iOS 10.1 Jailbreak

Now the iOS 10 has been released, followed incredibly closely by the first of many updates, iOS 10.0.1, attention is turning to when the next jailbreak will be released. Right now, anyone who updates beyond iOS 9.3.3 is stuck with PPHelper jailbreak tool from Pangu and it is the most stable jailbreak utility we have. But not for long. We have some good news.

Image : iOS 10.1 Jailbreak Update


Quick Download Pangu iOS 10.1 Jailbreak app :

Below we have explained how you can get Pangu jailbreak on iOS 10.1 firmware. This tutorial is supported on both 32 bit and 64 bit iOS devices that have iOS 10.1 update installed.

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device running iOS 10.1 .ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10 copy
  2. Now launch this website [as shown here in the image below] . This page has been specially designed for Pangu iOS 10.1 app icon download.ios_10_jailbreak_safari_taig_pangu4 copy
  3. After this page loads completely , go to the bottom of your iPhone and tap on the UP arrow as shown here. iPad users go to Top right corner pangu_iphone_safaripangu_ipad_safari-copy
  4. Now tap on Add to HomeScreen . Tap to proceed ios_10_jailbreak_safari_taig_pangu1_ios_10
  5. In the next screen , rename the app icon as Pangu and tap on Add as shown here  pangu jailbreak safari2
  6. Pangu 10.1 app icon has now been downloaded and installed on your iOS device. Tap to access Pangu updates directly on phone .

Video : This video explains the above process

Pangu iOS 10.1 Jailbreak Release Date :

It could be that Apple has anticipated an iOS 10 jailbreak and, in a bid to stop it from happening or forcing people to update and lose it, they have kept some of the best features of iOS 10 back. In all likelihood, if Pangu are working on Pangu 10.1 jailbreak, there is a good chance that they will hold back now until they can provide us with an stable jailbreak instead, even though we now have the proof that iOS 10 can be jailbroken.

Image : Cydia on iOS 10.1


Luca Todesco has recently provided us with the evidence we need to show [image above]  that it is perfectly possible to jailbreak iOS 10.0.1 and that evidence came within a matter of days after the initial release. However, proof or not, we will not see any jailbreak from Todesco and, even if Taig or Pangu use the vulnerabilities that he has used, it doesn’t mean they can produce a jailbreak that quickly, mainly because it has to be safe for potentially millions of people to use.

Obviously, we don’t know for sure that an iOS 10 jailbreak won’t be released but it does make sense for the teams to hold on to what they have for now and wait. If there is no jailbreak released, Apple won’t have any prior warning as to what vulnerabilities are being used and there is a slightly higher chance that they won’t patch them. If they do, well both Taig and Pangu are already examining iOS 10.1 and will already be on the way to determining what is there to be used.

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        1. yeah exactly. not everyone has the money to buy a new iphone. furthermore, the last supported os for iphone 4s is ios9.3.5
          So all the iphone 4s users have 9.3.5 and if pangu released a jailbreak for 9.3.5 for 32bit iphones many people could jailbreak their devices.

        2. I personally love Android because of how open source it is. I kinda really want the Pixel, but I think I’ll stick with my Galaxy for now.

      1. Most people don’t have £500 pounds sitting in their back pocket and even if they could afford it they might not want to waste their money just to get a jailbreak

    1. I’m sick of everyone complaining there isn’t nor will there ever be a 32 bit jailbreak in the future just get an iPod 6 for like $275 and wait for the iOS 10.x.x jail real to come out

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  2. Stop moaning for a jailbreak we have to work to jailbreak iOS and all you do is be impatient even though you get it for free!

  3. I really have to say that I’m glad there are people that take time to make jailbreaks. Many people get impatient, but honestly, I know many rundowns of a lot of operating systems, but iOS is more puzzling.

  4. Please send to my email about way and aplications that i need to jailbreak my ios 10.0.1
    I will wait u…

  5. If all of us would just be willing to chip in just $2 each for a jailbreak tool, we would be able to offer an even bigger bounty than apple does to people like Luca Todesco and other security researchers for iOS jailbreak exploits.

  6. Hi there guys, now I know it ain’t easy to get these jailbreaks out for us I know that for sure but I can also understand the impatience of many users too. Some of us love the product of your work and are sometimes over zealous bout getting it.
    It would really help if we at least knew when we gonna get iOS 9.3.5 and 10.1 jailbreaks. Just a date or a release month would do. Thanks guys

  7. I would pay 5 $ for a JB if we all did that we would not have to worry about the bounty apple willing to pay just think about it guys

  8. Oh throw your 32-bit phone in bin and get a… get a freaking clue, if people with 32-bit phones had to be fired by apple to get a 64 bit device to jailbreak wouldn’t that not make them mugs like a majority of you? Buying new phones to keep up with firmware continuously updated by apple only to become obsolete quicker than android phones? If a phone can be updated to a point where JB firmware is same as yours currently not much code has to be changed since its already there in past jailbreaks. Your device was once on iOS 9 was it not? That had a jb for 32 & 64 bit, all they have to do now is update and revise it and work out apples changes. That takes time I know, and will gladly wait. A majority of you have serious lack of faith in these guys skills.

    1. iPhone auto-correct fail level is: 99.
      But the last part of what I said hopefully is simple enough to understand, at least if your not a simpleton.

  9. I managed to jailbreak my Iphone 6 iOS 10.1 but, cydia is broken. It says iPhone8,2, iOS 10.2 Cydia 1.1.28 716d77968ec1240c3c1496b140c2c7c13a98f33d

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