iOS 10 Features

The WWDC keynote speech is finally over and iOS 10 is out in the open. An impressive update, Apple has announced a number of additions and updates to the new firmware, followed by the release of the iOS 10 download [ext link] for developers. They will now start to test out the iOS firmware to see what works and what doesn’t and we can expect several more betas over the coming months.

Image : iOS 10 Features

ios 10 features

iOS 10 Features :

  • Remote App for Apple TV – will be available on iPad and iPhone and will work with Sri, Touch, Voice Control and will use motion controls for playing games with text input via the keyboard.
  • Automatic App downloads – when you download an app on one device it will sync across all of your iOS devices
  • Universal Clipboard – any hyperlinks, text, or anything else that is copied on one iOS device can now be accessed on all devices
  • Raise to Wake – lift your iPhone to automatically wake the screen and display updates and notifications which can be interacted with via 3D touch
  • 3D Touch Widgets – iphonw iwdgets No longer open an app to see updates, video highlights and news – see it all on a widget instead
  • Siri – Siri always gets an update and this time the intelligent personal assistant will be able to use your location and other personal information to provide more intelligent suggestions. Siri is also being opened up to third party developers.
  • Photos – live editing, object and scene detection and a new tab called Memories are just some of the new features on the Photos App. Photos from events or holidays will be automatically edited together and all photos that are relevant will be grouped together
  • Apple Maps – a complete overhaul in terms of design and will be more proactive, making suggestions based on your location. Traffic plays a more important part with the Maps app providing alternative routes along with possible time savings when you take it. Apple Maps works with CarPlay and is also being opened to developers.
  • Apple Music – gets a complete design overhaul and the addition of lyrics
  • Apple News – a big update, with an overhaul to the interface leaving it looking similar to Apple Music. Breaking news and subscriptions are being included as features.
  • Apple Home – ios 10 weather a brand new app, based on HomeKit and letting you manage and control connected home devices using your iOS device
  • Phone App – Phone calls that go to voicemail will now be transcribed into text, meaning you don’t have to listen to the voice mail to know what it says. Spam calls will be identified and notified to you
  • Messages – ios 10 emojithe addition of rich links, which means you can play videos in your messages now. The emoji’s have gotten bigger and we also have highlighted “emojifiable” words which, when tapped, will automatically turn into the emoji. Apple Music is integrated into Messages, Bubble animations can be enabled and developers will now have access to the SDK

iOS 10 Jailbreak :

Obviously at this stage we can’t say when there will be an iOS 10 jailbreak but it almost certainly won’t be until the end of September at the earliest. Pangu Team will be busy over the next couple of months, working on the beta versions to see if they can find the exploits they need for Pangu 10.

iOS 10 Supported Devices :

ios 10 compatible

The iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S lose support for iOS 10 but all other devices will be able to run the new firmware:

  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE
  • iPad 3, 4
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Pro – both models
  • iPad Mini 2 and later
  • iPod Touch 6, 5
  • All new devices released this year

Release Date and Availability :

Beta 1 is out already and the public beta program will be started in July. The public release will be announced in early September but is likely to be somewhere in the latter half of the month.

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  1. Except the 3d touch fuctions in the toggles other shown in the video can be approached using cydia , i had done that earlier in ios 7.

  2. Oh for goodness sake…NOW ITS IOS 10 jailbreak we have to hope to see? Gee everyone lets wait until IOS 12 and maybe they’ll make a public JB FOR IOS 9.3..?!
    Jeez so glad I didn’t hold my breath on a JB and dumped the iPhone as my main phone.

    1. Bro it takes time if you want a jailbreak so bad figure out how to jailbreak it then on your own stop depending on others it will come out when it’s done and stable enough

  3. So you had the JB at 100% on 9.3.2 or 9.3.1 and now YOU FORGET IT AND START WORKING AT IOS 10? Why the f*ck you dont finish the other jb you almost had?:/

  4. Losing my faith on u, panguteam! no jailbreak, just promises… started thinking that you dont know anymore how to jailbreak a device…

  5. Whats up with the jailbreak because its been a while since people could jailbreak there i-phone that’s really why people love to buy I phone because of the jailbreak and customization part of the jailbreak IOS 10 isn’t really important yet because we on IOS 9.3.2 and some people even lower because they have been waiting on a jailbreak from so long ago when you guys keep saying don’t update

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