Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation

With just about every new version of the iOS, the same errors seem to come up time and time again. iOS 10 is no different and one such error users are experiencing is the “Waiting for Activation” iMessage error, one of the most irritating errors there is. There are plenty of so-called “fixes” available but, to be honest, very few of them actually work.  Having run through several iPhones and lots of different fixes, we have finally found a couple of solutions that really work.

Image : Fix iOS 10 – iMessage Waiting for Activation

iMessage Waiting for Activation

Before Applying the Solution :

Before you try this fix, there are a few things you need to check first:

  1. Look under General to make sure you have the time and date set correctly. Set it to Set Automatically, make sure you have the right time zone and that your iPhone display the right time
  2. Make sure your network is working without interruption; if necessary use cellular data
  3. Make sure your provider allows you to receive international messages otherwise you won’t receive the Activation message
  4. Make sure that your own phone number is on the Phone app as a contact; if not, you must add it by tapping on Settings > Phone > My Number and completing the detailschange mobile number on ios 9 iphone 8

How to Fix iMessage activation Error :

Before you do anything, contact your carrier to make sure they support Message.

Try Airplane Mode :

  1. Open Settings > Messages. Tap on the correct toggles to turn off both iMessage and FaceTime
  2. Place your iPhone into Airplane Mode and Wi-Fi will turn off automatically airplane mode
  3. Now manually switch on Wi-Fi
  4. Go back to Messages and turn iMessage back on
  5. You may be promoted to add an Apple ID if you haven’t already done so
  6. Back to Settings and turn Airplane Mode off
  7. You should receive a Notification warning you that your carrier may charge for the SMS; tap on OK
  8. If you don’t get the notification, go to Messages, turn iMessage off, wait a minute and then switch it back on
  9. You will see your email and a grayed out number – when the number is checked, iMessage is activated

Sign Out of Apple ID :

  1. Open Settings > Messages and then open Send & Receive
  2. Tap on your Apple ID and sign out
  3. Turn off iMessage
  4. Wait for a while and then turn your Wi-Fi off and then on again wifi off iphone 6 ios 10
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID again and try activating iMessage again

Reset | Restore Method :

If neither of these remove the error, you must next reset your location settings, followed by resetting your iPhone. You will need to log back in using your Apple ID and then try activating iMessage again.  If this fails, you are left with no option but to restore your iPhone. reset iphone 6 ios 8 network settings

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  1. Mine was working until a few days after we moved, and I got a notification that an iPhone 4, which we have never owned, had been added to my account. I changed my password and security questions, and haven’t been able to get iMessage to work through my phone number since. It shows on my spouse’s phone that I am messaging him from my email. 😕 I have tried everything except restoring my phone as new. 😞 I have an iPhone 6S, and recently moved overseas from the US.

  2. I have issues always waiting for activation in imessages and facetime, after upgrade to ios 10.2

    Resolution from the above it works just reset network setting.

    Nice to shared


  3. I had just reset my phone and my imessage wasn’t working. I tried the first fix and initially it didn’t work, however after trying it again my imessage is working perfectly. Thanks!

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