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With jailbreaks looking likely to remain rare for the foreseeable future, the majority of the iOS jailbreak community has been looking for new ways to get their Cydia apps and tweaks. Recently, we have seen a number of third-party iOS app installers released, bringing a small amount of Cydia with them and not requiring a jailbreak. Until now, Tutu App has proven to be one of the most popular ones, offering a wide range of content to choose from but now there is a new one, a great contender and alternative to Tutu App called Panda Helper.

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What is Panda Helper ?

Panda Helper [ext link] is kind of like an unofficial iOS app store combined with a jailbreak store. They all offer a huge amount of content and the only difference lies in what kind of content they offer. Panda Helper offers a few of the best Cydia tweaks, loads of ++modified apps like Pokémon Go++, Spotify++, and Snapchat++, alongside all the paid and premium app store content you want for free. You don’t need to jailbreak to use Panda Helper and it is packed with features like.

Panda Helper Features :

Panda Helper is full of useful features, and some of the very best are:

  • It is easy to download and use
  • It looks much like the iOS app store, so it is easy to navigate 
  • All iOS devices are supported from iOS 7 to iOS 11
  • You don’t need a jailbreak to use Panda Helper 
  • A huge amount of ++ modified apps like SnapChat++ 
  • Plenty of premium app store content for free
  • A few Cydia tweaks
  • Notifications for updates to apps you downloaded
  • Update all apps through Panda Helper
  • Works on Android devices too
  • Plenty more features.

How to Download Panda Helper :

Although Panda Helper isn’t in the iOS app store, downloading it is incredibly simple. Rather than wasting time trying to get into the app store, the developers have opted to let you download it directly and have provided us with the download links. The link below takes you to a full tutorial on downloading Panda Helper along with details on how to delete it if you need or want to:

Like all the app installers released recently, Panda Helper is packed with huge amounts of content. Panda Helper is definitely one of the more comprehensive, with a wide choice of different content and it is looking likely to become one of the more popular. There is a paid version which offers a few more features but the free version should more than suffice for the majority of users. There is only one way to find out , download it and see.

We don’t expect the jailbreak news to change much in the near future so, although it won’t replace Cydia entirely, panda Helper is worth looking at. Try it and tell us what you think , is it a worthy solution while we wait for news on Cydia? Follow us on Facebook for more updates and news.



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