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Back in September 2015, Apple released iOS 9 firmware to the public. Adoption was high, with millions of people downloading the latest firmware from the Cupertino Company to see what all the fuss was about. Not long after its release, things moved very quickly on the jailbreak side of things, despite the general belief that iOS 9 could not be jailbroken – the rumor was that Apple had included a new security system called Rootless, effectively stopping access to specific files and folders in the iOS, which would make life difficult for jailbreakers. However, Pangu, one of the most prominent teams, did not let that stop them.

Image : Pangu 9 Jailbreak


A few days after iOS 9 was released, another well-known developer, by the name of iH8sn0w, showed proof of iOS 9 jailbreak untethered, with a video showing Cydia [ext link] on his iPhone 5. That was followed closely by Pangu releasing the first public jailbreak for the new firmware. We are going to show you how to download Pangu 9 onto your device with step by step instructions and a video showing you the process.

Download Pangu 9 :

There are two ways to download Pangu 9 jailbreak tool and install Cydia.

Method 1 – On Your PC :

Before you attempt to install the jailbreak, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Back up your data using iTunes and or iCloud. This is to safeguard your data in the event that something goes wrong with the jailbreak itunes backup ios 9
  2. Make sure you have sufficient space on your device – clear out old files, folders apps that you no longer use, cache files, temporary files and anything else that you don’t need. Back your photos and music up to iCloud and then store them on an external device while you are doing the jailbreak – you can put them back afterwards icloud_backup
  3. Make sure you are on the latest version of iTunes itunes update mac
  4. Open Settings on your iOS device, tap on iCloud and disable Find my iPhone – it can be enabled again later find my iphone turn off
  5. Disable your Passcode and Touch ID if you have it – again, these can be reinstated later on passcode_touch_id

You are now ready to jailbreak your iOS device using Pangu 9.

  1. Connect your iOS device to your computer
  2. Download Pangu 9 [ latest version ] onto your PC or Mac
  3. Extract the files to your desktop
  4. Right click on the app and choose Run as Administrator [for Windows users]admin mode pangu 9
  5. Pangu 9 will open on your desktop pangu 9
  6. Wait for the app to detect your device pangu 9.0.2 jailbreak
  7. When it has, click the large Start button to start the jailbreak procedure pangu ios 9 jailbreak1
  8. Don’t touch your device or computer until you are asked to do so. Your iOS device will reboot a number of times during the process iphone_6_logo_apple (1)
  9. When asked to do so, place your iOS device into Airplane Mode airplane mode
  10. When the jailbreak has completed, your device will reboot one last time and the Cydia app will be on your Home screen  ios_9_cydia_home_screen
  11. Tap on Cydia to launch it and set it up for first time use cydia_initialize_preparing_file_system
  12. One set up is complete, you may use Cydia to download all your favorite apps and tweaks.reloading_data_cydia

Method 2 – Download Pangu 9 app without jailbreak

You can also download the Pangu 9 app onto your home screen but please keep in mind that this is complete jailbreak. Tapping the icon will give you access Pangu 9 . The following video shows you exactly how to do this:

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  1. I wish good luck to pangu for ios 9 jailbreak.
    apple without jailbreak is like a man without a women.

    all my apple devices will be not required without JAILBREAK.


  2. working on ios 7.1.2 but can not change te year back to 2014 in 2015/??then it does not work.. do you have an updated version for 2015??

  3. what can i do with cydia on semi jailbreak ios9 because i thought i would just be able to use it on xmodgames or something like that, plz help

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