Pangu 9.2

While iOS 9 has proven to be a very popular version of the operating software, it has also not been without its problems. iOS 9.2 firmware was released to fix a number of bugs and many users have not moved beyond that version, preferring to stay where they are for a bug-free experience. The one thing that is casting a shadow is the lack of iOS 9.2 jailbreak but that wait is now over. Pangu has, at long last, released a new jailbreak, with the help of a Chinese iOS and Android developer team called PP Assistant.

Image : Pangu iOS 9.2 Jailbreak

pangu 9.2

The jailbreak is called PPHelper and is a welcome sight after such a long drought without a jailbreak. However, before you go diving into download it, there are a few caveats to the jailbreak tool, which you should be aware of. First, it is only available in the Chinese language but, to help you get around that, we have provided a full tutorial for you to follow – more about that in a bit Second, PPHelper for iOS 9.2 will only work on 64-bit devices and, third, the tool is only available for Windows at the time of writing.

iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Supported Devices :

Unfortunately, if you have one of the older 32-bit devices, this new iOS 9.2 jailbreak tool is not going to work for you. Whether a version will be brought out to support older devices or not is unknown at this stage but, right now, if your device is not on this list, you cannot use PPHelper .

  • iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, SE
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2, Mini 3
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch 6

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.2 :

For those of you that can use PPHelper for iOS 9.2, which to be fair is going to be the vast majority of users, you can choose from three ways to get the jailbreak tool installed on your iOS device .

Method 1 : Install PPHelper on iOS 9.2

ppjailbreak pp med

Being available only in the Chinese language, PPHelper is not going to be easy for some people to install. Although an English version is being produced in the near future, we understand that people don’t want to wait that long. The link above is a full step-by-step tutorial that will help you get PPHelper onto your iOS 9.2 device right now .

Method 2 : Safari Method for iOS 9.2 Jailbreak

pangu jailbreak safari3This method requires no PC or a Mac . You can directly download Pangu Jailbreak on your iOS device directly. Follow our iOS 9.2 Jailbreak tutorial for step by step details.

Method 3 : Using the Pangu 9.2 Installer

pangu 9.2 mac

Right now, we are waiting for the Pangu 9.2 installer to be released. The team got this jailbreak out quickly because they were well aware that the natives were getting a little restless and, over the coming weeks, the entire package will be refined. We expect to see the Pangu installer, an English version of PPHelper and possibly a Mac version so, to make sure you are first in line to get the details as they emerge, sign up to our newsletter in the box below.

Download Pangu 9.2 :

Use the links below for bookmarking , and check back later when Pangu 9.2 is released .

Tell us your thought on this jailbreak. Do you think Pangu should have refined the package first or did they do the right thing in getting a version out quickly ?  Follow us on Facebook and be kept fully up to date with all the jailbreak news .

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          1. Virtual Firmware will not have the required drivers to interact with hard ware. If you have a Mac, just use boot camp instead. Install all necessary files to get the latest Windows os from boot camp to external disk drive.

          2. Mac Camper
            False, my friend. I understand your comment to mean that a user cannot utilize ports or ANY kind of hardware when using virtual software? I use VMWare Fusion 7 and I use everything on it as I do with my MacBook Pro. All ports work, phone connects, everything. I set it up so whenever I plug anything into the laptop it prompts me to choose which OS to connect to.

    1. No please please Mac first I never jailbreaked my iPad please make for Mac first so everyone who has Mac can JAILBEAK you make for Windows everytime but Mac not everytime

      1. Hey. Just wondering,should I pay for jailbreak,or is it just as good if free?ive never had a jail broke phone,what can I expect??

        1. No do not pay jailbreaks are free and they do not need you to download these apps and play them for 5 minutes or whatever or PAID. You will just get your bank account emptied and lose more than u wanted to gain

      1. there is NO 9.1 jailbreak, that’s why you cant find it. 9.0.2 is the last one to be jailbroken. just go to either pangu or taig on twitter to get all your jailbroken info update.

  1. This jailbreak better be released correctly because 9.1 jailbreak was not, It was a piece of S*** … cydia crashed on my iPad when the jailbreak was successful , Gotta work harder Pangu!!! But thanks any way for the hard work … I’m just saying that the Jailbreak had a few errors that’s all …

    1. Me too .. I jailbrake 9.1 and it was full of errors .. And at the end i cant add sources and and all apps and tweaks gone suddenly and i cant install any thing 😢
      Now i am on 9.2.1 and waiting for JB

      Please harry up pangu 💔

  2. Русские ребята, у кого получилось скачать? ссылка не работает, выкидывает на хоум страницу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

    1. Нет ещё джэйла на 9+, а ссылки это на страницы ожидания релиза. Надо ж читать внимательнее.

  3. Аууу! Россия!
    Кто смог скачать версию для 9.1 9.2 для Win???

    PANGU проверте ссылки!!!

  4. гайз, крч, я решил не ждать, и для mac скачал, сейчас через виртуалку попробую чекнуть, отпишусь

  5. We Are Going to release ios 9.2 jb in 2-3 days and no jb for ios 9.1 is Comming due to security reasons so please make sure your device is running ios 9.2 not ios 9.1 please update your device

      1. No way is this joker the real deal! I highly doubt the Pangu Team would choose this specific article alone to announce their upcoming release. Additionally, there is absolutely no other news to be found backing this up! This is very likely just a person trying to mess with the emotions of others to compensate for their self-esteem issues.

    1. We Are Going to release ios 9.2 jb in 2-3 days and no jb for ios 9.1 is Comming due to security reasons so please make sure your device is running ios 9.2 not ios 9.1 please update your device

    2. Ok i have install iOS 9.2 on my iPhone 6. But where is the download link for the iOS 9.2 Jailbreak ??? I cant find it and today is the 19. december :((

    1. So this is not true? PanguTeam says:
      December 10, 2015 at 4:45 am
      We Are Going to release ios 9.2 jb in 2-3 days and no jb for ios 9.1 is Comming due to security reasons so please make sure your device is running ios 9.2 not ios 9.1 please update your device

    1. lool as if they’re going to send you a message on WhatsApp to notify you of a jb release for 9.2, go to their twitter account for updates and info about jb like everybody else

  6. короче эти черти ускоглазые опять всех наебывают! принято решение дать им пиздюлей, срочно…

  7. По информации самих пангу они ждут момента пока на iOS 9.2 перейдёт достаточное количество пользователей,чтоб выложить рабочий джейлбрейк,и подстраховались что яблоко не закрыло дыру подождав с релизом.Осталось ждать инфы.Всем терпения!

  8. Ha guys send me ur Whatsaap number with name n where you leave will add you to jailbreak updates group

    +918121853787 send me ur info to this number

  9. Хакеры написало что взлом будет на следующей недели по любому! Так что осталось ждать немного))

  10. I am using MacAir and iam new in this field,
    I would like to know how to download pangu
    for my ios 9.2 and how to jailbreak it
    and how to download cydia
    and all that stuff?

    could anyone brief me please.

  11. I am using MacAir and I am new in this field,
    I would like to know how to download pangu
    for my ios 9.2 and how to jailbreak it
    and how to download cydia
    and all that stuff?

    could anyone brief me please.

    1. ok 1st of all there is no jb for 9.2 but once it is released you go to their website and download the jb then it will automatically install cydia and all the necessary files for it. let me no if you need any help :-)

  12. yeah, hope you can resolve the last problem you have :)
    anyway, very good job until now guys… with your work, an iphone is usefull :-D

  13. Apple played comedy for his brand remains to be used all time this story for jailbreak its in favor for the apple .
    we are the game between apple and the hackers .

  14. уважаемые китайские хакеры когда наконец выйдет джейлбрейк ios 9.2?
    dear Chinese hackers when finally released jailbreak ios 9.2
    задолбался ждать уже

    1. Так ждать можно бесконечно. После 9.2.1 будет 9.2.2 и так далее. Нет у Pangu никакого джейла ни на 9.1, ни на 9.2. Нету и не было.

    2. Вангую, скоро появится инфа типа от хакеров, мол в 9.2.1 beta 1 обнаружено, что она так же ломается, как 9.2 и релиз джейла 9.2 откладывается до релизной 9.2.1. Если дыры в итоге будут закрыты, то тогда будет выпущен джейл 9.2.
      В итоге такими «завтраками» всех поклонников джейла будут кормить бесконечно.

  15. I dont think that there wil be a Jailbreak anytime soon.
    Apple just released ios 9.2.1 beta.
    When they release a jailbreak now, everything wil be lost with the new Apple release.

    1. This is nonsense! Apple published Regularly every two to three weeks a new beta version of iOS! Pangu published the jailbreaks far too slow. Until Pangu-jailbreak publish, lots of new iOS betas have already been published!

  16. уже прошло достаточное количество времени , а на ios 9.1-9.2 ничего не вышло , господа извольте поспешить иль я предпочту повертеть на своем хую ваших многоуважаемых матерей , с уважением Mamkeprivet

    1. извольте согласиться с вами , не смотря на то что уже ios 9.2 был реализован , к дополнению к этой новости они исправили многочисленно количество багов и сей update уже нашел признание средь пользователей , следовательно можно и не переходить на пользование JB и да , насчет того что вы хотите повертеть на своем хую мамку админа я тоже присоединись к вашему развлечению и приглашу друзей дабы скрасить совместное времяпровождение

  17. Why bother just stay on it
    In case they do close signing it you will be stuck with 9.2.1 like you all did get locked out from 9.0

  18. Apple testing 9.2.1 betas and we still hoping for 9.2 jailbreak .. As soon as jailbreak came out apple will release 9.2.1 and all your effort will go to recycle bin, so good job keep people awaiting.

    1. NO you all wrong they don’t keep peoples waiting it is just NOT possible to crack
      They are struggling with 9.2
      Talk briefly to Tim Cook friend and I was told that person who was responsible for last breach it is no longer with the company
      And this time around Apple will win

  19. Apple put all effort to NOT to allow any more security breach from jail breaking their products
    As I see it this might be it for jail breaking saga
    Pangu Team is struggling with 9.2 and Apple is ready to lunch another update

  20. why you people update yours ip s i stay on ios 8.4 a dis ok all things worki g smooth.why why jesus why update yors phones……

  21. Patiently waiting for word from you guys. Any news that you bring concerning your progress in creating the new jailbreak for the iOS version 9.2, is good news.

    Much love.

  22. I think iOS 9.2 jailbreak will not come, Because Apple has already released iOS 9.2.1 Beta. When Pangu iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak has done, Pangu will not publish. Because Apple has already released iOS 9.2.3 then. Pangu published Jailbreak too slow, Apple is much faster with beta versions. Pangu remains too far behind! Too bad. Pangu may publish jailbreak if Apple makes a longer break!

  23. hopfully before 2016 and do you not know how hard hacking actually is, they have to write thousands of lines of code, ok mayby not thousands but ALOT + cant wait to jb my ipad air first time. YAY!

  24. PanguTeam, is “” your website? Just paid for lifetime membership for all past and future jailbreaks and wondering if it is a legit site. Also, keep up the good work on 9.2! Don’t worry about all the haters and trolls on here. Take your time and do it right. Thanks!

  25. I can’t wait for the 9.2 Jailbreak to be released! I have never jailbroken before, but I am stuck with my iPhone for another few years, may as well make it interesting… Keep up the good work, Pangu! I look forward to the 9.2 release!

  26. Hey WHy you LIE where is a link for download Pangu 9.2, i click the link and just go to next page, you liers Delete broken links!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Hey guys. We have been working on this jailbreak release for a few weeks now and we finally have a release date. Tomorrow look on the home page of this website. It should be around December 26th 25th for Aussie.
    Thanks for reading and good luck fellow jail breakers!

  29. I’ve tried every method YouTube Google appletechspot pangu vshare and I have trouble downloading cydia for free!all doesn’t work! Anyone offer me help?

    1. The jailbreak tool for ios 9.1 and 9.2 not released yet, if you see and find out in google or youtube
      And i hopefully Pangu or Taig Team will successfully to jailbreak ios 9.2, because apple hate the jailbreak in ios device so apple always update the system protection…..
      Or maybe ios 9.2 cant be jailbreak -_-

  30. i went back to 9.1 just incase 9.2 cant be jailbroken… all better get back to 9.1 before apple stops signing 9.1…..but i do like the upgrades and the middle finger for 9.2….so i do hope they jailbreak for 9.2 just so i can get the ios middle finger again xD!

  31. WAIT AND STAY brave AND do not cry like a Litle Baby!!! Or buy a Fukcin Androide Phone -- MUSCHI. 😂😂😂 HOLY C. PEACE

  32. u need to work more harder PANGU team last time i jailbreak my ipod and the software is crashed and the warranty changed it by a new one to me

    so thanks PANGU Team for the new Ipod LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :D

  33. oh come on use your common sense, why would pangu choose this particular website to give you all an update on their jb? like seriously come on guys, think think think. pangu (and taig) will only give updates through their official website and their twitter account.

  34. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but there will not be a jailbreak anytime soon if ever. If it could be done it would have been released. There has never been any official statement and only speculation and supposed post. Don’t really care but it is funny to see all of you panic about something that you won’t accept.

  35. If apple would allow their products to be customized the same as android products we wouldn’t need a jail break. But they led me on with their slim build and sleek designs so now my expectations are at optimal levels 😫 Shm

  36. PLease keep working hard, we’re all waiting for the iOS 9.2 jailbreak.
    We need it ASAP,
    BTW Pangu is the best!! woo

  37. Да, iPhone без джейла это просто никчёмная дорогущая звонилка. Если джейл не выйдет продам эту срань 6S без всякого сожаления и возьму лучше что-нибудь на Android, к примеру Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.
    Apple твари конченные…

    1. Вот и я думаю. Кстати, венцом дизайнерской мысли, я считаю 5s… Остальное так себе… Наверное стоит перейти назад на 5s и продать эту шестеру нахер… Или вообще, мейзу или сони…

  38. I really appreciate everything you guys do, please keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see how iOS 9.2 jailbreak functions.

  39. Okay. I’m download Ido 9.2 . Also download pangu . Now how can I jailbreak my iPhone 5 Ido 9.2 ? Please answer.

  40. Hey fellow jail breakers, I would like to state that I am in no way what so ever involved with the Pangu Team or know anything about a release day. I just hope you guys stay alive on the topic and patient for thisa 9.2 jailbreak. Do remember that a jb is nothing like a ios update. To do a jb you must first find a exploit (which is very difficult with apple catching along and patching them) to then work on it and bring out a new jb, also remember that no real jailbreak party ever releases a PTA. Hope you are having a wonderful day, and stay tuned to the upcoming updates.

    1. Further posts will not be made by me. (Pangu Follow) Anyone with the name after me is just an imposter. Have a wonderful 2016.

  41. Upmost respect for the work that these talented people have to do to achieve a JB for us. Keep up all your hard work and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  42. Wonder if they’ll actually manage a jailbreak for ios 9.2 this time with Apple getting ever stronger at finding the cracks pangu and taig exploit.

  43. If they released jailbreak for iOS 9.0.2, it means it’s not far. But it is possible they will release jailbreak after iOS 9.2.1. In the meantime, relax and talk to each other. :) I wish good luck and happiness to all hackers that also make us happy! Cheers!


  45. накарахте ме да се ъпдейтна на 9,2 и ся се ебете и не пускате шибания Jailbreak , майка ви малумна да еба тъпа да еба

  46. Oh yeah the method is in other website and it’s true website trust me it tells info about pangu and taiG and there the first method is to download the new pangu 9.2 tool

  47. Most likely you all think think this is trolling but it is very much not… I’m the Xda developer fashion three of us have bee working hard in the last month and we plan on beating pang by releasing 9.2 jail sometime in the next few days. We are just tighting up a few things. If they won’t release it we wil. Don’t know their method but we found our own. Please make sure your on 9.2

  48. The tool is done just getting a site up at this point. Working in aircraft at night so all the work gets done after midnight. Don’t worry it’s coming man.

  49. Hahah I think is no jailibrak for 9.2 because Apple releases 9.2.1 so i think the team will skip jailibrak for that iOS and start to think about jailbreark iOS 9.2.1 so no jailbreark for 9.2

  50. Блять, признайтесь уже наконец, что 9.2 нельзя взломать! Зачем людям голову морочить???
    И да, я тоже присоединюсь к вашей групповухе, написанной выше

  51. ios 9.2.1 is out already and yet we’re unable to see 9.1/9.2 jailbreak from both pangu & taig teams…I guess they lost it against apple…
    or maybe now they’ll say we’re working on 9.2.1 to save previous exploits :|

  52. Охренеть как долго! ТАкое впечатление что вы никогда не сможете и видать это правда!!

  53. Make Sure Your Heart Is Working Good Jailbreak Is Going To Release Upto Ios 9.2.1 Next Day After This And We Will Release Two Jailbreak One For Ios 9.1-9.2 And Second For Ios 9.2.1 (For Security Reasons)

  54. Ok i think you have a little bit à probleme with iOS better than 9.0.2 on guys havé jailbreak iOS 9.2 / 9.2.1 and 9.3 you are a team ans u always dindn’t released the application for jailbreak sorry but for mê you are bad thats all , Lucas fois Alone ans is better than all pangu and taig team 😂 !

  55. Ok i think you have a little bit à probleme with iOS better than 9.0.2 one guys have jailbreak iOS 9.2 / 9.2.1 and 9.3 you are a team and u always dindn’t released the application for jailbreak sorry but for me you are bad thats all , Lucas is Alone and is better than all pangu and taig team 😂 !

  56. Пиздаболы китайские.Херли говорить что можете если не хватает мозгов.Суки членоголовые задолбали пиздеть уже

  57. بق بق
    ماشي خالي الأمور تعبانه
    الأمور سلوكووووو

    جلبريك جلبريك.. تخليني؟؟؟؟

  58. Pangu you are brilliant but pls im waitting for 9.2 i hope you will get ready about this version cuz i miss very much Jailbreak

  59. I have a question!
    When are the pangu jb comming?
    I have wait for a LOOOONG time! Please ANSWER.. I miss the jailbreak…

    Keep going Pangu!:-)
    Im happy to get a message back!

  60. at 1 week i can download pangu from this site ? why? awllays open another internet page omg i want pangu for ios 9.2.1 is to hard to get?

  61. Вы ебанутые чтоли, уебаторы?Нахера джейл на 9.1 выпускать, когда на 9.2 все ждут.Только подтвердили что пиздаболы вы узкоглазые

  62. Did anybody read the bottom of the website?
    it reads, “Disclaimer : This site is not officially linked to Pangu Jailbreak Team . iOS 9 and iPhone are a trademark of Apple Inc.”

  63. Pangu Team, you realeased iOS 9.1 jailbreak, so you’ll be able ti crack iOS 9.2 as well… Maybe it’s hard to crack because i read the content of the iOS 9.2 update it said many fixed things

  64. Soo…. its April 22nd of 2016 and still there is no 9.2 release? some places says yes. Some, like this site, are out dated and not being updated regularly but has “download” links that lead in a circle… so what the F? straight answer please. is there, or is there NOT a ios 9.2 jailbreak yet?

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