Error 0A – Stuck at 45% in Pangu Jailbreak

Chinese Jailbreak Team Pangu has given the whole jailbreak community a great surprise as they have released the Pangu 9 Jailbreak tool for jailbreaking iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak [ext link] . Though the jailbreak is perfect and the process is very smooth and fast, a few users have reportedly been facing some errors while jailbreaking their iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone with the Pangu 9 tool, and one of the main issues is being stuck on a particular progress mark.

Image : Stuck during Jailbreak Process

pangu error 0a - stuck at 45 percent

So in case you are trying to jailbreak your iOS device using the new Pangu jailbreak and are experiencing errors like the progress getting Stuck at 45% , then you can try to fix such issues with the following suggestions.

Progress Stuck at 45% [ Error 0A]

stuck at 45 percent - error e0a

In case you get an error at the 45% progress mark saying Error occurred in preparing the environment, error code (0A), you should understand that this happens when you take encrypted backups of your iOS device with iTunes. You can fix this issue by disabling Encrypted iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Backup in iTunes via the Summary tab. Just go to the Summary tab and uncheck the check box. Then create an unencrypted backup of the device and try jailbreaking again. This solution has worked for many users.

itunes encrypt backup

Failed Jailbreak Attempts :

In case you are not able to jailbreak your iOS device in multiple attempts, then try the following fixes :

  1. Switch on the Airplane mode and try jailbreaking again. airplane mode
  2. Reboot your iOS device and computer and try again. slide_to_power_off
  3. Restore your device by using the restore function in the Pangu tool, and then retry jailbreaking.
  4. Also, before you start jailbreaking, make sure to turn off Find My iPhone, Touch ID, and Passcode before you proceed to jailbreak. find my iphone turn off

OTA Update Issues :

In case you are getting any other errors while jailbreaking your device using the Pangu 9 tool, then you need to restore your device again to iOS 9.0.2 using the manual IPSW installation method [ext link]. You will face jailbreak issues in case you have updated to iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 via OTA update. So make sure that you install iOS manually once more before jailbreaking.

Unable to Find Settings for Tweaks :

iOS 9 does not support PreferenceLoader as of now, so users will not be able to see the preference panes of jailbreak tweaks in the stock Settings app. Now that the jailbreak has been released, we expect PreferenceLoader to be updated soon.

/usr/libexc/cydia/cydo error(2) error :

In case you get this error, you need to perform a fresh iOS 9 restore and then try jailbreaking again.

Can’t Find Cydia App :

In case you have already jailbroken but cannot find the Cydia app in your device, then launch the Photos app, run the Pangu tool again, and wait.

Greyed Out Start Button on Pangu  9 :

pangu 9 start

Many users have reported that they are stuck on the Please connect your device and press Start, where the Start button is greyed out. In case you are getting the same error, then re-install the latest version of iTunes in your Windows PC, connect your iOS device once, and try again.

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  1. i guess its jailed my iphone 5c but cant find the cydia app the pangu icon remains there and another icon is there it spells WWDC

    1. I have broken my ipad 2 but Cydia crashes

      It took 2 attempts to jailbreak. (I use a fresh virtual windows machine)

      1st jailbreak try I got error 51
      2nd jailbreak try was successful


      Cydia crashes.

      After reboot I now get IOS9 memory nearly full message.
      I have 8.9 GB free out of 16 GB.
      I also get this message when I run Cydia the first time after reboot.

    1. Apple hasn’t released an iPod touch 7th gen, do you mean the 6th gen (the one that is bassically an iPod 5 but with a new chip)

  2. I have tried on my 4s(ios9) & 5(ios9.02). Jailbreak process was completely done but both can not open the Pangu apps & WWDC apps. What should be done to rectify this issues?
    Kindly advice.

  3. when i run the tool i get a error that says:

    Runtime Error!
    Program: C:\Users\Bart\Documents\Pangy9_v1.0.1exe
    this application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    please contact the application’s support team for more information.

    how do i solve this?

    1. Open the photos app when it tells you to go to Pangu, then open Pangu. When it goes into the white screen, press back to Pangu in the new ios feature and that should work. I was stuck about thirty times before I figured this out. :)

  4. Is there a way to disable the check for the encrypted iTunes backup when starting Pangu 1.0.1 ? I know that probably the jailbreak will fail, but I’d like to try to recover that backup password in the Keychain.

  5. I keep gettin this error whenI try open the exe microsoft++c runtime error any fix would be much appreciated. thanks in advance!

  6. Help please: i made a full backup (last version Itunes) of my iphone 5s upgraded to 9.0.2, and then disabled the pass code, touch id & find my iphone before to start pangu 1.0.1, i put my iphone on airplane mode and then i’m starting the process but always stops at 30% and says error 0a. and always the same :(

  7. SAME PROBLEM!! I also made a full backup (last version Itunes) of my iphone 6 upgraded to 9.0.2, and then disabled the pass code, touch id & find my iphone before to start pangu 1.0.1, I put my iphone on airplane mode and then i’m starting the process but always stops at 30% and says error 0a. and always the same PLEASE HELP ME!

  8. I have a iPhone 6 and I am worried to jailbreak because I don’t want it to get bricked, as I heard of many people that had that happen to them. Any recommendations?

  9. I have iphone 5 with 9.0.2 and I procccess jaibreak with Windows 10. I have try many time to jailbreak following you instruction, however I have these results:
    1. jailbreak after backup with Itunes. The Pangu is running but after the last Iphone restart the phone is locked showing apple image and I have ti put again in DFU.
    2. if I install ios 9.0.2 as new phone, after the last restart Cydia not appear.
    So I don’t know what I have to do.

  10. any one can tell me how to find cydia
    i try to launch photo apps and close it then open the pangu,also never appear in home screen
    ps:i already jailbreak

    1. Any response to this? I’m having the same problem.
      Pangu on Windows just says “jailbreak ready” and not “jailbreak complete”
      No Cydia
      Tried using the photos app fix but no joy!!!!

  11. Ipad retina 2 -- IOS 9.0.2
    Jailbreak completed but Cydia crashes when I try to open. Please send a fix as I DO NOT want to restore to IOS9.1


  12. When I connect my device and the Pangu tool detects my 6s it says that the jailbreak is not compatible with iOS 7. I have 9.1 installed.

  13. I can’t even download Pangu9! my computer says that there’s a network error. I’m sure the answer is obvious. any help?

    (I’ve tried on two different computers, PC and Mac)

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