iOS 11 is the latest major firmware release from Apple and, as of yet, iOS jailbreak is not possible. For those of you that have updated your iOS devices, you will not be able to downgrade back to a version of the firmware that can be jailbroken and, as such, that means you will be missing out on your favorite modifications and apps from the Cydia store. One of the reasons why some people install jailbreaks is so that they can install the latest paid content, apps and games on their iOS devices for free.

Image : HipStore Download Tutorial


With no jailbreak, we need to find another solution and that’s where HipStore plays a big part. HipStore [ext link] is an app installer, similar to the jailbreak alternatives, like Install0us and AppCake, but it doesn’t need you to install Cydia to work. Instead, anyone can put HipStore on their iOS device and enjoy the free content contained in it. You can’t get HipStore by going into the app store though so you will need to follow the steps we outline below.  You won’t need a computer to do this and you can remove it anytime you want.

Image : HipStore App


Supported Devices :

HipStore will work on all iOS devices:

  • iPhone [ all models ]
  • iPod Touch [ all models ]
  • iPad Pro [ all models ]
  • iPad Mini [ all version ]
  • iPad Air [ all versions ]

Download HipStore :

  1. First, launch the Safari browser on your iOS device [ this method does not work on any other browser ]  
  2. Type hipstore.org into the address bar and tap on Go  
  3. When the page has loaded, search for and tap on the UP arrow , bottom of the screen for iPhone and top for iPad users 
  4. You will be asked where to save the icon, select Add to Home Screen from the list 
  5. Now you need to call your icon something so type in HipStore. Tap on the Add button and then you can exit Safari 
  6. The HipStore app icon will be on your home page  

Video: This video walks you through the above steps

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