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The last jailbreak was some time ago and many users are getting a little edgy, missing their jailbreak tweaks and having to put up with stock apps and the tough restrictions that Apple has in place.  To be fair to the jailbreak teams, Apple does seem to have been on the ball just lately, issuing update after update in a bid to stabilize the iOS and that could well have patched up many of the exploits that Taig and Pangu could have used. On the other side of the coin, there are those who simply don’t want to jailbreak but they do want a few more features in their stock apps. The good news is, we have an answer in an app called Extensify.

Image : Extensify Download – Finally Available

download extensify jailbreak

In case you don’t recall that name, let us remind you that Extensify was announced a lot of months ago and is a tweak store for non-jailbroken iOS devices. Created by developers Kevin Ko and Majd Alfhaily, Extensify allows you to tweak (modify) your App Store apps without jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone. Meant for iOS 9, the app is sideloading through Safari [more on that below].

How Does Extensify Work ?

Extensify is a tweak store, and the tweaks in it are called Exos [image below]. There are numerous different Exos for different apps, and you can choose Exos to modify any app you want. Once you have modified an app, the tweaked version bearing a + symbol appears on the Home screen beside the original version of the app. You can then have both the versions or can uninstall any of them.


Do note that only apps downloaded from the App Store can be tweaked using Extensify, and you certainly cannot tweak anything else than that- no iOS elements can be modified. Of course, this means that Extensify is not a replacement for Cydia, but it is actually not meant to be. Extensify and Cydia are two very different things. Cydia [ext link] can give you great customizing powers, while Extensify [ext link] is meant for tweaking apps if you want to stay on stock iOS or if you want something to pass the time until the next jailbreak release.

Download Extensify :

As of now, Extensify is available through soft launch via the official Extensify website only. You can head over to the site, register for the soft launch Extensify Beta [ext link] , and if you are lucky enough, you will make it to the very short list of randomly selected users who get to try out Extensify before most of the public. Extensify is not free unfortunately. Alternatively, you can use these steps to install Extensify on your iOS home screen using Safari for Free .

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device  ios 9 safari iphone 6 plus
  2. Type in downloadextensify.com in the address bar download extensify2
  3. On the page that loads, head down to the bottom and tap on the UP arrow extensify download
  4. On the pop-up screen, select and tap on Add to Home Screen  download extensify1
  5. Next, give your app a name, call it Extensify download extensify0
  6. Tap on Add and then you can close down Safari – the app icon should now be on your home screen extensify app on ios 9 homescreen

Video : Here is a video tutorial for the above process

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  1. In other words, the user would be paying for an ongoing subscription to a useless bit of kit, only good for toying with between jailbreaks? I’m afraid not. Personally I have excellent apps that cost me only once (to include regular updates) which actually do something useful. Please get real?

  2. That was pretty boring. Looking to jailbreak my iPad mini 3 on 9.3.2
    I had to upgrade as the 7.0 jailbreak was causing problems and I was hoping that there would be a new jail break by now.
    I do appreciate the work that the people do but as like others I am getting impatient waiting. I hate what Apple does to our otherwise awesome devices. I really would even be happy if I could have the ability to have the @ sign one the same typing page and to be able to watch the Edmonton Oilers hockey games on my iPad for free.
    Thank you.

  3. Hahaaah you guys are so lost… Just make post about meals and housewife tips now, cause you fail on jailbreaking 9.2…. Just give up..

  4. Extensify is not what we wanted. I think it’s good not to take someone for granted. We know that jailbreak stuff you people offer is free of charge. So, u don’t have to be deceiving us because, we appreciate the hard work. Thanks.

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