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Its a breaking news ,  iOS 9 Jailbreak has been released . Apple released iOS 9 in Sept 2015 and since then jailbreak lovers were eagerly waiting for an iOS 9 jailbreak to be released, as new Cydia tweaks will increase the functionality of the new iOS 9 features. And the good news is , its here , Yes iOS 9 jailbreak is finally successful and released by Pangu team. The new jailbreak tool is called Pangu 9 and supports all iOS 9 versions released till date. Keep reading for full step by step tutorial below with video instructions for first time iOS 9 jailbreakers .

Image : Pangu Jailbreak without PC

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Pangu 9 Jailbreak without a PC :

If you are looking to get Cydia on iOS 9 , while waiting for a compatible iOS 9 jailbreak installer to release this tip might come in handy . This involves downloading the Pangu 9 app icon on your iOS device . No PC required for this method , however you need a working internet connection on your device [wifi or cellular] . This process is completely reversible and doesn’t affect your device . Download instructions given below with step by step video .

  1. First make sure you have iOS 9 installed [ext link] on your device ios_9_beta_2_ota (1)
  2. Now open up your iPhone homescreen and tap on Safari browser . Note that using any other iOS browser like Google Chrome or Opera will not work for this method .safari_ios_9
  3. Now simply type in the url in the address bar as shown in the image below . download_pangu_ios_91 copy
  4. Now as the page loads , go to the bottom of the screen and tap on the Up arrow as shown here .  download_pangu_ios_91
  5. This will open an a window where you can choose “Add to Home Screen” option . Tap on that download_pangu_ios_92
  6. Now save the app and name it Pangu . Tap on Add at the top right corner pangu_9_app_icon0
  7. Voila ! You have downloaded Pangu 9 app icon on your iOS 9 homescreen . Tap to launch the app icon to stay updated to iOS 9 jailbreak status pangu_9_app_icon1

Video : Here is a step by step video of the above process explained

Note : The Pangu 9 app downloaded by this method has limited functionality . To get fully activated Pangu 9 app , download Pangu 9 installer for PC or Mac using steps explained in this tutorial .

Download Links – Pangu 9 :

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  1. The pangu9 doesn’t work with iOS 9.1 Beta 5. I’ve tried a few attempts and it has stopped when it was injecting the jailbreak but I’m still rooting for the pangs I team in hopes that they will keep up the amazing work and release an outstanding 9.1 jailbreak.

  2. Hey I downloaded the pangs application on to my iPhone 5c iOS 9.1 but when I open it it just takes me to this website please answer me how is that opposed to jailbreak my phone it’s just adding a site to my home page it’s not a jailbreak please answer me 786-612-3176

  3. I follow the way for download the pangu app to my home screen and when i open it , it just put me on your website … I using safari and a iPhone 5 on 9.1 iOS please help me

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