iOS 10 Jailbreak Revealed in MOSEC

After a long wait, Pangu has finally appeared back on the jailbreak scene. The last we heard from the jailbreak team was the release of the iOS 9.1 jailbreak, some time ago. Since then despite numerous updates from Apple, the team has been conspicuous by their absence. Now, though, they look to be back. The Mobile Security Conference [ MOSEC ] was held in Shanghai. Pangu Team gave a presentation about Pangu 9 internals and finished off by revealing a working iOS 10 jailbreak for the recently released iOS 10 download in beta 1 [ext link].

Image : iOS 10 Jailbreak Update from MOSEC

ios 10 jailbreak mosec

We can see from a series of photos that were released that Cydia iOS 10 is working exactly as it should be in the iOS 10 beta. It can also be seen in Siri App Suggestions as one of the apps most frequently used and it would appear that quite a lot of work had already been done, well before they demonstrated the jailbreak, with Cydia on the device it was shown off on.

Image : Cydia iOS 10

cydia ios 10.0 ios9c

According to a tweet from PoC group, Pangu finished by showing a demo about privacy issues in iOS 9.3.2 and then announced that an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak [read more] release was imminent. However, before you get your hopes up, we should take this a nothing but a rumor until we can verify the source as credible.

Image : Pangu Team in MOSEC 2016 showcasing Cydia on iOS 10

pangu ios 10 jailbreak mosec 20162

pangu ios 10 jailbreak mosec 20161

pangu ios 10 jailbreak mosec 20160

Pangu has intimated that iOS 10 is proving to be more difficult to jailbreak because of the extra layers of security that Apple has embedded in the new firmware. You may remember the rumors of “Rootless”, a security system that is designed to stop access to parts of the iOS, and even those who have administrator level would not be able to get in. Whether this is the security that Pangu is talking about or not is something we don’t know at this stage but they have said that they found a few very important vulnerabilities in iOS 10 beta 1 that haven’t yet been patched up. However, there is a good chance that these will be patched later on down the line, either while iOS 10 is in the beta stages or not long after public release.

So, what do you think about this ? Does it surprise you that Pangu is still on the scene or did you think that they had gone for good after such a long silence ?  We’ll keep you fully up to date on developments in both the Pangu 10 jailbreak and iOS 9.3.2. Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter to get instant access to the updates.




    1. iOS 10 jb will not be released because apple has paid off the hackers to not release the tool.

      There’s more chances of winning the lottery than getting a jailbreak this time.

  1. I just want to view program files of some of my apps. Do I have to JB to do this or is there some other way?

  2. Been dying for a jailbreak for months. Switched carriers and traded my iPhone 6S Plus in for the same phone on another carrier. Software was updated so I lost my jailbreak. Been going crazy using this thing in its stock format! C’mon Pangu! Do it for your fans and supporters!!!

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it. You said the same thing about the previous software and still nothing. Show results or STFU!

  4. It will go like it is now.
    Ios 10 release, with bugs, then they release 10.1 and 10.2 and 10.3 and go on like this.
    They will release the jailbreak when 10.3 patches the jailbreak 10.2

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