With jailbreaking seeming to be in decline right now, it isn’t any wonder that more and more iOS users are turning to a spate of app installers, all containing something of what Cydia used to offer us. By far the most popular containing the most content is TutuApp [ext link] . All the apps that we can install through these installers cannot be found in the app store and, as such their certificates are not signed by Apple. Unfortunately, there is a problem with this in that, if you use a standard Apple ID, these apps will need to be reactivated every 7 days or so.

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The reason for this is because Apple verifies all app certificates on a regular basis and revokes those that are not valid or are not signed by them. This causes the app to crash and you must reactivate it, a real pain if you have a several of these apps on your device.  That is all about to change with NessTool.

What is NessTool ?

NessTool [ext link] is a brand-new tool that installs a VPN on your iPhone or iPad. When you download it, you will be asked for permission for NessTool to install a VPN configuration and you must allow this otherwise the tool won’t work. When it has successfully done this, NessTool will work in the background of your device, permanently protecting your apps from having their certificate verified and revoked by Apple. Because it works in the background, NessTool doesn’t use much in the way of resources on your device and it will not interfere with anything you are doing, nor will it slow your device down. When you install it, it will only work on those apps already running but, should you install any further apps, you can easily update NessTool to support them.

How to Download NessTool :

Downloading NessTool is simple and requires only your iPhone or iPad with a decent working internet connection. You can find all the information you need, including the download links, in the post below.

NessTool only works on TutuApp . If you are using another installer, like TweakBox, AirShou, AppValley [ext link] or any other, you will need to use another tool that works in the same way, called Anti Revoke .

Let us know how you get on with NessTool. If you are using TutuApp then NessTool is a necessary addition to stop your certificates being revoked so download it and follow us on Facebook for more relevant updates.

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  1. Thank you guys for all the info and for all the time and thought and all of your sincerity to be sure every one is getting the most out of what u guys do best!! Everything and whatever you do seems like it’s a no brainer for you guys and That’s what makes the world 🌎 go around!! So I’m trying to say thanks and everything is great!!!!

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