iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak

iOS 9.3.2 firmware has been released to all users and it is available for download, via OTA or via iTunes. If you haven’t yet updated to iOS 9.3.2 firmware, do so now but if you intend to jailbreak, use the iTunes method only. The reason we suggest this is because, today, after the longest wait, Pangu has released a new iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak . It is only available for Windows PC at the time of writing and will not work on any 32-bit iOS device. It is also only available in the Chinese language but we are assured that an English version will be released at some stage.

Image : iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update

pangu 9.3.2 jailbreak

iOS 9.3.2 download [ext link] does not contain any new features, it is purely a bug fix and performance enhancement release so, if you are experiencing any issues with your current iOS 9 version, it is best to update now, especially as you can now jailbreak it .

Supported iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Devices :

The new PPHelper jailbreak tool will only work on 64-bit devices but as these cover the highest percentage of devices in use today, there won’t be too many people who miss out this time around. The supported devices are:

  • iPhone 5s and newer
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2, 3
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch 6

iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Tutorial :

There are two ways to install the iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak. One requires you to have a computer and other can be done without a computers directly on device. Both the methods are listed below. Follow the instructions to jailbreak your device successfully.

Method 1 : PPHelper Jailbreak

ppjailbreak pp med

Pangu team on 24th July 2016 released PPHelper tool to jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 firmware. This tool was co-developed by PP Assistant Team from China which is a group of iOS and Android developers.

Method 2 : Safari Method for iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak

This method requires no computer and can be done directly on your iOS device. Follow the video instructions below.

  1. Launch Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad safari_ios_9
  2. Now go to this website with the url [as shown in the image below]. Launching this page will bring up a webpage specially degined for Pangu 9.3.2 app icon download onto your devicepangu jailbreak safari4
  3. After the page loads up , go to the bottom of your iPhone and tap on the UP arrow as shown in the image here .  pangu jailbreak safari0
  4. After this it will bring up the options page where you need to select Add to HomeScreen . Tap to proceed pangu jailbreak safari1
  5. In the next screen , rename the app icon as Pangu and tap on Add  pangu jailbreak safari2
  6. Voila ! You have now Pangu app icon installed on iOS 9.3.2 firmware . Tap on the icon to get the latest of Pangu iOS 9.3.2 pangu jailbreak safari3

Video : Here is a video explaining the above process

We had been expecting a jailbreak to be released for iOS 9.3.2, following a number of tweets that were published while the Mobile Security Conference [ MOSEC ] was taking place at the beginning of July 2016. Pangu team co-hosted the event and apparently hinted at the possibility of a jailbreak at the time and that jailbreak has now been released for most iOS device owners to take advantage of.

Are you excited about the new jailbreak ? Do let us know how you find it and if you come up against any issues when installing it. For up to date jailbreak news, Subscribe to our free email newsletter below and follow us on Facebook .

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  1. It’s funny they keep on saying that when this final iOS firmware is released then the JB will be released since iOS 9 that’s all we hear when this and that. Over it. I don’t want to jb my iPhone no more. But when it comes out I will.

    1. I hear ya! I’m tired of getting emails about possible updates, I want the real thing not this bs updates of updates

      1. I also am tired of all the email that tell me how another software is jailbreakable but has no public release, what good does that do? I do not care if I someone else can jailbreak it but is not willing to release the tool. irrelevant emails

      2. It all fun and gamez till someone gets hurt so maybe we should offer a ransom for the first team that puts a jailbreak out I would by that for a dollar who is with me ? the software jailbreak are all dudz

    2. It’s very annoying they say that but yet again iOS 9.3.2 has been out for quite some time now and I still don’t see a jailbreak

      1. Do it yourself if you can’t wait!

        Developers work crazy Hard on these things and there are some delays that normally happen in Testing or Finalizing.

        It just Apple’s Security being broken by the Devs and I am one of them.

        Sad to hear these all comments,
        But everybody is just a human and can delay in whatever fixed!


    3. It all fun and gamez till someone gets hurt so maybe we should offer a ransom for the first team that puts a jailbreak out I would by that for a dollar who is with me ? the software jailbreak are all dudz

    4. Taig 9 has a semi jailbreak for the 9.3.2 and I’ve got a few apps from it already but Cydia Is avaliable for download but doesn’t work properly but I got some of my apps tweaks on 9.3.2

    1. @jb fanatic @Dev dev be patient the jb is around the corner in the meantime all Cydia sources r being updated tweaks programs so when you jb your iPhone everything is iOS ready so be patient you jb awaits

      1. Well said. People moaning about not getting something they want for free….have a word with yourselves and let the teams do their work. Show some gratitude.

      2. These instructions say to go to the site with the URL ‘’. however, when I click on that one, it takes me to this site telling me how to jb my iPod. I’m not really sure what to do

      3. Been waiting for a long time. just release it just like the JB on iOS 7, which had few updated tweaks. at least send me a private link to download it myself

    1. Yeah but if they release a 9.3.2 why update the software untill the next jail break is out for the newest firmware

  2. These DEVS need to pull the trigger and just release it and keep on releasing if you r waiting for Apple to stop updating then good bye JB world cuz that’s what they do update they will always need to improve sum thing if that’s the case bye bye

    1. People always update to the beta so why wont they release a beta jailbreak tool they always jealbreakimg the beta but never release the tool wtf

  3. Why does it do that I write a long r comment when I hit publish it don’t show up and I’m forced to rewrite or I choose too

    1. Stay on 9.2.1 if you want jailbreak,because they’ll release it soon than 9.3 (9.3 has a lot of bug fixes)
      Upgrade if you don’t and you want more stability

  4. I have a big problem. I’m using r-sim and now i cant receive calls and use cellular data, because i need special program which solves this, but that program needs jailbreak. So I’m trapped and can’t use my phone

  5. lol RIP PANGU RIP JAILBREAK NO MORE JAILBREAK xD you can jailbreak your device for only 20$ via paypal go check it on google pangu RIP

    1. Never pay, everyone on here should download the mojo installer. That can give u everything Cydia can without jail breaking

  6. Hay JB bros. Im currently on 8.3 and jailbroken. Last week i wanted to update to 9.2.1 so i can prepare for new jailbreak. Iwanr new JB cuz lots of tweak aint compatible with ios 8.3 JB. But when i wanted to update, ios 9.2.1 got unsigned. Should i now upgrade to 9.3? Or should i stay. Sadly forgot to make SHSH blobs when ios 8.3 was release so i cant downgrade.

    1. No stay at 8.3 and when a ios 9 jailbreak releases then update. There is a chance that there will be no Jailbreak for ios 9.

      1. Thanx for your reply Ihab.
        Im worrying about this: if the Jb comes out for not the latest version, and then the jailbreakable version gets unsigned like when 9.1 JB came out i will not be able to update . So thats why i asked if i should update now

        1. stay at 8.3 because at 17 june apple is gonna release IOS 10 and after IOS 10 there will be a jailbreak like ios 9 at the beginning.

    1. I think if you read on the top, it says that 9.3.2 is the next jailbreak because it’s a very important update because it has really good security and stability bugs that improve your iPhone. I am upgrading because I want to jailbreak my iPhone when the 9.3.2 Jailbreak comes out

  7. Oh good. Another “spammy” post with no real information but a bunch of empty promises. How about you don’t keep giving us false hope on the email to come on here and find out nothing has changed and we still have NOTHING!
    I upgraded to IOS 9.2.1 because this site told me the jailbreak was out and I lost my jailbreak since since it obviously wasn’t. Been waiting ever since and really getting annoyed.

  8. Well, I just wanted some apps for free, so I’m using tongbu and it works fine, some apps crash sometimes but at least you can use them or try them or whatever.

  9. Always is the same
    here comes the Jailbreack !!!!
    Then Apple update de iOs again and again
    and Again and Again Pangu Says: when the final reléase of iOs appear then the Jailbrack apear this is an endless cicle
    The users wants a actual JB SOON !!!!

  10. Jailbreak -- at least at this stage -- is dead. Why is that? It is as simple as this: Apple just destroyed jb by releasing as many updates as they can..;)

  11. Hey, who donates to pangu when the jailbreak comes out? Probably not alot of us. So, they are to work tirelessly to do this jailbreak WHILE ensuring that our phones dont end up as paperweights. Then the jailbreak comes out… We dl it, use it, and not even a THANK YOU goes to the team that works hard to find the exploits. SAD!! Lets all vow to do something financially to give them an incentive to work harder and faster on the various jailbreaks. FOR THE RECORD, i hate the emails that keep telling us the same thing over and over again. I also dont like ungreaful people. Just my $.02.

    1. I agree but the endless “updates” that don’t say anything new or relevant sent out every other day sure take time away from them actually developing it. We all CAN patiently wait but when we see the email we think it’s ACTUALLY and update with NEW information.

  12. Guys jailbreaking is done might as well say good bye or buy a iPhone 5 or 5s and hope it’s on iOS 9.0.1 anyways good bye Apple :(

  13. There are so many sites just like this one with the same info on it why block our search results with this bs I never needed a website in the past to tell me when a jailbreak is available maybe this website is just interested in views and how many people have the website install as a app maybe it is even helping Apple find exploits let’s all unsubscribe, all it is ever give in us is falls hope over and over just look at the webpage name ” download pangu ” that’s not the JB that’s the website I’m unsubscribeing in sure i can find it my self it does come out.

  14. OK so is there a jailbreak for 9.3.1 or not just confused on if I should downgrade or not even to 9.3 but one because I’m on 9.3.2

  15. Iphone without jealbreak nothing , i will try to chang it to android .😂😂😂😂

    But still chance from pangu to release jealbreak for ios 9.3.1 .

    1. if you are on 9.3.1 it is probably best to update to 9.3.2. because they wont release a jailbreak that works for 9.3.1 but not 9.3.2. when they release a jailbreak it will work all the way up to 9.3.2

    2. dont update, wait and see if they get a jailbreak for ios 9.3.2 or ios 9.3.3 and then jailbreak if they do

  16. After months of waiting and receiving emails with no sense, finally I noticed that I’m not expecting or waiting for a jailbreak anymore, I realized that I’m happy with my iPhone how it is, if it’s released I’m not pretty sure if I’ll do a jailbreak. There’s a lot of cool things I can do with a jailbreak, that’s a fact, but I find out that I don’t really need to do those things, so If they release or not a jailbreak, I’m not caring anymore, I’ll unsubscribe from this no sense email stuff and be happy with what I got, maybe in 5 years I’ll be interested in some way to do a jailbreak, what I’ll find? ” iOS 19.5.2 released, jailbreak will be able very soon” 😂.

    1. It all fun and gamez till someone gets hurt so maybe we should offer a ransom for the first team that puts a jailbreak out I would by that for a dollar who is with me ? the software jailbreak are all dudz

  17. I think it’s all B.S. I don’t think they can jailbreak the software anymore. I think Apple has made the software good enough now that the hackers can’t get in. OH it’s not that tough to make a bogus video showing they have Cydia on their phone and can make it look in the video like they are in the current software, but riddle me this…. If they can jailbreak the software how come there has been nothing but empty promises for the last six months. It’s coming! It’s coming! Nothin…..

  18. I’m currently still on 8.4 and jailbroken. (Yes I know lol, I haven’t updated In a couple months.) should I stay on 8.4 or should I update my phone to the newest software? Will I be able to keep all my jailbreak stuff if I update? Thanks!

    1. Since you are too lazy to read through the other comments already answering this in this thread I will tell you, update to 9.3.2

  19. all the jailbreaks now are just being put off until iOS 10. Plus apple released 9.3.3 beta 1 today, meaning they will soon stop signing iOS 9.3.2

  20. Dare someone to swish a mouthful of cosmetic grade glitter before going to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned.

  21. When u release a jb?
    Todesco has shown a jb based browser for iOS 9.3.2, why u are too lazy to release a jb ? iOS 10 will kill certly the vulnerability find in this iOS 9.x.x … Release a jb !!!!! Now!!!!!!

  22. This site is so misleading, I get these headers saying “iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Success” only to find out its not true at all. WTF

  23. thanks team!
    Very happy:
    Ipad 4 32GB 4G Ios 8.4 Pangu JB
    Iphone 6S 128GB IOS 9.0 Pangu JB
    Iphone 6S 64GB IOS 9.1 Pangu JB

    You are the best!!



  25. Guys, relax. There’s a semi-jailbreak out which will give you some freedom over your phone. Though restricted somewhat by limitations of a “semi-jailbreak” and a pay wall (i.e you have to donate to access everything else, minimum $10 USD), you still have access to some things using your profile signing feature. So we might be stuck, but we still have some degree of control over our devices back. Let’s keep rooting for the hard working teams who are putting all of their time and dedication to bringing us a safe and official jailbreak for 9.3.2/9.3.3

  26. It’s the end of May and jailbreak still isn’t here ? starting to think it’s going to come ! someone please respond and give me an update on an estimated time frame!!

  27. i have been waiting to jailbreak my phone forever and this website keep saying it’s coming but where is it ?

  28. This site has become a joke. This now went over the developers heads. I wouldn’t hold your breath for these guys. Go find an alternative.

  29. This here be Strom from Destination: Planet Ne gro! Uh, who is it be runnin’ dis here show? I gots ta get my metal az sum jailbroke up in dis computin device. Y’all got any word on when it’s gonna be happenin?

    1. What up my Ne gro they still ain’t no jail broke no computin machines yet, hold ur breath though it be comin in the near future my ninja

  30. J’espère que vous aller trouver un jailbreak au plus vite et je vous encourage !
    Merci à vous pour votre travail !!

  31. They should make a tool to downgrade the ios, without the interference of Apple, so we can jailbreak ios 9.0.1.
    I wish I could do that.

  32. Ok everyone download mojo installer from .
    This is the best Cydia alternative and will give pretty much anything Cydia can including hip4u store and vshare. No need to jb

  33. They keep updating this post but the only new things i see are the adds -.- im sure the 9.3.2 jb will air in october maybe november..

  34. No jailbreak. No more iPhone for me then. ANDROID looks great and it’s so configurable! With a jailbroken iPhone in my opinion blows away android but without it l, it’s time to switch over. And I’ve been an Apple fan for a long time. I still love my MacBook Pro and Jailbroken iPad Air running 8.3 I believe. I won’t be updating that for sure. My 2 cents

  35. I request a refund, I bought jailbreak tweaks with more than $300 and can’t use anyone since I bought iPhone 6s running iOS 9….
    No jailbreak= Refund …

  36. Hi everyboby!!!
    How I can download the jb for iOS?
    I’m don’t understand,can you are writing from my post?

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. If your i product is running anything higher than iOS 9.2.1 there is no jb available but if you are one of the lucky ones who have 9.2.1 and lower then use your pc or Mac and foot to jailbreak your phone you must have iTunes installed in order for the job tool to work and you must have Internet access

  37. “Pangu
    APRIL 9, 2016 AT 11:41 AM
    @jb fanatic @Dev dev be patient the jb is around the corner in the meantime all Cydia sources r being updated tweaks programs so when you jb your iPhone everything is iOS ready so be patient you jb awaits”

    @Pangu its been 2 months since you said that it is “just around the corner”, i still dont see it. you guys just keep on saying that its near in every update but then after you say that it takes forever to actually come out

  38. Can’t u just realease the jb even if all the tweaks are not ready? And can we know around what day or month the jb will be realeased thank you!

  39. non ce la faccio piu ad aspettareeeee!!!!! Dite sempre che il jailbreak è quasi pronto ma in realtà è gia pronto da un pezzo! Rilasciatelo è da 100 anni che lo sto aspettando

  40. If you are so impatient and can’t wait for the jailbreak then figure out how to build it yourself. As for me and the rest of the community I figure I’ll just sit back and wait.

  41. Hahahha soon soon soon or just soon finally when came another version pangu team will work on it.. Soon soon finally soon

  42. The problem lies with Apple they have there products at such a hi price don’t they make enough to out of there pruducts. Why do they persist in stopping jailbreaks in the first place at the end of the day we have all paid a lot of money and yet they just want to stop us jail breaking something we own when does the control stop if we own our phone iPad ext it should be our choice to put what we want on our phone I am think we are all being ripped off by Apple

  43. Why do you guys keep posting ” NEW JAILBREAK ” ???/ Theres no jailbreak in sight and your just trying to promote your web ….PLEASE LET THE JAILBREAK OUT !!! I and I’m sure many of us have purchased hundreds of dollars in cydia apps that we can’t use !!! Please reward us loyal JAILBREAK FOLLOWERS !!!!

  44. To me, I think the people posting this blog might be apple employees or being bought by the company. They always telling people to proceed with any update released by Apple. But this is disappointing.

  45. I used pangu last time I jailbroke, the jailbreak I used was a late beta format I think, and it worked well. Now I finaly updated to ios 9.3.2 from 8.4 and i’m just waiting for a new jailbreak.

  46. Coming soon, huh? Are y’all sure? What is soon to you guys? It’s always the same thing DX. “Oh, someone successfully jailbroken this version, but WILL NOT release it to the public.” Like the heck mann DX. I know it’s not polite to be impatient, but I’ve been patient for a LOOOONG freaking time! I’m going crazy now!

  47. we just need a clear answer their is jailbreak or not if ye when after a day month year why you people cannot be straight?

  48. As far as I read on other updates for 9.3.2 & 9.3.3, there’s suppose to be one coming out tomorrow after the big meeting they’re holding. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

  49. I have being waiting for this jailbreak so long. I can’t wait until it is released. Good luck guys 👍🏽💪🏼

  50. Plain and simple, stop wasting my email inbox with information no one cares about!! When you finally have a working jailbreak post it and then we will all rejoice. Other than that, no one cares about the emails y’all send giving is false hope. The end

  51. No more talking like that, pangu. If you’re not giving us the news about the release, don’t e-mail us sending the same blahblah.
    Sem paciência pra e-mails que não sejam dizendo que o jailbreak está pronto! 🙄 Agora em português para verem como o mundo inteiro está ficando impaciente. Work!!!!

  52. There not coming out with a jailbreak. They just keep showing us these videos about the jailbreak and they not giving us anything. It’s a crock of S*#T!!!😡😡

  53. Por qué no a salido el jailbreak si lo promocionaron que salía el 4 de julio y hoy es 5 de julio y nada de nada.
    Si están esperando las 72 horas para lanzarlo están por qué lo promocionaron para el 4 de julio.
    O es que ustedes esperaban que Apple lanzará el nuevo update para ustedes poder adquirirlo y modificarlo para estar más al antes que Apple que mal les va por favor. Lancen el jailbreak.

  54. I been waiting since the last jailbreak was release. I’m a very patient person but this, this is taking too long. Yes I am graceful for your hard work, I don’t check this site like everyday but like four days or weeks to see anything new. Pangu used to fast with the upgrades but I also blame apple for keep updating the software/version. I have to say that this is very sad because there are other people who able to jailbreak this in a few days or maybe weeks with no problem and it just a single person And these same people are the one who announce that they jailbroke it but wont release it. I mean that’s sad and a bit shame that a team of people who is working together can’t jailbreak this with ease and you got a single person or individual who’s able to jailbreak with ease.

    Like I said I am graceful for the pangu team hard work but if I was a hacker or whatever you call it, I might be one of those individual to jailbreak this. I didn’t want to update my software to 9.3.2 cause I have hope that the you guys can jailbreak 9.3.1. When I learn how you guys “releases” 3.2 I have to update it. Now for my question, when is the release date? You guys said July 1st was the release date but nothing was release.

  55. I think that a jailbreak for IOS 9.3.3 wont come, because of the early open source release from Luca Tedesco.
    Apple will patch this in the 9.3.3
    So i don’t know why Pangu or another team won’t release this jailbreak.
    It is already been patch by Apple.

  56. Just around what corner?
    I see no corner for the last few months!
    This is some very long street jailbreak team.
    Gone are the good old days of a quick break.
    Think ill move to android this is terrible r.i.p jailbreak team.

  57. I see huge impatience, verging on the abusive, directed at people who do something that takes a long time and a lot of skill, which they then GIVE you for FREE ! A little more decency would be an idea, otherwise you will likely to continue to be losers ! Far be it for me to suggest how more sucessful decent people behave towards their benefactors !

  58. I respect your efforts and I know it’s a bit of hard work but make it asap! At least tell me, should I update to 9.3.2?

  59. Im new to the world of jail breaking. I have two phones I need to jailbreak that have iOS 9.3.2. It’s hard to tell if it’s been released. There are instructions on putting the link on the home screen. Does that really do anything? How can I tell when it is really released and that it’s not someone trying to hack my phones?

    Additionally, once I get the software added after the jail break can someone tell me if I update the iOS when a new one comes out if the unapproved software I loaded will be removed or will it only close the jail breaking ability?

  60. hey should i update to 9.3.2? or should i keep my iphone on 9.2.1? but actuly i can update to 9.3.2 when the jailbreak is released for this firmware right? so no hurry right?

  61. i literally need a step by step tutorial on how to do this (im new) I have tried to download it from how i understand it but it just doesn’t work

  62. so it is nessecary to update now to 9.3.2? because im still on 9.2.1. Its possible to update to 9.3.2 when the jailbreak is out and then jailbreak it? or why i have to update to 9.3.2 before the jailbreak is released? sry im new to all this stuff;-)

    1. It’s not necessary to update to 9.3.2 ! Stay on 921 if you are jailbreak :). And update 9.3.2 when is JB out and than jalibreak it ;).

  63. Hey… So I’ve been waiting for the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak tool to come out for a while now, but I’m. It getting any notifications. 😔 is there a tool for 9.3.2? Cause I checked online and there was no updates cites since yesterday!! Please contact back.. I never jail token a phone before, so I’m pretty anxious about doing this!! You guys are awesome btw

  64. A lot of people are impatient
    Demanding a release, obviously it’s not such a easy thing to do, reading and rewriting code.
    Instead of asking them every minute when a release will happen, maybe sit back and let them work, or better yet help them? Can you read code? Are you able to create your own codes? No?
    Are any of yous aware that your iOS phone does work with out a jailbreak?
    Next time if you really want a jailbreak, check if there’s one available before upgrading your iOS device ✌️

  65. The last jailbreak released was for iOS 9.1 and that was in March when most people had already moved on to 9.2. So realistically, we haven’t had a current/useful jailbreak in over a year. That’s why people are impatient, not to mention all the sites saying “jailbreak coming this week!” that we have been reading for the past 6 months only to discover it’s all BS.

    Bottom line: there is no 9.3.2 jailbreak yet. Pangu should just be up front with people instead of being misleading. I (and I’m sure many others) would be fine paying for a jailbreak if there was one, as I have purchased items on Cydia and donated in the past. I’m not looking for just a freebie, I’m trying to get my new iPhone 6 (which came with IOS 9.2) jail broken after waiting a year. My old iPhone 5 was jailbroken for years. Now I’m seriously considering moving to Android. The emulators I am looking to use will run on Android.

  66. Ok guys. Ios 9.3.3 is officially out. You can release 9.3.2 jailbreak now! Please! Before I upgrade! Thanks!

  67. Is their gonna be a jailbreak tool for 32 bit devices because ive been waiting since ios 9.1 upgraded to 9.3.2 just to see that when the jailbreak did come out it was not compatible for my iphone 5c

  68. jailbreak is finally here for all those who so impatiently couldn’t wait for it to come out I’m just posting because I want to hear from all those who said they didn’t want to jailbreak anymore and I want to know where are your iPhones that you supposedly want to sale because your android works so much better anyway get back at me LOL

  69. I Heard about the possibility for 32 bits compatibility hope ils thrue. M’y next device will be a Android. iOS is done with me !

  70. Can you guys pls make it for ipad mini 1 please pls lel pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  71. Is Pangu going to release a 9.3.2 jailbreak for 32-bit devices? It’s because I have an ipad 2 and I can’t jailbreak my ipad, and I want to know if I can have some hope or I have to forget the jailbreak release

  72. Is there going to be an 9.3.2 32-bit jailbreak or Pangu is a sh*€ that makes contracts with apple so we have to buy the newests devices.
    If you are not going to release more 32-bit jailbreaks, say it properly, because there are loads of people waiting, and if that wasted time (from april until today) has been for nothing, people are going to start to be very unhappy with Pangu.

  73. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    شكراً على المجهود المبذول
    اتمنى ان اكون معكم أو على الاقل أكون مثلكم

  74. 32 BIT JAILBREAK PLEASE!!!!!! No everyone can buy the latest Iphone or Ipad, at least no in CUBA!!!!!…

  75. Why does my Cydia crash every time I try to open it? I have tried the Chinese PPhelper and the English version. Cydia will not load. Any help?

  76. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thank you again!

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