its working perfectly in his phone.

  52. Issue downloaded pphelper , did everything correct worked great , tried to download winterboard Cydia wouldn’t open at all after , not sure if I made mistake but deleted pphelper from phone Cydia still won’t open at all just flashes , now can’t get pphelper to reinstall on phone or delete Cydia icon at all .
    What is the correct coarse of action to fix this help please ?

  53. The enterprise certificate that Pangu / PPHelper used to install Jailbreak app is banned by Apple now. You can not Jailbreak at this moment with Pangu.

  54. Been waiting a long time and now I can’t jailbreak because it’s only for iPod touch 6 not 5….thanks a lot….I can’t jailbreak…..

  55. Bonjour, j’ai énormément de mal à installé le jailbreak pour iPhone 5 SE 9.3.3, il me demande toujours le code captcha (Apple ID et Mot de Passe) mais rien à faire, même connecter à mon compte Apple.
    Merci de m’aider

  56. hello i downloaded the application everything was good until the part of my apple id i tried to inserted the apple id because it will not recognize my ID

  57. When I try and install it a warning message with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. But there’s Chinese writing so I don’t know what it means. What is wrong?

  58. Sois unos craks!
    A la perfección y a la primerqa, solo comentarios que especifiqueis que tambien hay que ejecutar ocmo administrador la aplicacion que instala el exe del PPhelper este, sino dara un error y no iniciará el Jailbreak.
    Por los demás, sois unos artistas
    Gracias y seguid asi!

  59. download a firmware from ipsw.me nd restore it using DFU MODE but backup all your data first thn restore ur iphone itunes will recognize ure iphone nd jailbreak it with official pangu version

  60. @Pangu THANK YOU SO MUCH

    i am feeling like it has been years without the jailbreak of ios 9

    finally Jailbreak is out and i can really appreciate the hard work behind the process.

  61. So I got the jailbreak and everything perfectly but I can’t turn my location services back on. I click it on and when I exit it goes right back off. Is anybody else having this problem and can anybody help me?

  62. Bonjour
    Mon iPhone 4S et bien reconnu par
    PP ; mais je ne peut pas finir l’instal
    Es ce que les 4S seront pris en charge par ce nouveau jailbreak
    Merci de votre boulot

  63. After installation I am not able to reopen Pangu app it says unable to verify iPhone distribution please help Pangu team please help

  64. To all who can’t uncheck the green tick try this it worked for me:
    1) open the PP app
    2) uncheck the little grey tick which is under the big circle
    3) press now the big circle
    4) there should appear a chinese text and a 6 between them.
    5) if you can see it lock your phone
    6) it should restart after 6-10sec
    7) if you can see the cydia app you’re finished if not follow step 8
    8) if there is another app instead of cydia try it again (uncheck grey-> press the circle-> lock your phone-> wait
    9) now cydia should be there you can delete the other app if you want. I deleted it and there weren’t any problems.
    I’m happy if I could help you.
    Sry for my bad english tho

  65. Been waiting for this for a long long time. Sat down at my computer and no joy.

    Please make a 32 bit compatible version. I counted over 32 requests on this page alone.

    I’m sure I speak for many more!

  66. It worked at first but then it stopped me from opening cydia and pangu and now I cannot verify the profile for some reason it saying that I have to connect my iphone to a network which its is connected I’m confused now can you Pangu team tell me what to do now ???

    • I am having the same issue .. I am connected to a proper network but it still cannot verify the profile created saying “A network connection is required”

  67. PANGU team The JailBreaks works fine, but evrytime i try to move or delete an icon the iPhone restarts and enters safe mode (iPhone 6 128 on iOS 9.3.3)

  68. I install cydia perfectly on my iPhone but after 2 hours cydia doesn’t open it just trows me out of it what can i do to fix this!!!

  69. should i be worried that it asks me to “trust” the developer that has a different name all three times i tried to jailbreak my phone? lol

  70. why when trying to install several different times does it ask me to trust the developer with different names each time lol?

    • You’ll most likely have to do a clean restore and JB phone again. Cydia crashes and stops working if you reboot your phone

  71. Does it work with Ipad pro ?
    Its doesnt work with my 12″ pro and 9.7 pro its keep reboting after i lock the screen. Help me

  72. I accidentally deleted cydia after a successful jailbreak but now when I try jailbreaking over again the jailbreak is successful but cydia won’t install. The pp app has no circle in it its just some writing in Chinese

  73. Pangu is kidding everyone who doesn’t know Chinese.
    I’ve tied all my apple devices but non of them work with this tool.
    Nothing can uncheck box so no jailbreak!!!
    Any luck, Chinese guys??

  74. I have totally messed up my 5s, i tried factory reset and starting over and now get a blue screen with a message that i cant decypher. Even when doing a full factory reset and restore, i still cant get it to work again. Worst thing is, it was working and itunes asked me to change my password for “security reasons” after that, the original jailbreak didnt work anymore. Is there any way at all i can go back to ground zero with this phone? Help please

  75. Hii pangu team.. The process gets stuck at the initial jailbreak preparations with the circle rotating in the green rectangle.. Kindly help.. Thank u

  76. hey, worked great ,but affter jailbreak i deleted the profile, now wont open cdia or the app and cant re jailbreak, hel!

  77. I have successfully jailbreaked my device, but after reboot, Cydia and other app which I installed using cydia are crashing,

    Please help

  78. Step 5 isn’t working, it recognises my I pad mini 2, but that big blue window with the green button doesn’t appear. Re started computer Windows 7 and I pad, re installed pp helper still no luck.

    Any help??
    Thanks in advanced matthew

  79. I can’t believe I’ve waited all this time to jailbreak and you don’t release a 32 bit version? Why is this only 64 bit and not both?

    • Why don’t you whine some, then turn around and praise them when it does happen? Why not be grateful they’re making progress, period. Quit being a whining b*tch.

  80. Teams “Pangu and PP” are in play can only! For more than year I hope jailbreak for my ipad2 and only now release to 64bits! Absurd it as 32bits we are all stuck in our latest release without going to ios10 and not give no satisfaction! What least should be concerned with is the devices that still possess many future innovations that will be 64bit! Me very disappointed this time! Thank you for nothing at all!

    • Why don’t you whine some, then turn around and praise them when it does happen? Why not be grateful they’re making progress, period. Quit being a whining b*tch.

  81. After i install the app in my iphone i tap the big green circle and when i lock my iphone it immediately restart and no cydia aftar that , it happens in my ipad pro too .
    I tried many times and i tried after restore it too :)

  82. Hey guys,

    It’s not prompting me for my apple id and so wont download :/ it loads my device info tho. I’m updating to 9.3.3 to see if that makes a difference.

    Does it matter that im logged into itunes?

    Also i have no device management. -.- just profiles -.-.

  83. Dear Pangu,
    I have no complaints, just praise for the brilliance all of you shine time and time again. I appreciate and admire your hard work and persistence. Apple gives birth to our devices, but you guys set them free to live and be nurtured. While I have successfully jail broken six of my iPads, my true love, the iPad Pro (The big girl) eagerly though patiently awaits your magical intervention. For my pro, or any of my countless Apple devices, are but useless and helpless embryos without your jailbreak. I love you guys. And, I can’t thank you enough!!!!

  84. when i connect my iphone to pp then ask for security words then i filled it after that its just loading its nt asking for apple. i did wait for 1 hour and it was at loading process then i close the application. helpp me

  85. when i connect my iphone to pp then ask for security words then i filled it after that its just loading its nt asking for apple id. i did wait for 1 hour and it was at loading process then i close the application. helpp me

  86. I unzipped the setup and installed the exe, and then got a message in Chinese I think was an error but I don’t understand and can’t copy and paste and then I can’t continue. This is the message:
    The software has a different style than what is in the screenshots in the guide – it is on a light colored background, not blue. PPHelper Error

    iOS 9.3.3, iPad Mini 2, Windows 8 on Parallels on Mac OS X 10.11.3

  87. Hello!
    I followed the guide and kind of jailbreaked my iPad Air 9.3.3.
    However, I cannot run Cydia…each time I start it, it shuts down almost immediately.
    I know the JB worked, because other apps I had installed on the iPad during my previous JB started working again, but I cannot run Cydia, so I cannot install anything else…not even the tweaks required to use ipad managers different from itunes…
    Anything I should do?

  88. please help me pphelper + cydia are crashed and they don’t wanna work anymore . i did restore my iphone ( 5s ) but they still there and nothing new !!

  89. Dear Pangu Team,

    On behalf on all 32-bit device user.I request you to please make a JB tool for 32-bit devices also,Bcz we still exist on this planet and standing on the verge of extinction. And we are the people who mostly require this JB than the 64-bit. So, Kindly provide support.

  90. Dear Pangu Team,

    I asked a question the other day but still have no reply. Now when I right click on the PPHelper and hit “run as administrator” a window opens with only a ” 5 and an an arrow swooping up ” but does not reccognize my device or open the window with the green box to click on. I have an iPhone 5s with 64 bit running IOS 9.3.3. What can I do ?

    • You have to click on the button. It will install pangu helper on ur pc. Then open pphelper app. Thats when the big blue button appears

    • you need to re jailbreak…meaning go into the pphelper app on your phone and do the process over. because it is a semi untethered JB you cant reboot your phone or the jailbreak goes away.

    • It’s an untethered jailbreak meaning you can’t allow you phone to die or reboot it dissables Cydia.

      What you have to do now is start all over again with the jail break… But you need to remove the dissabled Cydia first by restoring your phone :(

      It sucks I know

  91. it looks like this is an untether jailbreak cannot reset the phone, if u do cydia won’t open!!!
    when will an full tether jailbreak be release!!!!!!!!HOPE PANGU CAN ANSWER THIS!!!!!

  92. thank you i succesfully jailbroken my 5S but please make a 32bit jailbreak, the a5 devices wouldn’t receive updates so if you don’t release a jailbreak you killed them…

    • that will be a good idea, I want to Jailbreak my iPod 5 Gen but its only 32 bit. I was happy but then I was really sad when I heard the news :D

  93. Thank you very very much pangu team. At last I can successfully jailbreak my device and It’s working very fine. This is my first time but I managed it.

  94. Cydia crashing. Had to restore to factory settings and update ios to 9.3.3. Installed again. It was working for 1 hour and after that crashes again. It doesnt work at all! Please help

  95. Several times I have jail broken my i6plus with success and able to use Curia and reboot using the pp tether app to reboot into a jail broken state .

    My issue however comes after I try to restore my iphone music library and apps using iTunes ,

    After jailbreak and running Curia and installing tweaks . I decided ok I’m ready to put my stuff back on , have restoring and rebooted the iphone several times during tweak installs and all is ok no problem .

    Once iTunes has finished restoring to the backup file I had just saved before jail breaking , the iphone powers on , I press Cydia app and it flashes , I press the PP app and it flashes and closes , I am stuck with the Curia icon and the PP icon and no jailbreak ,

    I have restored my iphone several times and re jail broke but the same thing keeps happening once I try to restore my music etc etc …, any help please pangs

  96. we are currently working on a 32bit device fully untethered jailbreak. we just need to find the correct exploit bugs for us to patch the system. the predicted release would probably be about the week of august 1st (august 1st to august 7th)

  97. Several times I have jail broken my i6plus with success and able to use Cydia and reboot using the pp tether app to reboot into a jail broken state .

    My issue however comes after I try to restore my iphone music library and apps using iTunes ,

    After jailbreak and running Cydia and installing tweaks . I decided ok I’m ready to put my stuff back on , have restoring and rebooted the iphone several times during tweak installs and all is ok no problem .

    Once iTunes has finished restoring to the backup file I had just saved before jail breaking , the iphone powers on , I press Cydia app and it flashes , I press the PP app and it flashes and closes , I am stuck with the Cydia icon and the PP icon and no jailbreak ,

    I have restored my iphone several times and re jail broke but the same thing keeps happening once I try to restore my music etc etc …, any help please pangs

  98. Heads up, i jailbroke my phone, worked great, installed winterboard then my cydia app, ppapp, intelliID app opens and instantly force closes. Obviously it was an error with winterboard, so question is, do i have to restore/rejailbreak my phone? or is there a fix without restoring?

    • Disregard first comment please, lol just noticed that you lose jailbreak if phone restarts. So when will there be a fully untethered jb?

  99. @Pangu please update a Untethered Full JailBreak for ios 9.3.3 the PPHelper is just a Semi-tethered jailbreak which sucks.

  100. I’m having some issues on my jailbreak. I can’t get Cydia to open or any of my games to open as well. Also, I’ve been trying to rejailbreak my phone which isn’t helping me at all either. The issue occured when I turned off my device and turned it back on only to run into this problem I already explained. I would like to know how I should fix this problem, I tried everything and its beginning to become a frustration. Please help.

  101. one issue plz help by mistaken pp app deleted after install cydia now cydia dos’nt work… tell me how to install again pp app ?

  102. I am using iPod touch 6 and when I try to make the app go on my iPod touch 6, it says that it cannot download app. Why is that?

  103. i jailbreaked my iphone 6s cydia keep on crashing i tried to jailbreak it again it always ask for my apple id if i enter it the profile appear same as my apple id and can’t be verified any help please

  104. Hey Pangu team, congrats on jail breaking IOS 9.3.3! I was just a little bummed out because as soon as I heard the news, I immediately unjailbroke my iPhone 5 from iOS 8. I didn’t take the time to see what the jailbreak was compatible with and so now I’m stuck with an iPhone 5 with no Cydia :(. Will you guys be making a tool for 32-bit devices?

  105. For whoever gets the asking for the Apple ID and password there is a FIX.

    the process is normal -- it needs to sign the new App created on your device.

    if like anyone you feel its a security issue -- create a new id and password off your device and use that id and password for the app.
    sign in iCloud and iTunes with the new user and PW and use it in the PP Helper.
    after JB you can go back to your old username and password.

  106. I installed the Jailbreak yesterday. Is it possible that we don’t have to type in an iCloud ID anymore? Instead of taking my own iCloud ID, I had to give trust permission to ‘bdsusqt541[at]163[dot]com’. Does anyone else having this behavior? I’m not sure if this is correct and I can trust it?

  107. okay. first of all i want to say… whoever made this, you are the worlds best individual alive. this worked flawlessly first try and i haven’t encountered a single problem unlike all the other jailbreak tools i’v used. this is truly a step forward for human kind.

  108. You are asked a lot of people , please release the jailbreak for 32-bit systems.
    Many do not have money for new machines 64 bit system . give the last chance for 32-bit systems . I beg you , do the jailbreak for 32 bit . Give the opportunity to get the latest jailbreak for phones : 4s, 5 tablets and 32 bit system .
    At you all hope . Many people believe in you and wait . They are waiting for a miracle that they were able to put the jailbreak . please do not be indifferent to us, the owners of 32 -bit systems .

  109. I tried to jailbreak and i did everything but Cydia didnt appear. I then deleted it all and tried to do it again but now not even pp helper app appears

  110. Pangu team..the problem is reboot the device and the cydia cannot be open..i hope your team can fix the problem..

  111. Hey guys this is my first time wanting to jailbreak, and I have a few questions. Is it safe? Should I wait till they get all the bugs out of the jailbreak? Thank you.

  112. Okay i cannot jailbreak with my mac i installed parallel and windows 10 but jb has some problems with windows 10 and i can’t find windows 7 for my mac anyway i found an old pc with windows 7 now and its preparing my iPhone 6plus but its been an hour.What should i do?

  113. Please realse 32bit device jailbreak i am long 6 month are you realse jailbreak but only 64bit device please add 32 bite device please

  114. I really need help someone. I had to do a resytore on my ipad air, after it was up and running again I went to JB, I, on 9.3.3. I went through all the motions, installed the app on my computer and ran it, it took awhail but I got to the cap screen and did that and then entered my apple login. Again it took a bit but finnaly loaded the app on the ipad. I did the trust things and hit the circle and put the ipad to sleep, it cam back with the storage almost out message and then the apple logo, that ascreen came on with a little logo of cydia on the bnottom of the screen and some chiness caracters next to it and that all she wrote. I cant get cydia back on this ipad to save my life. I’ve trieds several restores, but nada. Has someone seen this? CAN SOMEONE HELP! untill a english ver comes out I have no way of telling what the meanng of the little cydia icon is and how to get this ipad JB, it worked the first time with no trouble at all. please help

  115. What is this magical grey tick everyone is talking about? I can’t uncheck the green tick and there isn’t a grey tick either. Could someone post a screenshot of where exactly this grey tick is? Also, I have a theory. So, from what I have noticed in the comments, it seems that only people withiPhone 5s’s have this issue. Perhaps iPhone 5s’s are incompatible? I certainly hope not, due to the fact that I too have an iPhone 5s, but it would have sense, I suppose.

    Anyway, I do hope that this issue gets fixed relatively quickly, as it is a pain having to wait when others have no issues whatsoever.

  116. im in ipad mini 4 celular. ios 9.3.3
    working great, rebooted several times and going strong and well.
    whatspad (have whatsapp full working)

    thanks pangu, email me if i can help.

  117. Hello i have install the new PPHelper – iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak on my ipad i run ios9.3.3 same whit my iphone 5 i can see the icon and i click on the big green Jailbreak button and it nothing happen i have Allow Push Notifications on both but still snothing happen anyone there have a idea icecool_denmark

  118. DEAR


  119. Ok, I was jailbroken bur then it crashed, i had to rejailbreak but when i try it says that i can’t verify the developer thing. it says i need a internet connection, what is it talking about, i am on wifi. Please help

  120. Just i want to know when the action team will give us the 32 bit jailbreak because as i and you all know there will be no ios update for the 32 bit devices after 9.3.3 and if you guys gift us the jailbreak once for good we will not let you hear from us either than thank you pangu team and you are the best ever🤗 So when you will share with us the jailbreak of 32 bit devices 🤔

  121. I try to install the pphelper the got Windows but when I try to run it it gives me a basis error can anyone help anything would be greatly aprieciated

  122. hi..
    after jailbreaking iphone 5s … every time i restart or respring the device, It starts from WELCOME screen to complete setting my region/ language to start the device, however there is no loss of data or apps :/
    what should I do :/
    thanks in advance :)
    PEACE :)

  123. Come on pangu !! Your pretty quiet about the problems that we have , we don’t see any answers as to a fix .

    And now it’s come to light that the web jailbreak certificate has been patched by Apple , we are only left with the pc tool , both the tool and the semi tethered jailbreak are in stable . To the point it’s useless . For many people .

  124. I downloaded it right and it worked for about 2 days. Now when I tap the cydia icon or any of the apps I downloaded the screen goes black and then back to the home screen… I can’t delete any of them…

    • Me too… When i restarted my device, it didnt worked anymore… Did you restore your iphone before doing everyting?

  125. I have been waiting months for the jb it was supposed to come out in June and now it I available but I have 32bit iPhone 4s

  126. When it will be release for iphone 5? Bcz now long time to wait for jailbreak, if cant just tell us so we no need wait,

  127. Hi I have installed pp helper and did all the steps but Cydia is not coming up and if I open the app it shows in error but I am sorry I don’t know Chinese

  128. Me too. I really hope Pangu is working on an iPhone 4S 9.3.3 jailbreak.
    I really want to downgrade my iPhone to iOS 6 or (hopefully) iOS 5 since Apple is officially not supporting my device with updates anymore.

  129. I have installed it but the Screen to install #4 just vanishes when I click it and when I reinstall PPhelper the screen no longer shows. Help please?


  130. Ok so I had downloaded the jailbreak on my iPhone 5s but then I deleted a tweak I added called “phantom because it wasn’t working… I guess when I pressed force delete on modify it crashed cydia.. Anyways when my phone turn back on cydia was gone but the pp app and the other p icon was on my screen but no cydia I figured it’s because when it crashed maybe my phone rebooted without my knowing… So I did the steps to redownload everything like it explains on every YouTube video… But everything runs perfectly except for the fact that the circle I press is gone now all it shows is the regular jailbreak screen but in place of the circle there’s two squares and a cydia thing at the bottle that pops up when you originally download the jailbrak. (No sim) but I restored my phone had to find a friend with a carrier long process… But when I restored it the pp app was also now gone but it left the other p icon on my screen and I can’t delete it now I’ve tried the Computer and the same thing happens it runs fine until the end where no cydia app appears and yes I’ve tried cydia:// nothing works also I’m running 9.3.3 (13G34) idk what to do at this point everything I’ve tried fails and no one seems to be having this problem. So please someone help!

  131. hi guys! i jailbreakd my phone and everything was fine (iphone6) but than when my phone turned off and i turned it back on and use the jailbreaky app on my phone it didn’t work, i kinda freaked out and tried to reinstall that app, so i deleted it. now i can’t get the app back on and can’t rejailbreak or anything, what to do now?

  132. After installing the Jailbreak on my iPhone, cydia just crashes, it never loads, and i have done everything but it just crashes, even though it says the jailbreak was installed successfully.
    I have installed it many times but still the same thing. Any Ideas?

  133. Please pangu tell us if the jb for 32 bit is ever coming or not. I was waiting so long and that just to hear that 32 bit devices aren’t compatible with this jb. I feel a bit f*ked now because that fake twitter account is giving people bad hope. They told us that he would discuss it on 27th of july. It is already over that date so why isn’t anything discussed yet? Please confirm if you already know if the 32 bit jb is coming out.

  134. you are great to be able to jailbreak ios 9.3.3 64 bit. but why 32 bit you can not? This will be easier for you or is very complicated for you. so this is a challenge. if you can release it must be very proud to owners of ios 9.3.3 32 bit. and you are a hero to them. thank you

  135. Hey Pangu i cant jailbreak my ipad (Ios 9.3.3) its ipad mini 4 and i click that pangu button and lock ipad and nothing i try restart it and nothing

    Please help

  136. Just downloaded PPhelper and succesfully jailbroke my phone.

    on 1st attempt i could not uncheck the box as said in the guide, I then did a itunes backup(important!!) and restored my phone, from 9.3.2 to 9.3.3.

    Then I did everything from scratch, got PP on my phone and still couldnt uncheck, I tried jailbreaking and phone restarted, didnt work. Then i tried again and it worked.

    Thank you Pangu :)

  137. Hi, have have successfully jailbroke my device with this, but when I installed an app from cydia it rebooted the device. I attempt to rejailbrake but I get a kernel panic, then launches the phone like normal. The phone doesn’t jailbreak. Can I get some help?

  138. Good night could help me, I’m following all the steps to put clilcar to wheel the PP it is only in the installation screen does not even come to install the application knows how to solve? already I turned off my computer, my phone.

  139. Dear Pangu team

    I have install pp jailbreak successfully and get the cydia icon and pphelper icon and one more icon on my screen. Cydia works properly . But by mistake I have done uninstall the pp Pangu from the settings( general > device manager > the icon app) due to this one of the icon out of three disappeared from the home screen . And after this cydia not opening by clicking. So please suggest me on my email id provided.

    Thanks and regards

  140. Please make a v2 PPHelper that supports 32 bit devices,I’ve been waiting for almost a year for a jailbreak!I only have IPad Mini 1.Also make PPHelper for Mac OS X pls pls pls I will be super happy if you do that

  141. You know, I was waiting to jailbreak my 32bit iphone 4s but for anyone reading this, trust me, 32bit jb releases will not be coming in the future, forget about it.

  142. After successful JailBreak ALL my accounts needed to be signed into again. Every single one.

    I had 9.3.2 and found this strange so I updated to 9.3.3 to remove JB.

    Also, I couldn’t download many apps from Cydia as it said ios 9.3 was unstable. Has this changed since a week ago?

  143. wont let me install pp helper on my pc pops up and says installer is incomplete or corrupted?
    i have downloaded it several times and it just wont install to my pc i get the same error everytime

  144. Hey I had everything for the jailbreak and the jailbreak was a success but now I want to take the jailbreak off, The PP icon isn’t on my home screen anymore I took that off but I can’t take Cydia or any other app off because they don’t have a small “x” when holding down on them. How can I delete Cydia off my phone?(yes I reset my phone also and started as a new iPhone but they are still there)

  145. i keep trying and trying but the pphelper doesnt realize that my ipod is plugged into my computer. It is working with itunes and i have tried launching it with admin privliges i tried taskkilling itunes i have tried pluggiing it in other ports idk what is wrong can someone help me please ;n;

  146. Step 13 is giving me problems, I dont seem top be able to uncheck the box, the small one above that I can uncheck tho…

  147. Hi, I’ve downloaded the pphelper installer many times and clicked “run as admin” but nothing happens everytime. I tried deleting the installer and then re-downloading yet nothing happens. It says “do you allow this program to make changes to your computer” i clicked yes and nothing appears at all.. Im in bind. Please HELP!!

  148. Can I get any help? I installed a tweak domt remember the name and then upon restarting the springboard my device didn’t turn on so I held home and power for un-jail broken and I tried the helper again locked my device and my device doesn’t turn on when the apple logo shows. Any help I can get?

  149. Iphone 5s 9.3.1
    Was able to get the PP helper icon on my device, and I can get through the cydia installation process okay. It gives me the notification and restarts my phone… But instead of getting cydia all I got was a ‘Perfect PDF’ reader that has a similar logo to PPHelper. I treid the install again but still no cydia. The Iphone 5s is 64 bit correct? SHould I just keep trying? Has anyone gotten this weird pdf reader thing?

    • Also I was able to uncheck the box in the center that’s grey but was unable to uncheck the one below that, does that matter??
      Any help is immensely appreciated

      • Ok, good news. I got Cydia.
        However I still have some issues .: /
        When I open Cydia it all looks good, I already have some packages installed right off the bat that seem to be the standard ones you start off with and I have a bunch of sources alreadyfor some reason. However, none of the sources have anything!! I don’t get it :(
        None from saurik or any of the others like xsellize. Also none are listed in the feautured section, gonna try and delete my sources then add’em again to se what happens…

          • Ok, adding a source seemed to smack the other ones around for some reason, now they all display tweks :) Crying I’m so happy. Installed a couple tweaks but had no issues so far. The featured tab still shows nothing but I can live with that!
            Oh, fyi. I did’t get cydia on it until I actually left the grey checkbox checked.
            Hope this is helpful to others.

  150. Just did my iPhone 6.
    Went from 8.1 to 9.3.4 then done graded to 9.3.3 and then applied the JB. All seems good. I just have to go back install stuff I had in Cydia. I am hoping my sources are still good and the ‘apps’ are up to date with 9.x.x……I.E. IntelliScreen(fingers crossed)
    I thank all the put the effort into making it possible.

  151. need help
    after jailbroke mi iphone 6plus with Pangu widow computer with one year certificate i was try to remove jailbreak and upgrade to 9.3.4 but now I have problem
    can not activate my iphone he say that incorekt Apple ID, then I downgrade to 9.3.3 but problem its same
    Now my iPhone its locked and I cantdo nothing to activte him with my aplle id
    any help please

    • try to login in icloud from your pc then remove your device after that try to activate your iphone it will work if its not then you have to recovery your apple id then only you can do it

  152. whenever i click the circle in the pp app and lock phone nothing happens and i see a message with the circle back for me to retry after waiting so long to see if it processes jailbreak only to see that it hasnt. Any help?? I’ve tried several times now and have even unchecked small grey box.

    • I’m having the same issue,I had to re-jailbreak after I downloaded some sh**ty packages that crashed cydia.
      I also noticed that the words underneath the blue circle have changed from having characters around a ‘PP’ and now it has characters surrounding ‘Cydia’
      Been trying to check and uncheck the box then respring it but it doesn’t seem to be working:-/

  153. when shall they update about 32 bit its really need it cause of 70% off people are still using 32 bit iPhone it would very helpful if we’ll get the jailbreak of 32 bit thanks please update us as soon as possible

  154. Sorry, but we aren’t that rich to buy 64-bit phone. Y can’t you guys make a 32-but jailbreak? You guys been making great jailbreak and supporting both bits. Y not this time for the lower class”32-bit” thus make me sad just reading all this comment and your hard work for supporting the high class and not the lower class. 😂

  155. I download the pphelper to my iphone 6 but when i opened it showing me something different. Please contact me back thru email so i can send the picture of what appears on my screen.

  156. What’s the deal with the Safari method? Is it some sort of joke?

    Why are you telling us to put a link to your webpage on our Springboards as a jailbreaking method? The icon of this website will obviously do nothing but bring us back here.

  157. Dear pangu team were waiting à long long time for this JB suprisngly iTS only for 64 bit devices there are so Many people upset because they have 32 bit devices 60 % has 32 bit devices think pangu team think 40 %happy 60 % not so plz pangu team make à 32 bit device JB make us happy again like al those other JB of yours i know u. Guys are working on iOS 10 JB but please make 32 bit device JB if you read this thx for THE time

  158. I wasn’t able to un-check the green check mark, can anyone please tell me how this will effect the jailbreak? Or if it will even work?

  159. pls help when i click the green one it just disappear and pp perfect pdf is installed and no jailbreak tool installed pls help me i have ipad mini

  160. It isn´t any team that causes problems to the users. It´s Apple that f**ks their customers. They want to earn your money, sell their childish sh*t and f**k you into any hole you have. They give a sh*t about you are satisfied with their products -- you are happy -- you are stupid kiddies…

  161. Hi, should I update my JB? I already have the Chinese version on my device. Are there benefits in this English version? Or did Pangu only translated the Chinese version?


  162. bonjour j’ai un iPhone 5s gris sidéral c simple après avoir jailbreak j’ai fais une mauvaise manipulation et mon jailbreak perdu alors tous simplement vous restauré votre iPhone normalement vous pourriez rejailbreaker sinon meter a jour vers une autre version firmware par ex si vous êtes ios 9.3.2 meter a jours ver 9.3.3 et de nouveau retrogrdé a ios 9.3.2 et la normalent vs pourriez rejailbraké et pour in fo ios 9.3.2 jailbraik avec PPhelper et ios 9.3.3 jailbraik avec cydia impactor

  163. oh bande de rigolo vous étés sérieux je comprend mieux Lucas todesco brillant hacker italien qu’il veuille pas partagé avec une bande d’arrieré

  164. i’m only have iphone 5 on ios 9.2 and i love so much cydia, and i dont want to buy 64bit device because 32bit device still fully functional whatever i need. i need tweak like Activator because my proximity sensor was broken, so when make a call lcd doesn’t turn off and some time get a face touch, i need tweak that can enable only edge(2g) connection because i have to use r-sim and my iphone 5 is from japan, so i can’t switch to 2g without Cydia. We are on 32 bit always wait for the jailbreak tools. Thanks Pangu

  165. I just wanna say that I have managed to JB. Looks ok and doesn’t crash. I am still struggling with some tweaks that I can’t get to work but I still know JB is still in early stages. Keep up the good work

  166. Team Pangu,
    So many viewers asked you to provide jb for 32 bit… but you didn’t replied for it ones also.
    I have not see such an irresponsible blog.

  167. hi Pangu jailbreak team!
    i installed cydia and jailbreak my iPhone , when i restarted my iPhone 6 plus after restarting when i want to open cydia, it doesn’t open . is that jailbreak Terthered or untethered jailbreak
    i am confuse please help me

  168. I need help. So I have a jailbroken iPhone5s and I got tired of it, so I deleted all the tweaks and sources that were installed on my iPhone. After that I restored my iPhone and when the recovery from iCloud was finished, I went to the home screen and I noticed that the font that I had used on my iPhone was still there. I still have the font and it says that my iPhone is jailbroken. I tried jailbreaking my iPhone again (bunch of times) but every time it successfully installs ppjailbreak, there is no cydia on my home screen. So I need help on how to get cydia onto my iPhone.

  169. Super cool, Thanx so much..

    Had to0 attempt twice, was a little difficult as i can not read japanese.
    But after downloading a translator… all worked out great…

    Thanx agian…

  170. it works but can you guys make this permanent it only works 3-4 hours and it will fail on the 3rd time please fix it

  171. I’m just here to thank the pangu team and for another minor thing about battery life….
    after jail-breaking my battery drains much quicker then it used to…
    i only jailbreaked to apply themes and customize my device….
    if its possible please include an app to optimize the system so that like the rooted version of android we can overclock and underclock our devices to suit our requirments….

  172. + i followed the instructions fully but my phone didnt he the “profile” tab in the general settings after i hit jailbreak then a icon called perfect pdf reader was installed for i books ( not a jailbreaktool) then i installed the beta profiles from apple and no i dont know what to do because i cant read chinese if someone can hep i would be very greatful

  173. I think ive at least rebooted my phone with pp helper like a hundred times now and no cydia at all. And I am unable to uncheck the box in step 11. Help?

  174. Okay , i found the real problem. Is if you download any programs from cydia it will shut you down mean it wont open cydia or the app you downloaded , sems like i cant delete it to so now i am going to reistall it again however i got another problem that it cannot connect to pc again it mean my pc cant see the iphone anymore so il do few testing and see how it goes ..

    • Found the source of problems , it doesnt run your iphone cuz i dont know why :))) . Just do like this , if cydia doesnt open , dont panic , i guess this is normal so do this , Reinstall cydia again with pp japanesse langue okay? it will work , if not then try many many times and somehow it will work and if this isnt working then reset your phone and wait for a better jailbreak mean in 20009 :)))

  175. I have several questions. So when I jailbroke my phone with this, everything went fine. Until about 2 weeks later I installed something on Cydia that I guess didn’t work and so springboard crashed. Naturally I just thought, “oh it will go into safemode, right?” But it didn’t. It just reset (as in deactivate jailbreak itself) my phone entirely so that there was no jailbreak, just Cydia, the PPHelper app, and activator which looked different since springboard crashed. But when I opened the PPHelper app and tried reinitiating jailbreak, my phone would just sit at the apple logo for hours on end. So then just recently I tried restoring my phone and starting the jailbreaking process all over again. After I had restored, and set the iPhone up as a NEW PHONE, I was once again greeted by the CYDIA APP AND ACTIVATOR only this time, PPHelper app wasn’t there. HoW dO i ReSet mY pHoNe aNd jAiLbReAk iT aGaIn??

  176. hey pangu team!!
    whateva captcha code I insert becomes incorrect though I enter it correctky…
    plss help me solve this issue guys…

  177. Hello guys , is been a little , well i got few stuff to say. I have full jailbreak i mean i had untill the jailbreak was unstable because it cant procces to many application like ” whatever you download from cydia ” so the battery start to decrease let say ” 20% in 20min or something like that ” and so i had to full reset my phone and well of my stupidity i did a mistake it blocked when loading. Well i finally fixed it with update but is a pain. Now i had 9.3.5 ios version so i had to go to 9.3.3 but 9.3.4 worked and 9.3.3 didnt worked cuz of a stupid error like ” corruption it was called on google “. Anyway found another that there is 9.3.4 jailbreak and i will do it for my obsession. I have full reset mean my personal data arent in there cuz i didnt do a backup :| ff. i have the old backup from iphone 4 mean few years ago wtf.:))
    Well if i find any new error i will post there cuz it was first website from pangu with okay jailbreak that worked for 5 days:))

    Sorry for bad english ;)

  178. I can’t open Cydia, and whenever I go to the PP app and go through the download process, it just restarts my phone and doesn’t jailbreak it, I deleted the PP app and re-downloaded it and same problem :(

  179. Its support for iphone 5 ? i’m not sure my iphone 5 32bit neither 64bit…
    can anybody teach my how, ’cause i’m not understand enough

  180. i think people will give donation on jailbrake for 32 bit !
    I can donat 10-20 $
    Please think about it ..
    So many people have 32 bit device
    Check change.org

  181. 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit 32 bit

  182. Hey guys, BIG thanks for the awesome work.

    Small question>>> You say if used OTA >>> restore ipad.

    But if i restore Ipad itunes tell me theyre gonna install the last iOS… So no more jailbreak right ?

    Of course i used OTA to install iOS 9.2.1.

    Whats now ?

    Thx anf big up to all the people who created this

  183. Pangu Team, Please make Jailbreak for 32 bit architecture Devices like iPhone 5, 4s and so on for iOS 9.3.2.

    Guys, everyone understands that you guys do it for hobby and it is not Business but for once, try to understand that everyone is looking up-to you for jailbreak. We humbly request input on this. We do understand it takes numerous hours to make such tool, but its been more than 6 months, look at all comments people haven’t lost hope and still expecting tool from you. personally I am 4s User I dont know why but I love this phone to me 4s is epic design made by Apple and perfect in all aspect me and other users like me dont make us feel like left behind in race. therefore PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING EVERYONE KNOWS YOU GUYS CAN THERE PLEASEEEEEEEE……………….

    Best Best Best Regards,
    Sunny Khan

  184. Pang Team,

    Please do not let the iOS 9 left unjailbroken.. especially when there is a device being dropped (4S) and its the last version of iOS 9, Just like what was done with the iPhone 4 and iOS 7.1.2.
    Hoping.. still waiting..

    Best Regards

  185. Pangu Team,

    I am extremely sad to hear this that you would ignore 32 bit devices just like that.. You’ve broken the promise.. its been 1 and a half month since you guys said:


    JULY 28, 2016 AT 1:59 AM

    “we are currently working on a 32bit device fully untethered jailbreak. we just need to find the correct exploit bugs for us to patch the system. the predicted release would probably be about the week of august 1st (august 1st to august 7th)”

    Still.. these faithful people are believe in you. However Please, do release an untethered jailbreak for all the 32 bit device users.. Having faith in pangu.. even though they went past the time they predicted.. still believing..

    Best Wishes
    Reese Colson
    -- iPhone 6S user

  186. I have an iPhone 5, no chance to get a newest phone since I don’t have that kind of money. I’m currently on iOS 9.3.5 and honestly I don’t want to upgrade to iOS 10, I hate it. They killed the Music App and those enormous ugly font all over the place just freak me out. I’m hoping for a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 32 Bits, I have been waiting for so long I lost count of many times at day I checked to see if was available already. If you release it I couldn’t be more happy, if you guys release a jailbreak for iOS 10 32 Bits even tho I hate that version I would defenitelly upgrade just to be able to jailbreak my phone. Please consider not all of us can afford a new phone, do it at least one last time as a gift for all the poor bastards like me. We sure trust you and still have faith.

  187. Dear Pangu,
    You can tell by yourself how long I had to scroll to get here. sighs..
    The people haven’t lost hope.. Give the people what they want.. A Final jailbreak for32 bit & iOS 9 lovers…
    Hoping pangs won’t abandon us..

  188. Dear Pangu Team,
    Please Release a Jailbreak just for the iPhone 4s.. iPhone 5 has iOS 10, While 4s has been dropped by Apple.. Every single device which’ve been dropped are jailbreakable, Please.. This is a request.. Please, Find a Jailbreak for it or a Way to downgrade it all the way back to a jailbreakable firmware…

  189. Hurray!

    Pangu just announced..

    Pangu Team
    OCTOBER 6, 2016 AT 7:01 PM
    “Jailbreak for 9.3.5, 10 is not possible. Maybe never will be relased. Thanks for support.”



  190. Dear supporters,
    The Pangu Team will soon release the Jailbreak for IOS ver 9.3.5, but later version will be delayed since the jailbreak is under developing and testing. We still test the 9.3.5 pp jailbreak and impactor until it get completely error-less without any problems. Again, Thank you for your support during the time. The Team will able to release it as soon as the beginning of November. I hope that you can make it until the November. Please stay on our side, Pangu Team,

  191. Dear supporter,
    For the 32-bit devices, we still haven’t found any method [solution] to jailbreak it. Thus, only device:
    5s and Up+ (64 bit or 64ARM) get the jailbreak at this moment.
    Let we confirm it the release day of iOS 9.3.5 will be delays 2 more weeks. Until, Apple Officially release the last version of iOS 10.1.
    We suggest all the supporters to stay on our side and way until the release coming soon.
    Pangu Team.

  192. So i downloaded pp helper and all. But when i open it it says it has to download the drivers. So it downloads the drivers but when it finishes it restarts and downloads them again on and on. And pp helper doesnt seem to recognise my device because of this. Any help anyone pls?

  193. Dear Supporters,
    Pangu Team will not release jailbreak 9.3.5. We did demonstrate the jailbreak (decided to release on 20th Nov) but Apple had several conditions with our Pangu Team. Thus, we as well as TaiG Team also cannot release the jailbreak to public. Otherwise, we will break the conditions with them.
    We pangu team go to work like you. Let I ask you a question, Have you works for someone for free. Let not put the question mark since I knew your TRUTH answer.
    Let I teach you something people, if you know yourself a leecher, don’t ask too much, stay and wait when we give the Sh** out to your mo*th. The most important ‘ MONEY BUY EVERYTHING*
    Pangu Team
    Zen M.
    Team Supporter

  194. This is the identical jailbreak process I used for IOS 9.3 BUT now what I click on the windows that PPhelper has on my laptop it just has a little spinning icon in the bottom left of the screen as if it is searching for my device yes I have let this spin for well over 20 minutes and still it doesn’t show the actual “jailbreak” screen where is waits to jailbreak my iPhone 6s. How long does this normally take or do you have any other suggestions ? I am tech savy and have been jailbreaking my iPhones for years but this time it just doesn’t seem to work. I asked you to send me an email because there are hundreds of comments here and I can’t keep scrolling down to see if nyone has replied to THIS comment, but nothing yet.

  195. Pangu, can you please answer this. I downloaded it, then it says “Added to this iPhone device queue and shortly after says “Install fail: iPhone” in red. I have tried over 15 times and it has given me the same message. What is wrong with it?

  196. I need your help Pangu Team. When I try to install PP Helper it says “Application Verification Failed”. I couldn’t even try to download it on to my phone. This Fail-Message appears when I try to install the PP Helper in this “PP-Helper-App-Store”.

  197. Thanks for your news, but I did not manage to find the link to the utility you advertize in your post ;

    “To help you out, Italian hacker and developer Luca Todesco has released a utility that automatically reactivates PPHelper for you. It is based on the JailbreakMe tool from many years ago, and you can find the instructions at the given link.”

    Please advise

  198. This jailbreak doesn’t work for iphone 4S. I tried several times..
    Do we will have a solution for this?
    Thank you for your work and your time guys!

  199. hey pangu team i am a poor boy from nepal and i found my iphone icloud locked its I.O.S 9.3.5 and its 32 bitz phone cant we get any chance to jailbreak

  200. Sir its ky humble request plz tell me how i can jailbreak my iphone 4s 32gb ios 9.3.5 if anyone could help me plz call on my number 9569834900 and i will be very thankful to them

  201. Whenever I press jailbreak in the Pangu jailbreak app, it says
    “Please LOCK screen and wait a few seconds.”
    What should I do?

  202. When I Open the program, it displays a photo of an IPhone being painted, and doesn’t connect to my IPod, i am running IOS 9.3.5, which SHOULD be compatible, and my iTunes is up to date, i don’t know what the issue is, Help?

  203. Installation failure program Ape in the life of the repair, please try again after the installation. I get this error whenever I try to install the jailbreak app onto my iPhone. Is there a fix for this yet or no

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