iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak

While all the talk is about iOS 8, some of you may be quite content to stay on an older firmware. For those who have opted to stay on iOS 7.1.2, if you haven’t already installed it, there is a fully working jailbreak for both Mac and Windows users called Pangu.

Image : Pangu iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak

Pangu first appeared with a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 after Evad3rs bowed out, saying they preferred to expend their time and effort on investigating the jailbreak possibilities for iOS 8. Although they are still an unknown quantity, Pangu are proving their name in their untethered utilities, and if you have yet to jailbreak your iOS 7.1.2 device, read on for more details on how to do so.

Supported Devices :

Pangu supports the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch

Before you Jailbreak :

  1. Back up your data , use iCloud and iTunes if you can
  2. Disable Find my iPhone , Settings > iCloud > Find your iPhone find_my_iphone_6_ios_804
  3. Disable your passcode – Settings > Passcode passcode ios 8 iphone 61
  4. Disable Touch ID if you have it – Settings > Touch ID and Passcode touch id passcode iphone 6 ios 8
  5. Make sure you have sufficient space on your iOS device

How to Jailbreak  iOS 7.1.2 :

All the methods to jailbreak iOS 7 are listed below with detailed tutorial.

Method 1: 

This method only needs your iPhone or iPad, a good internet connection, and the Safari browser:

  1. Launch Safari and go to the address bar 
  2. Type in this url . Follow download and installation instructions for Pangu jailbreak .
  3. When you come out of Safari you will see Cydia on your screen  

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

  1. Open Safari and visit this [ link
  2. Tap Install Directly to iOS Device on the page that loads so that the profile can be installed
  3. When your Settings app opens, tap on Install Profile and type your passcode in
  4. Safari browser opens, tap on Install Pangu and then on Install when the confirmation window pops up
  5. Settings will open again, tap on Install > Next > Install
  6. Now tap Done and Pangu will install  

Method 3 : Pangu Installer [ Expert Method ]

  1. Download Pangu Installer iOS 7.1.2
  2. Connect your iOS device to your PC and shut iTunes down if it opens
  3. Right-click the Pangu app icon and chose Run as Administrator pangu-run-as-administrator
  4. Allow Pangu to detect your device and then uncheck the box next 25PP
  5. Click the Jailbreak button pangu-icon-prompt
  6. Do not touch anything until Pangu asks you to change the date on your device , open Settings > General > Date & Time, turn off Set Automatically and change the date to June 2ndpangu_jailbreak_download
  7. Tap on the Pangu icon on your iOS device home screen pangu icon
  8. Tap Continue on the next screen
  9. Your iOS device will reboot – again do not touch anythingpangu_jailbreak_download iphone 6
  10. When your iOS device restarts the Cydia icon will show up on your Home screen and the jailbreak has installed successfully

Pangu Not Working Fix :

Although these are easy ways to download and install Pangu, there is one problem that you will experience and that is Pangu crashing within 7 days of installation, taking with it any apps or tweaks that you downloaded. You can reinstall it to get it back, but it will crash again. This is because Apple revokes certificates that they don’t consider valid and Pangu is one of those. The only way you can stop this is to install Anti Revoke, a VPN tool that will stop Apple form verifying and revoking the certificate leaving you to enjoy it in peace. Follow the given link for details on how to download Anti Revoke [ext link].

Pangu Alternative App :

If you are not in a position to download Pangu on your device at the moment, there are some app installers you can look at. Two of the more popular ones are:

  • AppValley

Out of all the app installers released recently, AppValley as to be one of the more popular. With a wide range of content, you can choose from some of the better known Cydia only tweaks, plenty of paid content for free and a few of your favorite modified ++ apps, like Snapchat++ and Spotify++. Find out all the details, including how to download AppValley [ext link], by clicking on the given link.

  • TweakBox

TweakBox is a highly comprehensive app installer, full of useful apps and tweaks and lot of games. All the content has been put into categories, so you can easily find what you are looking for so choose from older versions of apps, modified apps like Snapchat++, modified games like Pokémon Go++, Cydia tweaks and lots of premium content for free. Get more details on downloading TweakBox [ext link] by clicking on the given link.

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  1. hi, i deleted cydia app on ios 7.1.2 with cydelete and cannot jailbreak again with pangu as it says already jailbroken
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  2. hi when i open pangu it says please make sure that u have proper internet connection what i do please tell me???

  3. on Desktop the description of How to change the date is displaying contineously. I have changed the date and time even though its repeating

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