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In past years, we have gotten used to having jailbreaks thrown at us from every direction. Things have slowed down a little now but, with iOS 10 firmly out and the subject of several updates, we do have a couple of ways to jailbreak it. iOS 10 is packed with features that are ripe for jailbreak tweak developers and, following a long period of silence from the jailbreak teams we now have two methods for you to jailbreak.

Image : Pangu 10 Jailbreak Update

pangu 10 jailbreak

Method 1: Safari Browser

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch 
  2. Tap on the address bar and type in . Tap on Go and wait for the mobile version of our webpage to load up
  3. When it does, look for and tap on the UP arrow, you will find it in the top right corner or bottom center of the screen
  4. You will now see some options at the bottom of the screen; choose and tap on the middle option, Add to Home Screen
  5. Now a box will load on the screen and you will need to name the app icon, type in Pangu and tap on the Add button 
  6. Now, when you close Safari, the Pangu icon will be loaded onto your home screen 

Video: Watch the video to see the above steps

Method 2 : Yalu Jailbreak

Luca Todesco has, in a  move that no-one expected, released an iOS 10 jailbreak. It’s called Yalu and is for 64-bit devices on iOS 10 upto iOS 10.2.  It is a beta jailbreak and you could suffer from a few bugs and instability. You also need to be aware that Yalu is a semi-untethered jailbreak and you will need to get into the habit of rejailbreaking your iOS device whenever it is rebooted. Lastly, Cydia Impactor has to be used to get Yalu onto your iOS device because it cannot be directly installed. If you are still happy to try Yalu jailbreak, the article below gives you all the details you need.

Jailbreaks are something we have come to expect and, although Apple has vowed to put a stop to it altogether, right now the jailbreakers remain one step ahead in the long-running cat and mouse game. Many of the most recent jailbreaks are semi-untethered and that seems to be the way it is going for now but a semi-untethered jailbreak is better than no jailbreak

Let us know how you get on with the jailbreaks and, for more jailbreak updates and the latest news, follow us on Facebook .




    1. Я 100 раз пожалел что обновился на 9.3.2 а хотя бы мог уже с 9.0 сделать Джейл
      Почему apple не сделают откат до iOS 9.0

    2. iOS 10 jb will not be released because apple has paid off the hackers to not release the tool.

      There’s more chances of winning the lottery than getting a jailbreak this time.

  1. Here is how to get ios 10 for free: first go to iosemulatorspot .com /ios-beta-profile Then tap on ios 10 beta 1. Install the profile, then go to general>software update and update to ios 10.

    1. Copy the website and paste it in your browser. If u have to, delete the spaces that i put in some of the letters in the website

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  3. Great that apple sells you a device that they still basically own because they say what you can and can’t do. If this is the case they should give it to you for free.
    If it’s yours you should have the right to do with it as you wish without apple blocking amd changing it.

  4. Долблёны блять эти китаезы, предупредили б что ли что все пиздец 32 бит для 9.3

    1. No we don’t know but Team Pangu is working to give us this tool and Luca Todesco has already jailbreak iOS 10 beta with YaluX

  5. can i be a beta tester ?

    i made a script in cydia to by in game stuff for free like api26
    not for public so if i can have the beta i will make a public one for 10.1 :)

  6. i need help please where is the ios 10.1.1 jailbreak tool because everytime i download a tool i get a virus and i dont get the tool that i was looking for please my iphone is in the update 10.1.1 and i want to jailbreak it please when will you guys release the pangu 10 jailbreak tool to the public
    and also i have a question what tool helps you downgrade your ios to 9.3.3 for you

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