With jailbreaks few and far between now, its great news that MovieBox has been released without needing one. MovieBox is a streaming app for TV shows and movies, allowing you to watch what you want on your iOS device. You can stream, or you can download your choice of show or movie and watch it offline later. Kept updated regularly, MovieBox is full of movies and shows, and there is even a section dedicated to Full HD content only.

Image : MovieBox App Download

When you go to download MovieBox [ext link], and we will be showing you how to do this later, you will not get it from the app store because Apple refuses to allow it in. This isn’t because it is not a safe app, merely because it is an app that gives us free access to content that Apple thinks we should pay for. To download MovieBox, you will first need to download an app installer called AppValley.

How to Download MovieBox :

For many people, this is an odd way of downloading an app but, because Apple won’t allow the app into their store, this is the only way to download AppValley. It only takes a few minutes and, provided you follow our steps properly, is very easy. Later, we will also be showing you how to fix common errors but first, let’s download MovieBox:

  1. First, follow the steps in the link to Download AppValley [ext link]   
  2. When it has finished, open AppValley on you iPhone or iPad
  3. Input MovieBox in the search bar and wait 
  4. When the results appear, select the one that corresponds to your iOS version
  5. Tap on Download then on Install when asked to confirm the download
  6. Wait for the installation to finish before you close AppValley
  7. Now you can open MovieBox and start using it by tapping the icon on your home screen

How to Fix MovieBox Errors :

The first error is generally experienced by new users and will show up as an Unknown Source error when they try to open MovieBox. This happens because Apple doesn’t know the source, which is a Word of Enterprise profile, and will not allow it to open unless you give permission. To do that:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General > Profile and Device Management 
  3. Tap on the World of Enterprise certificate
  4. Tap Trust
  5. Close Settings and open MovieBox, it should now work

One thing that all users will experience is MovieBox crashing after a few days and this will happen every time you reinstall it as well. Apple regularly verifies existing app certificates and revokes those they do not know or trust and the only way you can stop this is by downloading NessTool [ext link]. This is a VPN configuration tool that protects your certificates and stops Apple revoking them, so you can carry on using MovieBox as you wish.

MovieBox Alternative :

If you can’t get on with MovieBox or you are not able to download it on your device, you can try another similar app:

  • CinemaBox

CinemaBox is a decent alternative and it offers the same kind of options for choosing from thousands of movies and TV shows to watch on your iPhone or iPad. You can stream direct or you can download but there are a couple of extra options that give CinemaBox the edge for some users. The first is the ability to monitor what your children watch by enabling Kids mode and you can also cast your screen to a TV screen by using the built-in support for Chromecast. If you want to download CinemaBox follow the given link for full details.

Another way of installing MovieBox is to jailbreak your device, using Pangu or Yalu jailbreaks and then downloading MovieBox through Cydia.

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