Personal HotSpot Missing in iOS 10

iOS 10 was released in September 7th following a long summer of beta testing. Developers and those who were part of the public beta program have been found and fixed and those that have not yet been fixed. One of the latter, one that has been complained about by many users is that Personal Hotspot is not working or is missing altogether in iOS 10.  If you have encountered this issue, there are a few steps you can take to bring back the Personal Hotspot on your iOS device.

Image : Personal HotSpot Missing in iOS 10

Personal HotSpot Missing

Before you Begin :

It is worth noting that the Personal Hotspot feature is dependent on your carrier supporting it. If your carrier doesn’t or you haven’t opted for it in your particular plan, you will not be able to use it. In this case, it isn’t an issue with iOS 10. If you have opted for it and your carrier does support it, and it is still missing, follow these steps to bring it back.

How to Fix Missing Personal Hotspot in iOS 10 :

Method 1 :

  1. Open Settings > Cellular cellular-4g-lte-iphone-6-plus-ios-8
  2. Tap on Cellular Data Network
  3. A menu will appear, type in your APN 
  4. Scroll down the page to Personal Hotspot
  5. In the APN field, type in the same APN as you did earlier

Your carrier will be able to provide you with the APN or you can run a search on Google for your provider’s name + APN. In some cases, you may need to pass over the APN option and type in the Username given instead.

  1. Go back to Settings
  2. Personal Hotspot should now be visible.
  3. If not, reboot your iOS device and check again slide_to_power_off reboot

Method 2 :

This won’t always work so try the other method first. You have three options to try to get the Personal Hotspot back:

  • Reboot – hold the Power and Home buttons down until your screen goes blank. Now hold down the Power button to restart your device
  • Reset Network Settings – open Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.  Put in your passcode when asked reset iphone 6 ios 8 network settings
  • Reset All Setting – Open Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Put in your passcode to confirm reset_all_settings_ios 9

If none of these work, you will have to go down the route of restoring your device through iTunes.

Note : In place of cellular data, you may see the world Mobile as some carriers use this term. Remember that you will only see the option for Personal Hotspot if your data is switched on. You might need to disable 3G | LTE and then enable it again for Personal Hotspot to show up.

Hopefully this has cleared up the issue for you. If you want to see more tips and tutorials like this, Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.




    1. Steps:

      Mobile Data
      Mobile Data Options
      Mobile Data Network

      Type in the APN of the provider . If you are unaware of it just google it.

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