iOS 11.2.6 Jailbreak

The iOS 11.2.6 download [ext link] has been released to the public and its ready for all users to update to right now. It’s a small update, a few security fixes, bug fixes and performance enhancements; the nearer we get to WWDC 2018, the smaller these updates are going to get as most of the major features are out and the bugs are mostly fixed. However, each new update affects the chances of a jailbreak but luckily, there are a couple of ways to jailbreak iOS 11.2.6 with Pangu. Read on to find out how.

Image : iOS 11.2.6 Jailbreak

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.2.6 :

Choose the easy method or the more advanced one:

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Go to 
  3. Wait for our mobile page to load and then tap on the UP arrow , top right [ iPad ] and bottom center [ iPhone ] 
  4. This opens a new page where you will see some new options along the bottom , tap Add to Home Screen 
  5. Now you need to give a name for the app icon so type Pangu into the box and tap on Add 
  6. Close Safari and the Pangu icon is on your home screen 

Video: This shows you these steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

You must follow these steps exactly to ensure that Pangu is installed on your device

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and then open this [ link ]  
  2. An information page will load, find and tap on the link to Directly Install to iOS Device so that the profile can be downloaded
  3. Now Settings will automatically open, tap on Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in and Safari browser opens
  5. Tap Install Pangu and then tap Install to confirm your intention 
  6. Back in Settings, tap on Install > Next > Done 
  7. Wait until the installation has finished and then start downloading your favorite tweaks 

If the installation is not successful, go back and repeat the steps again .

How to Prevent Pangu Crashing Issue :

Pangu is not an app that that Apple approves of and that means they don’t sign the certificate nor do they let it into the iOS app store. Because of this, within a couple of days of you installing it, they are going to revoke the certificate and that will cause Pangu to crash and stop working. Reinstalling it will work but only for a few days so the easiest way around it is to install NessTool. This is a small VPN tool that protects your app certificates so that Apple cannot revoke them. Click on the link to find out how NessTool [ext link] works and how to download it.

Pangu Jailbreak Alternatives :

Pangu isn’t going to work on all iOS devices right now so many people are going to be left without access to Cydia. However, there are now alternative ways to get limited amounts of Cydia tweaks onto our devices without jailbreaking and those alternatives are third-party app installers, like these two:

  • Tutu App

Tutu App is one of the most popular third-party app installers, with a huge range of content on it. There are some Cydia tweaks, lots of modified apps like Pokémon Go++ and Spotify++, access to millions of paid apps for free and a good deal more besides. Check out the link to see what Tutu App [ext link] can give you and how to download it.

  • Emus4U

Emus4U focuses on the games emulators that used to be such popular downloads from Cydia. These emulators let us install and play some of the old console games, like PS1, Nintendo, and Gameboy, on our iOS devices. You will find a few of the best ones in Emus4U alongside some other tweaks, modified games and apps and lots of other content. Find out more about Emus4U [ext link] and how to download it by clicking the link.

These app installers can never really take the place of Cydia and jailbreaking will always be the number one method of modifying your device. They can give you a bit of Cydia back though, serving as decent solutions while we wait for that next big jailbreak that everyone can use.

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    1. Could someone teach me why I can’t download the Cydia after I added the Pangu to my home page? Did I make something wrong?

      I also tried the 2nd method, but it also failed. When I open the link, why it showed I installed success? I did not install at before! Thanks!

      1. I get the same thing. Pangu won’t help troubleshoot. All they tell you is try next update or “it’s been installed check your home page” but that doesn’t help. Jailbreak isn’t what it used to be. It used to be guaranteed it would work. Now it won’t ever work no matter what iOS you’re running. I’ve tried 2 different iPhones, failure with both of them using both methods.

  1. On the advance method I tried but when I go to the link it says installed successfully and that’s it nothing else what should I do

      1. Pangu when I press the link for the profile it just say something install success and no profile is actually installed. Am I doing something wrong?

      2. Hey guys! I’m on iPhone 7 iOS 11.2.6 and non of the methods work. Method 2 when you click the link it says installing,wait….. then nothing happens for a long time.

    1. Its really unfortunate that this method did not work for you. We try to fix the bugs as much as possible. Please try the alternate installers listed above while we bring in a new version in a week to make the current release even more stable and compatible .

      1. Hi Pangu team,

        I also have the same case with Danny, so, could you pls help to reply me with a new link to download for this? Thanks so much!!

  2. Hey I have tried all methods & all seem to be working. On the first one I go to add it to my homepage then click it voila , its installed.

    1. I have iOS 11.2.1 on IPhone 6s , please help me to instal Pangu jailbreak , thank you ! I had tried all methods but I don’t know why is not working….

  3. Pangu iOS 11.2.6 Jailbreak is the best jailbreak ever released. Works along with electra jailbreak with the exploits shared with Pangu Team.

  4. Just got a new iPhone and it still won’t work with both methods. Does it matter if I’ve had Cydia install previously years ago on this backup?

  5. I tried second method on my iPhone 6S Plus it just said “Install Success!!!” but nothing happened.. (11.2.6) Pangu team, please fix.

  6. Cydia shows install but won’t download.
    Pangyu shows install but won’t download.
    Elektra shows install but won’t download.
    I’m running IOS 11.2.6
    iPhone 8 Plus
    Frustrated and done!!

  7. I plan on buying an iPad Pro 10.5in, if I upgrade it to IOS 11, will this work? Can I successfully jailbreak it or no? Thank you!

  8. When I click on the link it just says “ Install Success!!! So what needs to be done next or does this mean it didn’t work -- could you let me know if this is still a workable solution because at this point I don’t know

  9. Does this really work? From most of the comments I don’t think so. We all need help. Pangu can you please help us out. That would be the best thing you could do for everyone.

  10. For everybody having the “Install Success” page open, it’s just a website displaying an image, there’s no real way for it to tell you that it has/hasn’t installed properly. I have attempted to work this out on multiple devices (along with multiple IOS 11 versions) and none seem to work. In my opinion things went bad when they tried untethered jailbreaks. Allowing your PC to handle the heavy loads and being able to keep a close eye on the progress was the greatest benefit and was almost always successful with Tethered Jailbreak Software. Don’t get your hopes up on any IOS 11 jailbreaks until there are full videos with confirmation of cydia being installed and working with no editing magic invovlved. Kudos on the attempt though Pangu Team.

    PS: Anybody that has succesfully installed the Jailbreak with full functionality should post a detailed “How To” in this thread, it would be greatly appreciated. (All I’ve seen on here are back and forth comments/replies saying that it worked or it didn’t with no assistance from Pangu)

  11. Tried this in the old iPhone 6 and new iPhone 8 plus, other than seeing the screen Install Success, there is nothing else. Both are on the version of 11.2.6. Looks like it doesn’t work now. For method 2, there is no profile downloaded, it just display install success.

      1. I have tried again,

        In iPhone 8 plus ( version iOS 11.2.6), using iOS 11.3 or iOS 11.2.6 patch from Pangu, the phone was stuck at “installing pangu, wait …..”. Not usable.

        In iPhone 6 (version iOS 11.2.6 ), using iOS 11.3 or iOS 11.2.6 patch from Pangu, the phone goes to “Install Success” straight away, without downloading the profile. Still not usable

      2. Still failed after trying again:

        1) Iphone 8 plus ( iOS 11.2.6) went to the advanced link ( both iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.2.6), it is showing “Installing Pangu, wait….” and stuck here forever.

        2) iPhonee 6 (iOS 11.2.6) went to the advanced link ( both iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.2.6), after clicking the link, it shows “Install Success” immediately, without downloading any profiles.

      3. I have replied a few times after you mentioned you have fixed, still does not work as in Iphone8 Plus, it stuck in “Installing, wait….”. It can’t download the configuration file at all.

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