iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak

iOS 9.3.4 has been released with a bunch of important security improvements. With iOS 9.3.4 Apple stopped the recent Pangu jailbreak. We’re talking about the recently released PPHelper jailbreak that Pangu Team released along with PP Assistant Team. The jailbreak, which covers iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, was released about a month after it was hinted at during MOSEC in July 2016, at a conference that Pangu co-hosted.

Image : iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak Pangu Update

ios 9.3.4 jailbreak pangu

If you haven’t already used it to jailbreak your iOS device, check out the requirements and the instructions to download PPHelper at the given link. It is worth noting here that it is not compatible with nor will it work on any 32-bit device.

If you have already updated to iOS 9.3.4 but want to go back to the jailbreak you have a very small window of opportunity left to downgrade iOS 9.3.4 [ext link] – Apple is still signing iOS 9.3.3 but not for much longer. So do it now while you can. If you haven’t updated to iOS 9.3.4, it doesn’t contain any bug fixes, it’s purely to patch the previous jailbreak so, if you don’t need to update, don’t.

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 :

These are the two ways to get iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak. Both these methods are listed below.

Method 1 : PPHelper Jailbreak

ppjailbreak pp med

PPHelper for iOS 9.3.4 has not yet been released but we will keep you updated as and when it is released.

Method : Safari Method for iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ios 10 safari
  2. Open the website at the given link . Just type in the URL to your address bar ios_10_jailbreak_safari_taig_pangu4 copy
  3. When the page has loaded, tap on the UP arrow which is at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone and iPod and at the top on the iPad ios_10_jailbreak_safari_taig_pangu4
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen from the options ios_10_jailbreak_safari_taig_pangu1_ios_10
  5. Name your icon Pangu as shown here and then Tap on Add pangu jailbreak safari2
  6. Close down Safari and the icon will be visible on your home screen ios_10_jailbreak_safari_taig_pangu2_ios_10

This will give you complete access to all of the latest Pangu 9.3.4 jailbreak updates and download links.

Video : This video shows the above steps in full

PPHelper iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak Release Date :

The fact that Apple would patch the recent Pangu Jailbreak was never in doubt; it was always going to be a question of when, not if. The fact that it has come so quickly also isn’t too much of a surprise to some. Italian hacker and developer, Luca Todesco, said that the jailbreak had already been patched in the iOS 10 betas and that iOS 9.3.4 took some time to be released considering the fix was already there in iOS 10.

Image : PPHelper Jailbreak


Whether we will see another public jailbreak before iOS 10 release is debatable but we have absolutely no doubt that Pangu is already delving into iOS 9.3.4 to see if they can find any new vulnerabilities to play with and release Pangu 9.3.4 jailbreak tool. We already know that jailbreaking is only going to get harder thanks to a new security system called Rootless in iOS 10 so every little crumb that Pangu can find for us is a bonus. There is also no guarantee, if Pangu does find any vulnerabilities, that they will release a jailbreak quickly.

Download PPHelper :

Our advice to you is this – if you have used PPHelper to jailbreak, stay where you are and don’t upgrade to iOS 9.3.4 download [ext link]. If you haven’t gotten around to jailbreaking yet do it now while you can and if you upgraded to iOS 9.3.4, you have a slim window in which to downgrade your firmware.

iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak Success :

cydia ios 9.3.4 pangu

Update : iOS 9.3.4 can be jailbroken, as we have seen from an image uploaded to Twitter [ext link] by Luca Todesco. While attending DEF CON Todesco has tweeted a photograph that shows an iPhone 6S running a jailbroken version of iOS 9.3.4. Don’t expect to be able to use it though because he is not known for sharing his jailbreaks publicly. While Pangu has admitted that they will not be making PPHelper fully untethered nor will it ever support the 32-bit device, we do know that they are working on the next Pangu 9.3.4 jailbreak. What we don’t know is whether that will be fully untethered or when it will be released but, as soon as we know, the details will be passed on to you.

Let us know if you are sticking with the jailbreak or forging ahead with the update and, to stay in touch with all the latest news, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter below.




        1. We don’t no yet but if you are on ios 9.3.4 and can’t downgrade back don’t loose your hopes because we do know that ios 9.3.4 is jailbreakable by luca tedasco, and so if I was you I would stay on it for at least one more month. Now don’t get to exited because we are almost sure that luca tedasco isn’t gonna publish his jailbreak, So just follow pangu team for more updates and hopefully they will find how to jailbreak ios 9.3.4.
          They are working on it.

        1. I really hope a jailbreak comes out for 9.3.4. I had downgraded before but a tweak messed with my phone and I accidentally updated to 9.3.4 then they stopped signing 9.3.3 right after

          1. well you know if people cant jailbreak yall lose fans and if we dont got money to buy a new phone to jailbreak again then yall still lose fans, and it would be way better to jailbreak the last iOS update for iPod 5G which is iOS 9.3.5 because if the device goes into a reboot loop then you can restore it and still be on that version then they can jailbreak again

    1. may be you can by using this app through
      in this website you will get official app of pangu
      uses you can see in the pcsuite website of online jailbreak

    2. Yes you can. anything 9.3.3 or lower can be jailbroken. For more info. Reply to this message. I will try to get back to you.

  1. I download the link and when I hit Run as Adminstrator, a box pops up asking if it could make changes on my computer. When I say yes, It looks like it about to open and then noting happens after that. Please help

    1. If you’re referring to jailbreakig your phone at all check out this reply that I sent another user . Hope this helps . :)

      Yes you can fully jailbreak 9.3.2 and even 9.3.3 so you might wanna upgrade that while it’s still being signed , just don’t upgrade beyond that point because 9.3.4 is simply to kill the jailbreak .

      To get the jailbreak from pangu in English you’ll have to download cydia impactor and one other file , and the process is much simpler than the PP helper version . Everything you’ll need including links , and full video tutorials can all be found here .

    2. Try reinstalling the program and also keep in mind that pp helper works best in windows 7 so if you are on windows 8 or above you might want to go to your friend’s house or use a virtual muchine

  2. Why no updates for jailbreak 9.3.2? I wait sooooo long for the jailbreak to come fully accesible! F my life! End for jailbreak 9.3.2. (+_+)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一(×_×;) probably! WHYYYYYY

  3. I wait for an Jailbreak for my ipad mini 1rst gen … ios9.3.3 is full jailbreak on lot of device but. He dont have a jailbreak for 32bit device .. sorry for my bad englosh but im french

    1. Pangu is’nt going to release a jailbreak for 32-bits they are now putting their effort for next month for the ios 10 jailbreak. If you want you can upgrade to the new update 9.3.5 and downgrade for ios 9.3.4 while it’s signable It’s not for sure but we might get a jailbreak!

  4. Nope every Single 32 bit device is not supported, if you are not sure if you have 32 or 64 bit Google for your device wikipedia give’s an nice overview which device have which processor an which architecture 32/64 bit

  5. I’m on a 5s and 9.3.3 jailbreak works fine, thanks to all involved. One thing is that in cydia, the tools to get started etc list is blank, no features listed. Thanks again.

  6. I think Luca Todesco is a “SPY” for Apple. Why is he showing pictures of jail broken devices but never releases any jailbreak ??

  7. Thanks To Jailbreak Team
    i have jailbreak my iphone 6s 9.3.3 firmware
    and i have no problem

    i love you Pangu + TaiG Group 😘

  8. Great work to everyone involved in the 9.3.3 for 64 bit. It is my first JB and I have already learned so much and had so much fun with it! Hoping for more great stuff to come!

  9. Hey to all, and again many thanks to pangu team for jailbreak…just one tip if you have upgraded your 64bit device to ios 9.3.4 (which does not have jailbreak for now) you still have time to downgrade it to ios 9.3.3 and jailbreak it, just did it and i know for sure that it works…JAILBREAK THE WORLD!!!

      1. I tried downgrading but it says firmware not compatible. I’m downloaded the right file (ipad mini 2 cellular) but it doesn’t work. I don’t know what else is wrong.

  10. I jailbreak ios 9.3.3 but on cydia there no packages showing please help I downloaded some p**n app from cydia and now i have to delete before my mom finds out please help

  11. Please release a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.4 for 32 bit devices(iPad mini 1, iPhone 4s etc) as this is the last iOS version for these devices.

  12. i want to jailbreak my iphone 6 …Running 9.3.3 ..But i have updated my iphone via OTA …can i jailbreak my phone or it is compulsary to restore my iphone via Itunes …
    or in case ,If i restore my iphone via Itunes ,,will i loose all my data ???
    Plzzzz Help…THANKSS IN ADVANCE !!!

  13. i have an iphone 4s running on ios 9.3.4
    doesn’t seem to work when i follow the instructions
    cause a window pops up opening mozilla as to download another PP helper wich i did
    still the same thing again and again

    truth is fellows it’s all chinese , a lot of us don’t understand that
    if one you people do us all a favor and translate all that in pictures

    1. sorry but iphone 4s is 32-bit
      Any device including iphone5s and above are supported
      Don’t loose hopes pangu are, also trying to jailbreak ios 9.3.4

  14. I have the jailbreak on 9.3.3 but i cannot re-jailbreak via the pp app as it gets stuck on the apple logo i’ve done everything correctly and also tried the safe mode method..what shall i do?

  15. Is there a jailbreak for a 32 bit ipod touch running 9.3.3 and do you think there will ever be a jailbreak available for a 32 bit device for 9.3.4 I won’t want to jailbreak my iphone SE >_>

  16. Pangu If 32 Bit Devices Are Now Obsolete Why Can’t You Make A Jailbreak Now For The Previous IOS Versions Since They are No Longer Being Updated Those Exploits That Are There Are Not Likely To Transfer Into The New IOS Versions Correct Me If I Am Wrong On That Point But This is My Logical Thinking And There Are Still 32 Bit Device Users Who Wish For The Jailbreak Make Their Wish Happen Pangu If You Have Read This Thank You Pangu If You Make The 32 Bit Jailbreak Then You Have The 32 Bit Communities Thanks Also I Realised I Posted In the Wrong Update Page This Was The One I Meant To Post It On

  17. Can’t downgrade my iPad mini 2 from 9.3.4 to 9.3.3. And I am a bit confused. Is there a jailbreak for 9.3.4? I read through everything here and it says yes then it says no. Please help to guide through what do I need to get cydia downloaded into iPad mini 2 iOS 9.3.4. I understand pangu has not released jailbreak for iOS 9.3.4 yet. Then what is this pphelper for? Do I need that or do I just have to wait for pangu to release the new jailbreak?

  18. I can’t downgrade my ipad mini 2 ios 9.3.4 to 9.3.3. I get a firmware not compatible window.

    I’m also slightly confused on the pphelper. What does that do? Do I need that to jailbreak or do I just have to wait for pangu jailbreak 9.3.4 to be released?

  19. I’m tired of waiting for a jailbreak. I’m upset that you guys only made the recent jailbreak only for the newer generation iPod touch. I have the 5th generation iPod touch. I’m about to unsubscribe from your updates as it is only for the newer generation stuff.

  20. iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak is false as long as he can not release his tools. he just wanted to show up that he is more powerful than all human beings with intelligence deceiving. arrogant liar …

  21. Hi! I’m having problems with the app. I downloaded it but when i try to open it it just goes back to this webpage. I don’t think thats how it works, right? I just want to manipulate my location at the find friends app.

  22. Any ideas why my profile disappeared? It happened once before so I had to use Impactor to rejailbreak, but now it’s too late to jailbreak. Pangu app crashes so no way to use the tool now.

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