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The very latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 9.3.2 [ext link], seems to be causing some rather troubling issue for iPad owners. A large number have started sounding off on public forums and on social media sites about how iOS 9.3.2 is bricking their iPad. The problem appears to be limited to the iPad Pro 9.7 inch at the moment and it seems to be after the device was updated OTA (over the air). The problem is forcing users into having to connect their devices directly to iTunes and, for some, this has caused an extra issue of being put into a boot loop.

Image : iTunes Error 56 Fix for iPad Pro and iPhone

error 56 itunes

Understandably, users are not happy about this but it is worth bearing in mind that it hasn’t affected all 9.7 inch iPad Pro devices. In fact, many owners have found that they have been able to successfully update OTA without encountering any problem. However, there are enough complaints via sites like Twitter to suggest that the problem is widespread enough to require intervention by Apple to fix it, preferably sooner rather than later. Those who have been affected with the issue say that they are presented with “Error 56” and a request to connect their device to iTunes to fix it.

Image : iTunes Error 56 with Recovery Screen

itunes error 56 dlp

Of course, if connecting to iTunes and restoring did actually fix the problem then it wouldn’t be so bad but more than a few users have found their devices unusable after getting stuck in a never-ending boot loop. This isn’t the first time users have been hit with the “Error 56” problem and Apple has actually got a support page for the error, saying that users are advised to “check for hardware issues”.

How to Fix iTunes Error 56 :

They have also put out some advice on fixing the issue, by running through the following steps .

  1. Check that you are using the most up to date version of iTunes – version4 is the latest [at the time of writing this article]itunes update mac
  2. If you are, you should then check to see if you have any third party security software that could be interfering and causing the problem antivirus disable
  3. After that, make sure your connectivity cables are all in good working order ipad_lightning_cable_connector

If you have done all of that, and you get the same error two more times, Apple suggests contacting Apple Support [ext link] for some help. Not much help to those who have already got a bricked iPad Pro unfortunately but, if the numbers carry on rising and enough noise is made in the public forums, Apple will need to at least acknowledge the problem if not come up with some kind of fix for it.

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  1. I have iPhone 4s , when i tried to update my iOs from 8.4 to 9.0.1 the same problem occurs, before it was -1 and now its 56 I really don’t know the fix to this but have tried all the possible solutions but at the last failed in fixing my device.

    1. No one knows for sure bud… Apple is trying to make it so jailbreaks aren’t possible, so Pangu is a very private group.

  2. No more jailbreak love here, same as TaiG. Better rely on serious sites like redmondpie. These sites here are runned by some poor trolls.

    1. Not sure where your coming from. Pangu released the iOS 7, 8, and 9 jailbreaks first nearly every time. Redmond scarcely ever works… Ever. I have two iOS 6 devices and I know much more than I need to get the right jailbreak program and run it. Pangu is he best jailbreak group, period, easily followed by Taig.

  3. This page updates more on what Apple is doing rather than jb. If we wanted Apple updates on iOS news then im sure we can just visit the apple page.

    I’m more interested in what the jb team is doing.

  4. Uggg!! Still no jailbreak news. I cringe when I see emails from you in my inbox now. I know all it is is another empty promise.

  5. I have an iPad Air 2 64gb In perfect condition hardly used. I also have a Pro, an iPhone and a mini. I updated the Air 2 and got error 56 I tried all the fixes they didn’t work so as advised I took it to the Genius Bar. The genius at the Genius Bar tried a couple of restores then said there is nothing they can do and since its out if warrant but they can replace if I give them £245. I said I was unhappy and the iPad was fine before I installed the update. The response was the update probably triggered something it’s not necessarily the update that caused the fault. What a load of baloney.

    I am furious and would happily join a pressure group to force Apple to act

    1. Just had exactly the same experience for my iphone6 after I got an email from Apple offering me to Beta test iOS10 -- bricked phone, won’t upgrade or reset to factory settings and now worthless. All apple will do is offer to repair it as it’s probably an underlying hardware issue and send me a quote for how much it will cost. Nice.

  6. Same problem… now i have a bricked iphone 6. We have to act an put some pressure on apple. Same kind of problem occured with ios 9 and error 53 and apple fixed it!

  7. Same problem with an iPhone 6. Apple’s answer = “The new iPhone 7 is out.”

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I won’t patronize this type of abuse.

  8. iPhone 6 IOS 10 update ruined it for me as well. At first had the error message 27 and after a dosen reboots and disabling all security options in my PC the restore reached to about 90% and then gave an error message 56. I’m probably going to try to borrow a new data cable from some of my friends (as mine is quite old already) as a last option but I doubt it will have any difference. Anyway, I will try to restore it for a few more times and then I will see what I will do with the phone based on the TILT level.

  9. My iphone6s also have an error 56. any apple’s did answer for me. they just said to me that you have to buy new one or pay $390.

  10. I have incounter the error 56 when updating to 10.3.1 on my iphone 6 I did all what was required and still stuck with a brick phone in recovery mode.

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