iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak

Apple has now released iOS 10.3.2 download [ext link], a small release that fixes bugs that showed up in iOS 10.3.1 and helps to improve performance. It also contains a number of security fixes that have got the jailbreak community concerned that there won’t be an iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak for iPhone. The good news is, there is one and it is available for download now. With iOS 11 the next big thing, it is likely that Apple will slow down on iOS 10 releases now and concentrate on just maintaining it. Here’s how to jailbreak iOS 10.3.2.

Image : iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Update

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 :

You can do this in two ways. Both these methods are explained below.

Method 1: Safari Browser

Don’t worry about any other browser because Safari is the only one that will work :

  1. Open Safari browser and go to 
  2. Our mobile web page will load so tap on the UP arrow , top or bottom of the page  
  3. When the new options load on the screen, select and tap on Add to Home Screen 
  4. You are now going to be asked to give the app icon a name so type Pangu into the box . Tap the Add button and close Safari 
  5. Look on your Home screen and you will see the Pangu icon 

Video: Watch to see how these steps are done

Method 2: Yalu Jailbreak IPA Method

While we expected to see an iOS 10 jailbreak from Pangu team, given their track record in previous years, we haven’t heard anything from them. It is highly unlikely that they have left the jailbreak scene but in their absence, another developer has stepped forward with a jailbreak, none other than Luca Todesco. However, welcome though the jailbreak is, it isn’t quite what we are used to. Here’s why.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak

  1. Yalu will only work on 64-bit devices, form the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6S Plus
  2. Because it is a semi-untethered utility, you will have to reactivate it every time your iOS device is rebooted
  3. You can’t install it straight to your iPhone or iPad. It must be side-loaded using Cydia Impactor and that will require your Apple ID to be successful

Image : Cydia iOS 10.3.2 Download

If you can and, indeed, want to jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 with Yalu, you will find the information you need in the links below:

If you still want to download Yalu jailbreak, you can find a full step-by-step tutorial below :

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  1. Guess i won’t ever move to ios 10 from the looks of it. The only procedure to update to an unsigned version of it is either too complicated or the tutorials for it make it seem that way. Oh well…

  2. we need to stand together and give apple a choice. either lay off the jailbreaking witch hunt or loose millions of customers that will move to android if they succeed in killing jailbreaking. for one, I will never buy another apple product if that happens. how can they tell us how we are to use our phones once we paid good money for them. who do they think they are???I’m sure that google or other phone makers woul;d love to have us a customers and lets face it apple phones are far from the best on the market. I only got them because of their jailbreak ability. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. So lets send them a message and move to android if they succeed in killing the jailbreak. teach these money hungry mongers a lesson that the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Man you read my mind… I swear I think the same things every day. And I swear on my heart if they kill jailbreak I will never buy an apple product in the rest of mi life.

    2. In my opinion, jail breaking is wrong, simply because we’re misusing the phone and not following apple’s rules. Let’s say you ‘broke out of jail’, the cops will try to throw you back in while ‘patching’ the route you took to get out. Not that I’ll stop jail breaking, just that we shouldn’t complain that apple are making it harder to disobey their rules.

      1. Wrong, we own the phones. At this point I will not ever buy an apple product again. Say good by to apple forever.

          1. The OS is licensed to the owner of the phone so the owner of the phone has paid for the OS.

          2. The owner of apple dose not pay anything Sir, he is using Chinese young peoples to make billions and give them cents.
            They try to stop jailbreak because they are scared to lose money. They worship money this new Apple team.
            *Apple died October 5, 2011, at Palo Alto, CA*

          3. License and not sold to, just like the lease agreement with an appointment there are thing you can’t do, with the iOS it’s tampering with the software or changing it in anyway

        1. You’re right you do own the phone but you don’t own the soft ware, read in to the terms and conditions that y’all never read in to

          1. Ok. Jailbreaking is legal, except on iphones and ipods. That means, if you have a jailbroken iphone, You’re breaking the law. If you have a jailbroken ipad, You’re fine.

      2. if it was so bad then they would make it illegal. its not an apple rule not to. all it does is destroy your warranty with them. they dont tell you not to.

        1. You are obviously very ignorant and uninformed, Apple has fought in court to stop jailbreaking but lost. Jailbreaking your device does not void your warranty, ruin your device, and/or make you a criminal. We have been buying these devices at premium prices since the first models were released over 10 years ago and we should not be vilified for wanting complete control over our own property.

        2. Jailbreaking doesn’t destroy any warranty, a simple restore will put it back in tip top shape for any apple repair

      3. “Let’s say you ‘broke out of jail’, the cops will try to throw you back in while ‘patching’ the route you took to get out.”
        Why are we in the ‘jail’ anyway? xD
        Are you saying buying an iphone automatically put us in ‘jail’ and we shouldn’t break from it? That means buying iphone is illegal and they sell illegal stuff just so that they can put us in jail and force us to follow their rules.

      4. If I buy an item, I own it and can do with it what I want. I don’t know what you mean with “we’;re not following their rules”. You’re not following my rules either, Apple slaveboy.

      5. Apple can’t have “rules”. They can’t say, “you cant have these features that we didn’t give you no matter what!” They can’t dictate how we can use their products (That we paid for). Yes, they can decide not to add certain features. But they cant specifically tell us not to jailbreak our devices to get the features that we want.

        Apple is just s sleazy company that doesn’t care about their customers or what they want. They just want money.

        1. Yeah they don’t. Even today Samsung LISTEN to their costumers and they wanted the headphone jack and they are keeping it for the Galaxy S9 coming up.

      6. Your a m0r0n if you think that way! You pay over a $1000 for a phone yet it’s not entirely yours is it, because of the way Apple sh0ves sheat down your thr0at and says it’s apart of the service. I don’t get why people feel it’s an offence to change the way their phone works.

        Rules should only apply if your breaking the law not bloody changing something on your own device that you paid heaps for!

      7. You have OWNERSHIP over this item it is yours once paid to do whatever and if they want to focus their attention on that and block users from jail breaking then lose customers just that simple

      8. If a company makes a product that you purchase and dictates to you how you can use it……that is a form of slavery……you can purchase a laptop, a new car, etc………but they can’t dictate to you whether you can put a air freshener, new seat covers or have it painted a different color…..and it’s funny you would make such a statement like that and you utilize jailbreaks too….thank you for being opened minded.

      9. Does Apple Pay you to say such ignorant comments, do you have any self-respect? Regardless if you choose to jailbreak your device or not it should be your choice alone and not that of the company which produces the phone. I’m sure you have used items that you own in a manner in which the manufacturer did not intend or approve of, however if you own the item you have every right to do what ever you like with it. How does my choice to jailbreak a device I own affect your life in anyway? People like you are the reason why we pay so much for these devices and why these companies are so greedy, the manufacturers love sheep like you because you’ll keep buying their product and never question them. Also if it was not for the jailbreak community many of the features that you use on an iOS device today would not be there, Apple has taken many cydia tweaks and made them features on the newest iOS releases.

      10. I need to find a file that was deleted by someone who beoke into my phone. I cant find that with apple. I abhor apple phones for this reason and will never own one again. I will go back to Samsung as soon as new note on sale. Horrible that u cant get to your own deleted files. BAD APPLE!

      11. We own hardware, what software i choose to implement on it is my business. I am not purchasing a “service as a product” such as a point-of-sale device to scan credit cards at a store. Just hardware. its like saying that you cant watch porn on certain site that are full of viruses (windows) and doing so would void warranty.
        Yes we agree to a long disclaimer, however no content of any waiver or disclaimer or contract can contradict your statutory rights as so enshrined in most common law countries (eg i can not have myself contract killed -- the killer would be liable to criminal offences regardless of my consent)
        So dont think that that 40+ page legal waiver / contract that confronts one when they set up a new phone can take away from your rights as so enshrined [in ausralia] by the trade practices act & consumer bla bla act. these statutory pieces of law indeed conflict with some of apples terms of use.

      12. What apple rules? If apple gave me the phone for free, I would follow (to some extent ) what they tell me. Ie. If you get a phone/laptop from your company, it’s free, as long as you don’t tamper with it because of it being company property.

        Assuming everyone on this webpage has an iPhone, we all carry a 700USD object that we paid for to call our own. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, when you first set up an iPhone it asks for your name, i.e., “Ryunen’s Iphone.” Not “Apple’s iPhone.”

      13. I agree 100%!! Apple has certain rules and limitations for their products, that’s what makes them APPLE! So with you already knowing this, why get the phone in the first place? Just stick to Android.

    3. Feel free to ditch Apple and use Android phones if you don’t like their stance on jailbreaking. Apple has always been very tight with their internals and software, and jailbreaking goes directly against that. Their target market is not jailbreakers and such- it’s business professionals, education, etc. Even if every single jailbreaker abandoned Apple, it wouldn’t be a sizable enough loss for them to open up their OS.

      You say that your only reason for buying an iPhone is that it can be jailbroken. Android is far more customizable out of the box, even more so when you root it.

      A majority of iPhone buyers continue to buy iPhones because of the great build quality, features, and most importantly, compatibility with their other Apple products. Yes, it’s nice to be able to jailbreak and customize anything I want on my phone, but I completely understand why Apple chooses to fight jailbreaking so much.

      1. Agreed, in the short run. In the long run, not so clear. They used to have the GUI desktop market, and percent by percent, Microsoft wrested it from them. Might happen eventually with mobile devices too

        1. Definitely not. Have you seen a windows phone? It’s terrible. I don’t even know anyone that owns one

      2. Why do you think I just quit Android and jumped ship to Apple? I used to be a very loyal Android user for about 5 years until they brought on Lollipop, then Marshmallow. The best part of Android was the ability to root. When Lollipop was introduced, all of a sudden rooting became very difficult, and Marshmallow basically ended the practice, unless you were an engineer and seriously knew your way around the system. Not to mention there was a root for just about every major phone out there. That’s why I switched.

    4. Your so right dude👊🏻
      but apple gives a F0ck in our jailbreaks.
      If you know about the people behind apple and the way they think, you also know that I’m right too.

    5. I don’t like how they kill jailbreaks, but When it’s jailbroken, there’s a lot more security issues. any jailbreak is ubstable no matter what and you’re always risking bricking your device and it’s security when it’s jailbroken. Don’t get me wrong I love jailbreaks, but I also like the simplicity of Apple’s software. I have iOS 11 right now and it’s far better than any jailbreak tweak I can install on iOS 10 even, even though it’s not as customizable as android, but they’re working on that. (Control Center)

    6. AGREED! I will absolutely be moving on to android as well!! I refuse to be told what I can and can’t do with a device that I OWN!

    7. I could not agree with you more. I have saying the same thing I just think I am already there. Jail breaking is the ONLY reason I buy Apple. My iPhone is to old to upgrade . And I could not happier. i will never buy another Apple product again. F$&ck You Apple.

    8. Have you ever thought about WHY Apple is killing Jailbreak? The Reason is actually very simple:
      The bugs in IOS making Jailbreaking possible, also make it possible for other People to hack your device.

  3. Will the ios 10.3.2 soon to come jailbreak work for ios 10.3.2 Beta 1???? PLEASE answer so i can update it thanks :)

  4. Dammit ❗️I have a iPhone 5s and I’m still on 8.3 I have been jailbreaking since the first iPhone you guys are supersmart figure this out

      1. could someone walke me through the dummy guide on how to jail break my iphone 7 10.3.2 ive never done before

      2. It’s a demo version and not a full jailbreak. Still can’t do many things without upgrading it, which can’t seem to be done (that I can find anyway) with 10.3.2). Unless you know something I don’t, in which case I’d love to hear!

    1. Somethings changed, are used method want to, and the only thing I notice is this an extra icon on my home screen. Unless I’m missing another icon or something, how does that jailbreak my device just curious

    2. Using Method 1. But it don’t seem to work. Just pangu on my screen, nothing else follows. How do I complete the jailbreak?

  5. So I used to jailbreak my iPhone 4S way back in the day. Obviously it’s been years since I have messed around with any of this. Now I have an iPhone 6S Plus, which is updated fully to iOS 10.3.2. I am trying to jailbreak this phone now. Like how do I actually install it to my phone and start using the jailbreak? I also found a YouTube video that sent me to this page to download and install Cydia but that didn’t work either. Can someone please point me in the right direction of what to do here please? Thanks.

  6. Make no mistake. Pangu is a part of Apple’s developer bug bounty program, they are getting paid to show Apple the bugs in their software. Now by assuring the public that there is a jailbreak and it is safe to update to 10.3.1 because there is a jailbreak for that, the public (80%) of people have upgraded to that. Now, think about what that really means. Pangu is a proven liar when it comes to jailbreaks past iOS 9. They made everyone believe that it was safe to upgrade, because Apple likely paid them alot of money to shows a “jailbreak” so Apple can lock people into the latest security (harder to jailbreak). Please don;t wait around for a jailbreak, it’s not coming; at least from Pangu. I still argue whatever Apple paid, the jailbreaking community would have paid more. Charge for the jailbreak and watch the profits grow, but no one will do it, instead, joining Apple’s bounty program.

  7. i have ios 10.3.2 i phone 6S Plus. And i installed the English pangu app and it is on my phone, it says start jailbreak and i click start then it says lock your phone and wait a few second then i dont get any notificaiton when i clicked ok for them then my phone turns off then come back on and then when i go onto my phone there is no cydia
    someone help?

  8. I tried downloading what they wanted me to just like the video, but when I click on it i get instant access to the Pangu jailbreak app. Cydia can then be installed from it , but its a bit slow. Any thoughts as to why? Maybe I have IOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 7 Plus.

    1. Restart and delete some apps from phone to make up space for the new Pangu app. Pangu works best when there is at least 8GB of free space in your device .

  9. Dear Pangu,

    I have a 5S and IOS 10.3.2 installed. Not able to jailbreak. Followed the instructions,but only the Pangu app.on home screen. What i’am doing wrong?

  10. So, basically, whenever I download the same way it’s shown in the video, I click on the Pangu icon on my home screen. I don’t know what to do, can anyone help?

    1. See comment at the bottom of the thread. it appears there isn’t one available yet for iOS 10.2.1 AND iPhone 7 devices.

  11. What a bunch of ignorant mofos! I love jailbreaking my iphone and know that by doing so, I get to download paid apps for free and get free VIP and subscriptions witch makes me a thieve. It is illegal and wrong. BUT, this will not stop me from buying an iphone. Iphone is the best thing ever created. If they realise a jailbreak fine, if not then oh well. I will never stop buying iphone due to ignorance.

    Good day!

  12. So… where’s the instructions for the “real jailbreak” ??
    You know, like back in the ol days? Because both the methods listed above for 10.3.2 are like circus lemonade …weak!!

  13. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Pangu does NOT offer a public jb of iOS 10.2.1. Follow the steps and what you get is a jailbreak app . They even admit it on a different set of instructions at the very end! “…you will see the Pangu app icon on your home screen. This gives you one tap access to all the latest Pangu iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak updates”

    Still Waiting.

  14. Doing the Pangu jb, as in the video, i finally get Pangu iOS jailbreak on my iPhone with Cydia installed next to it . CHeers !!!

  15. I see a bunch of retards looking for a JB program that hasn’t noticed. Let’s just keep patience and wait for the release.

  16. Thank you pangu team!!! Love your applications can’t wait to see what your next jailbreak tool will be like, love how iOS 9.3.3 runs on my iPhone no issues at all!! Again you guys are Awesome!!

    1. We are working our Best to release the new iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak and half way through iOS 11 Jailbreak. Thanks !!!

  17. Really, everyone on here is complaining but you voluntarily bought apple knowing the history behind it, and knowing they block jailbreak pretty much every time they release an update. You still bought apple knowing that, it’s your own fault at this point, stop buying apple(or stop complaining be a man and buy a phone that doesn’t have limitations) just so you can complain about this. I have an s8 plus and an iPad, sorry my iPad isn’t jailbreak but my android does it all without me bothering, apple has good stuff and the rest is android for me

  18. Yalu will only work on 64-bit devices, form the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6S Plus

    However, iphone 5 is 32 bits device, right?

    Can this work on iphone 5?

  19. What about 10.3.1? I purposely did not upgrade to 10.3.2 or 10.3.3 because I thought that with the exploit in 10.3.1, it would be easier to jailbreak.
    Should I try the Pangu jailbreak tool on 103.1 or do I now have to upgrade to 11 (being that 10.3.3 is no longer available)?


  20. Guys, this is an awesome jailbreak. Pangu is with you all and gave a tutorial showing basically how to jailbreak using this site to your iPhone .. Love Pangu team :)

  21. Apple will end up the same way as Blackberry , which try to be too restricted on their device , Remember not even Apple could compete with Blackberry back in the day. But BB restrictions lead to their downfall , so will Apple if they keep restricting the JB, and then we can happily sing Long Live Samsung , the Android with no Competition.
    Even look at the iPhone X , cheapest of the Samsung display they chose to put into their device and asking ridiculous pricing.
    releasing their iPhone X same time as their iPhone 8 was a master of disaster plan. Bad sales on the 8 and remember how they all brag about the faulty battery on the Samsung , and now the iPhone X doesn’t work in cold temperatures.

    What apple fail to realize is that their sales are due to the JB , which makes the phones open source. To those that think JB is all about free apps , never explore the many offers that are sold on the cydia market which apple doesn’t release to make the phones more fun

      1. well said and agreed 100%. unfortunately, most iphone users don’t know the much about jailbreaking or rooting android phones. iphone x doesn’t have much on a rooted galaxy s8/note 8. They buy their displays(oled) from samsung. apples A11 bionic is overrated. Samsung is way ahead of the game. They have so many features and all the innovations they come out with. I was an iphone user since the first one was released. If you don’t know how to protect yourself regardless of losing security features, you shouldn’t be trying to jailbreak.
        Many people rooting android devices void their warranty, delete any or all things knox security. We protect ourselves fine. With 5g coming, a rooted Android will really be a pc in your hands. Even unrooted phones will remote control your servers/computer from anywhere at 100mbps. I suggest ya’ll stand together like said. Anonymity and open source is KEY! I’ve switched to Andriod. I still got the Iphone X because I’m interested in phones in gerneral. Just my opinion, The galaxy note 8 blows away the new Iphone.
        This is just my opinion alone, nothing is to be taken as fact.

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