Pangu 9.3.2 Jailbreak

The number of updates coming from Apple in recent months has been substantial, mainly because iOS is full of bugs. As quick as they fix one, another one appears and this is why iOS 9.3.2 has recently been released, to fix, among other things, a serious issue that caused the iPad Pro to become unusable. Bugs aside, there is a percentage of users that have not updated beyond iOS 9.1 because they want to hang on to their jailbreak and, until now, there hasn’t been another one.

Image : Pangu 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update

pangu 9.3.2

Pangu has now got together with another Chinese developer team called PP Assistant and has released PPHelper, the new jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2 firmware. That means all of you are haven’t updated can now do so but please make sure you do not update to iOS 9.3.2 via OTA. Use one of the iTunes methods instead. Before you rush headlong into updating for the purposes of jailbreaking, you need to be aware of a couple of things about PPHelper jailbreak tool.

Things to Know :

  • It will only work on Windows at this stage; there is nothing for the Mac user yet
  • It is only available in Chinese for now – a new English version will be released in due course
  • If you have a 32-bit device, you can’t use PPHelper as it is only compatible with the 64-bit devices

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Supported Devices :

Only owners of 64-bit devices can take advantage of PPHelper.

  • iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2, Mini 3
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch 6

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Tutorial :

Choose from one of these methods for getting the new jailbreak onto your iOS 9.3.2 device.

Method 1 : Using PPHelper Tool

ppjailbreak pp med

The new PPHelper jailbreak will work on Windows PC [ only ] at the moment and a full tutorial can be found at the given link. It provides full installation of Cydia on your device.

Method 2 : Safari Method for iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak

pangu jailbreak safari3

In this tutorial you can directly download the Pangu jailbreak app icon on your iOS 9.3.2 device without using a Mac or a PC. Follow our iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak article for step by step details of the method.

Method 3 : Pangu 9.3.2 Installer

pangu 9.3 jb0

We are still waiting for Pangu 9.3.2 Installer to be released so make sure you enter your email in the box below to subscribe to our newsletter. That way, you will be notified immediately it is released.

The latest jailbreak, although a long time coming, wasn’t entirely unexpected. We already heard during MOSEC at the beginning of July that Pangu were hinting at a jailbreak and, as usual, the team hasn’t let us down.

Right now, we are waiting for updates to PPHelper that will allow Mac owners to use the tool and to give us an English language option. To make sure you get the updates as and when they are released, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our newsletter.




  1. Yep it seems like this is pretty much done .. since 9.2 I have bean receiving only useless updates how apple spitting out one update after another but no jailbreak. *unsubscribe*

    1. Forget Apple.. Switch to Android..

      Your beloved jailbreakers were affiliated with Apple, testing beta software for security vulnurabilities, reporting back to Apple, Apple thrn quickly patch it.. And now that Apple have finally permanently patched the jailbreak exploit.. Youre iPhone has now just become a phone thats an open microphone and tracker :)

  2. Everytime i get an email…. Im like a kid at CHRISTMAS time. Then i OPEN the email…. And NOTHING!!! more of the same…

    Please let me know when its jailbroken!!!!!!!!

  3. Whats so hard for pangu to just make a personal statement or give us any idea if they already working or not. Luckly im on 8.3 and jailbroken

  4. Why do all cry like babies for a gift?! It’s not a given to get a JB. It’s a gift by a team of dedicated people doing more for a community like none of you ever will. Stop updating and you’ll have a JB in time. Stop whining like a bunch of babies or get a life or please kill yourself so not replicate. Hail to Pangu!! You are stars.

  5. Please dont email the people until you have the jailbreak I’m pretty sure I’ll just wait and unsubscribe if you guys just keep playing and wasting our time

  6. Have any of you guys done anything to contribute to the jailbreak scene or are you wanting the Pangu Team to work 24/7 to hand you it on a plate usual? I can only suggest that all you ungrateful people do unsubscribe instead of constantly moaning.


  7. Jailbreak is the only reason I like using IOS. Seriously I love the phone but abhor the fact that I cannot tweak it like I could with Android. Please, for the love of god release a JB ALREADY….I’ve waited months and months.. maybe even half a friggin year. Stop torturing us and just release it.

      1. His right!!! I had no choice but to get an already updated version of an ios an i’m also waiting for more then 5 months now… So no chilling as long as there’s no jailbreak!! Keep up the good work Pangu (but just a little faster, if you can) xD

  8. Your all fools. They ain’t releasing one. Get over it move on with your life. And pangu was great. They are beat now. I agree it was a gift but they no longer can compete.

  9. “Go kill yourselves” “I’m unsubscribing” guys, it’s an iPhone jailbreak so we can get free music or tweak our phone, don’t got to announce that you’re unsubscribing, nobody cares just DO IT 😂, why are people telling others to kill themselves 🙄 This is hilarious

  10. They are working hardly to find a solution for the jb so i think that we must courage them because they are spending alot of time to creat the jb free of charge
    Well done pangu team

  11. Hey Pangu you have been saying time and time again “jailbreak is coming next month or so” and still nothing. We don’t need you to send out the emails saying that there is a chance for 9.3.2 jailbreak we just want to know if the is or isn’t a jailbreak available.

  12. You Gotta be f.k.!!! Stop sending updates “ohh, version XY was a surprise for us” and stop moaning. You either are able to do the jailbreak or not. Now you’re not.

  13. Agree “” STOP” useless mailers unless you have the capacity to release the jailbreak. I know you do it for the users but this is harresment --

  14. Im sure, when they are ready to release the jailbreak they will!
    For now i think we have to be patient and just wait.
    just imagine the work they are doing for us.
    Best of luck Pangu!!

    1. Kewp dreaming, then when you wake up.. Punch yourself 3 times really hard in the face to see if you’re still dreaming. If you notice bruising and bleeding, thats ok it means youre still dreaming. hit yourself in the temple 3 more times or until you fall unconscious. Repeat process until you’ve come to your senses.


  15. Sizin iphoninizon amina sikim. Bok phone. My Nokia 8250 runs better than an iPhone 6s+ and the rest. Just use the phone as a coffee mug coaster.. Its the only thing those phones are good for

  16. I got to say I am graceful, I am and I’m a very patient person. I didn’t want to update 9.3.1 to 3.2 but when my sister told they release going to release 3.2 on July 1st I updated my software.

    I don’t check news or update I just distract myself. I don’t remember the last jailkbreak I had but I sure do miss it. I know the is working hard but it’s kinda sad because you got individual jailkbreaking the software in days or weeks but those people don’t release it, they keep it from themselves.

    Since I’m still waiting patiently and distracting my thoughts I got a question; I thought you guys said the jailkbreak was going to be release on the 1st of July it’s already 9th. What is the OFFICIAL day to be release? I’m just confuse about this situation.

    1. just to clear up your confusion, the OFFICIAL day will be the day its released, want it to be a stable build? want it to work? want to do it yourself? why dont you build a stable JB for 9.3.2 and share it with the rest of us………….for no profit,strictly outa the kindness of your heart!! NO? then wait,patiently, try saying thanks for all the other jb’s youve used,instead of busting balls because your free jb isnt on your schedule

  17. De que le dale al equipo de pangu hacer un jealbreak que es compartible con 64 bits i que no sea compartible con iPhone 4 4s iPhone 5 5C iPad 2 3 4 i esta en chino la mayoría de usuario tienen 16 y 32 bits era mejor que no isieran nada, solo lo que tenga 64 bits i del iPhone 5s en adelante lo pueden hacer i lo que no tienen esa característica que hacer pangu dime qué hacemos nosotro, cuánto tiempo más vamos a espera un jealbreak compartible sin ningún problema

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