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Similar to Evasi0n or Evad3rs, Pangu is now a name synonymous with jailbreaking. In fact, they are the only team to date who have produced a working jailbreak utility for iOS 8 , iOS 9 and iOS 10 . Below are the direct download links for Pangu download on Mac and Windows PC .

Image : Download Pangu App


About Pangu :

Pangu are a team of jailbreak developers from China. They first appeared, never before heard of, earlier in 2014 with an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1. Although users were initially suspicious of a complete unknown suddenly releasing a jailbreak, the utility tested out Ok and the team has gone on from there.

Their jailbreak for iOS 8+ was released just 2 days after Apple released iOS 8 , in what has to be the Quickest Release ever for a Jailbreak. The community fully expected to have to wait until December at the earliest before they could get back to doing what they loved the most and an October 2015 release, just 4 weeks after iOS 9 was officially released took everyone by surprise.

The iOS 9 jailbreak wasn’t quite what was expected; there was no Cydia, no English language and no Mac support. Although it was a nice surprise that it was released so early, to some it seemed like a waste of time. However, to their credit, both Pangu team and Saurik put in the work needed to bring the jailbreak up to scratch and to make sure Cydia was fully compatible with iOS 8 , iOS 9 and iOS 10+ and worked with the jailbreak. Pangu also produced an English version of the utility and, more recently, a Mac version.

Download Links for Pangu :

Following a number of updates, Pangu jailbreak now stands at v1.2 , a fully loaded jailbreak with Cydia. The jailbreak is fully compatible with any iOS device that can support iOS 8,  iOS 9, iOS 10 , iOS 11 is available in the English language and supports both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Image : Pangu 10 Jailbreak

pangu jailbreak ios 10

Pangu   – iOS 7 All Versions:


Apple TV Jailbreak :

Just in case you have been wondering where the team came up with their name , Pangu was, in Chinese mythology, “the very first living being and the creator of all”. Have you used Pangu yet If not, tell us why you haven’t jailbroken this time.

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436 thoughts on “Pangu Download”

  1. Why when I try to use Pangu8 for IOS8 8.01-8.1
    I get the message that my iTunes version is to old and I need to update to a new version.
    I already has the latest on ITunes.

  2. السلام عليكماريد منكم شرح عمليه الحيالريك لاصدار 8.1
    .3 لاني حولت كثيرا بدون جدوه ولكم الشكر

  3. Hey if u guys can can u please try real hard to make a way of jailbreaking an ios device where there is no computer involved cause I really wanna jail break my iPad mini 3 but I don’t own a computer please and thank you thanks from your biggest fan

  4. yes have i got the new iPhone 6 with the firmware 8.3 where can i find the link to download the new software ??? thank you for all you support!

  5. downloaded it but is says iTunes not up to date but I checked iTunes and it is fully up to date what to I do and I have got the iphone 4s thanks ben

  6. My pangu say: “Itunes version is too old. Please upgrade itunes to version 11.2 or later” i have 12.2 and my iphone 5 have 8.3

    • No, I have a jailbroken iPod 5 on iOS 9.0.2., and the jailbreak is fine, just do not install any incompatible tweaks and it will not wreck anything on your iPhone.

    • Same as mine, can’t download iOS 9 jailbreak because it redirects me to the home page, where is the download link!?!

  7. How’s strange! The iOS 9 jailbreak tutorial took me here but I could not find the jailbreak download link. Only iOS 8 jailbreak available at this moment.

  8. why is it that when i click the link to download pangu 9 it just sends me back to the page with the instructions??? how can i download it if the links not even working? pangu is becoming a very unreliable source for jailbreaking ive been having nothing but issues since ios 8.

  9. how restore ios 8.1 using Pangu, please provide steps by steps or vidio tutorial , because I never tried it but the menu is not active START RESTORE … thank you

  10. causes head trauma would not advise to use, 420 swiggity swoogity is bae when illumaerti is shreklord fantasm with fishcakes and ramen noodle soup. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and i WILL EAT MY RAMEN

  11. its so weird so i download pangu9 and then i try to open it as a admin but then it just says “this app is not compatible with ur devise” i have windows 10 plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I followed everything correctly, but it doesn’t work on iPad4th Gen. [I reach up to the last part where you open the Pangu App] [Then i click accept then clicked ‘OK’ on the allowing Pangu to access photos] then the Pangu on PC says 90 percent.. Afterwards my iPad randomly reboots. then fails every-time i try again & again.

  13. I’m on windows 8 and I cannot download the latest version of Pangu,
    please help me developers, yet again thanks for the new jailbreak tool everyone was waiting for.

  14. when i use the tool after it backups everythung and goes to 45 % it stops and syays:cannot prepare or use the envirement
    please tell me what to do

  15. Hi there. I have downloaded and ran the Pangu 1.01 Jailbreak software for iOS 9.2. After jailbreaking, the Cydia app won’t show up on my iPhone 5s 32gb. only the Pangu app and the WWDC will show up. Thanks in advance

  16. I have the pangu9_v1.0.0 on my jail broken iPhone 5s running iOS 9.0.2

    I want update to pangu9_v1.0.1 but when I try to it says my phone is already jail broken.

    Any suggestions?

  17. After getting ios 9.0.2 jailbreak i opened cydia but then it crashed and said storage almost full and i have a 16 gb device iphone 6 plus and i have 3.8 gb left to use! How much storage does it need? plz help

  18. after my last I open cydia jailbreak out writing prepare a second file system then immediately crash how to fix them? please help me, send on my email ekykmof at

    • Hey ekyk ,

      nobody is going to send you an email , so stop leaving your email in comments . this may be picked up by spammers who would spam your inbox ,

  19. succeeded to jb my iphone 4s at the forth attempt using v. 1.0.1. previous three all stuck on 90%….
    Great guys at Pangu Team! you DO rule!!!

  20. I know in the list of Pangu Supported Devices, it says, “[iPhone 6s and 6s Plus compatibility awaited]” but I can assure you that the iPhone 6S Plus IS supported because I have one running iOS 9.0.2 and I used Pangu’s Jailbreak and it worked….I have cydia up and running with no problems whatsoever. So anyone who is waiting for them to update their information before you jailbreak, I say go ahead and do it if you want….it worked for me so it’ll probably work for you also. Good luck

    • YOU NEED TO GO INTO CYDIA AND ADD THIS REPO: and then install Appsync Unified from there.
      Then you should be able to sync with iTunes. Good luck.

  21. help…when i download the latest version of pangu it takes 2hours to download..then when it not finished the download it alreadyy popps out and it says ‘would you like to acesss to harm the computer’ somethings like that..i try it twice,same things.and by the way when it finish download it not show up on the desktop…i try using my own ipad ,directly with safari,using second method,but same thing happen..why.maybe it because of my ipad isnt.[IPAD MINI FIRST GENERATION-IOS SOFWARE 9.0.2]

  22. I have a previous Jailbreak on my iphone6 w/ version 8.1 I downloaded the 9.0 because itunes wants to do the 9.1 did the shift thing picked the 9.0 and it extracts then comes back with a error code, What am I doing wrong do I need to remove the old jailbreak first. I did back up my phone. I also downloaded several versions of pangu . Please help im lost! thank you

  23. jailbroke my iphone4 with pangu 1.2.1 for ios 7.1.2
    Worked perfect!
    apart from going in to safe mode by some tweaks its doing great so far
    will try it on my 5s tonight!
    fingers crossed

  24. when ever i download the pangu9 thing it shows me to connect your device and click start then it shows me to download updates i am irrated doing that please help me out

    • hi! i succeed to do the jailbreak with pangu but i can’t install appsync with cydia, there are many errors !

      then i can’t syncronized with itunes

  25. These websites are just too lengthy and full of clicking of one website to another. In the end everyone just gets lost and has the same question.

    I don’t mean to be offensive but really….? :(

  26. I keep getting a message after downloading pangu that says, Tricia’s iPhone(iphone4,ios9.1(not suitable. only for ios099+)(9.0/9.0.1/9.0.2) what do I do now??? so I can connect my device and jailbreak it??

  27. Hi. I have iphone 6 and no computer. I do not understand how I get started it all. I have jailbreaker 9.1 on the homepage. and even Pangu on the homepage, but then I do not know what to do. help!

    Fr.o.m. Sweden

  28. hey when i click on download for taipg 9.1 a new page will open without download i click one more time the same and i click on download and same problem no download will start plz send me a mail to fix this problem urgent

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  30. I click the download link and it just brings me to the same page over and over again. I am clicking the correct link below and it just refreshes the page. Help!

    Pangu 7 [ for iOS 7 ] :

    Pangu 8 [ for iOS 8 ]:

    Pangu 9.0 [ for iOS 9 upto iOS 9.0.2 ]:

    v 1.0.0
    Pangu 9.1 [ for iOS 9.1 ] :

    v 1.0
    Pangu 9.2 [ for iOS 9.2 ]:

    v 1.0

  31. Why won’t you guys release the 9.1 jailbreak? Not even sure why I’m asking this since it’s obvious you guys either don’t read these posts or just don’t care to answer.

  32. We Are Going to release ios 9.2 jb in 2-3 days and no jb for ios 9.1 is Comming due to security reasons so please make sure your device is running ios 9.2 not ios 9.1 please update your device

  33. Hi,

    I have not upgraded my 5s jailbreak like since 7 (lol) but wanting the new ios. Without upgrading the phone what is the latest ios that will be put on 5s and also which version of Pangu should I be looking at to jailbreak it?

  34. где ссылка на скачивание?
    вебстраницы просто перенаправляют друг на друга…

    where the download link?
    Webpages simply redirects each other …

  35. Hey guys. The iOS 9.1 or 9.2 jailbreak there never will be! Here a originalMessage from Taig and Pangu :

    “It has been many days since iOS 9.2 which officially release. It is Believed That the jailbreak team has been working hard on jailbreaking it. HOWEVER, at this moment, jailbreaking iOS 9.2 hasnt succeed yet. Fellow Jailbreakers please be patient in looking forward If there is any to update on the follow-up wants it. Progress, we instantly. ”

    Taig and Pangu us all song! 😡
    So do not hope on a jailbreak in the next time!

  36. Make Sure Your Heart Is Working Good Jailbreak Is Going To Release Upto Ios 9.2.1 Next Day After This And We Will Release Two Jailbreak One For Ios 9.1-9.2 And Second For Ios 9.2.1 (For Security Reasons)

  37. hey everybody, where can i find applications for mac book with cracks ? ou just the cracks ou serials for some programs ?

  38. please please please give me last ios pangu 9.1 link for my ipad.please only please pls pls pls
    send in please only :( :( :(
    the this site and taig sait links are not work.please please

  39. Salam or he team pangu i have an iphone 5 and in the past few days i did updated my phone to ios 9.2.1 the problem that pangu would not be downloaded to my computer so please could you gkve a link for pangu so that i can download pangu and jailbreak my iphone pleaaaaaaaaaaase

  40. So am I able to jailbreak my iPhone 4. This wasn’t listed, have read one post saying it worked with 1.2.1?? But goes into safe mode? Shall I just do it ;)

    • yep do it the iphone 4 is the only iphone that can safely be jailbroken and, if u mess up completly with it, u can still restore it ;)

  41. I was trying to jailbreak my ipad but then the program closed and now it says my ipad is already jailbroken. please help

  42. Pangu why it takes so long? I already Created my jailbreak and get it public online in about 1 week For iOS 9.3.2 by u it takes so long and please don’t skip the iOS 9 jailbreak if you want you can edit mine

    • “Awaited” was the terminology. I’m in the same boat as you, and I don’t think we can be helped at the moment. Additional verification would help the hamster in my head get some rest lol.

  43. Hi, My IPhone runs iOS 9.2.1, and right now iOS 9.3.2 osa bailable, I want to know if it os posible to install iOS 9.3 instaras of jun pong all the want to the 9.3.2 iOS versión. I’d apreciare a lot an answer, thanks!

  44. I have a real serious issue with jailbreaking my iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.2 I did it but sadly installed a tweak which took me to an endless bootloop then I somehow restarted my phone as we know it is semi-tethered then I tried a lot of times but ended up erasing all data and resetting all settings now I have an error on cydia how do I work with it or do u have a jailbreak for iOS 10?

  45. I think the admin of this site is actually working hard in support of his web page, as here every stuff is quality based stuff.

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