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Pangu is as well known in jailbreaking circles now as TaiG and Evaders. But who are Pangu and where did they get the idea for their name from ? First of all, Pangu is a team of 5 Chinese developers who rescued the day with a jailbreak for iOS 7.1 earlier in 2014 .

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pangu meaning

Since then, they have been diligent in producing updates and jailbreaks in a regular basis including the very first one for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1. Although that has now been patched by iOS 8.1.1, their jailbreak utility can still be used by anyone who does not update.

Pangu Meaning :

Where did the name come from though and how did they choose it ? The name Pangu, or Pan Gu, dates back to Chinese mythology and is referred to, by Daoist legends, as the very first living being and the creator of all, or, in some legends, the very first man, who opened heaven and earth.

So it is perhaps easy to see why they named their team and their jailbreak utility Pangu. It is a reflection that they have created it all, a jailbreak utility that does everything we want it to and more. Perhaps there are those in the jailbreak community who see the gap between jailbreaking and Apple as heaven and earth.

Image : The official Pangu Team Icon [ Updated Oct 2015 ]

pangu 9 - keep the device connected screen

While Apple continues to patch up jailbreaks and produce new versions of their software every year, there will always be a team of developers who will break that software wide open. There are those who say that there is no need to jailbreak any longer and those that say it is becoming harder to develop a utility but teams like Pangu are proving that wrong.

Releases So Far :

If you have yet to jailbreak your iOS 8 device, you should do so now. We have guides to help you for both Mac and Windows-based operating systems :

Why do you think the team named themselves and their utility Pangu ? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. The Americans so called always had the upper hand in Hacking devices/software. About time other ethnic/foreign nationalities took advantage and they have stepped up to the plate. Usually wen a IO’s was released we IO’s device owners had to wait for months while they made up there minds wen to release and While the so called hackers got RICH…YES….RICH from all those that donated including my self. I suppose the Americans are mad cuz Chinese aren’t asking for donations they already have enuff $$$$$. Give props were it’s deserved. We’ll the tide has turned BiG Up 2 Chinese Developers of PanGu it’s Ya turn know to rise!!!!!

    1. I couldnot agree with you anymore……
      What is good for our users? We just concern about the time.
      When the last IOS 6.X jailbreak time. The Taiji team from China released their jailbreak tools ahead of other team. This made other hacker mad…..cuz money was gone……

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