How to Delete Pangu Jailbreak

In Oct 2015, just one month after Apple released iOS 9 and a couple of days after iOS 9.1 came out, Pangu released the first untethered iOS 9 jailbreak for the new firmware. Unfortunately it wasn’t really suitable for all to download as some users didn’t want the Pangu app icon sticking to their phones after jailbreaking . Saurik did come to the rescue and produced an updated version of Cydia for people to install separately from the jailbreak while he worked with Pangu to get it incorporated into their utility.

Image : How to Delete Pangu Jailbreak

remove pangu app

By the time Apple patched the jailbreak with iOS 8.1.1, just one month later, it was up and running perfectly with versions for both Windows and Mac.  Those of you who are still on iOS 8-8.1 and want to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you can use the guides below  . Also links to new iOS 9 jailbreak , aka Pangu 9 is also listed here .

If you are looking to remove Pangu from your iPhone, you can use one of three methods to do so :

How to Remove Pangu from your iPhone :

Method 1 – Delete the Pangu Loader from Cydia

  1. Open Cydia from your home screen
  2. Tap Installed at the bottom of the screen delete pangu from cydia ios 8 iphone 63
  3. Search through the list of packages that you have installed on your iPhone for Pangu loader for iOS delete pangu from cydia ios 8 iphone 64
  4. Click on it and then click Modify > Remove delete pangu from cydia ios 8 iphone 62
  5. This will delete Pangu from your iPhone after which you will need to respring your device for the changes to happen.

Method 2 – Update your iPhone

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap on General > Software Update itunes update iphone
  3. Tap on Download and Update ios 9.0.1 itunes
  4. Allow your iPhone to update to the latest iOS

Method 3 – Restore your iPhone

  1. Download the latest iOS Firmware [iOS 9] [iOS 8]
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  3. Launch iTunes and back up your data
  4. Hold the SHIFT (Windows) or OPTION (Mac) key down and click on RESTORE in iTunes itunes restore
  5. Navigate to the IPSW you downloaded ios 9 ipsw
  6. Select it and allow iTunes to restore your iPhone to the latest iOS firmware .

Your iPhone will reboot onto the new iOS and the Pangu jailbreak will be removed along with all your jailbreak tweaks. Please be aware that there is almost always no jailbreak avilable for the latest firmware as Apple patched them overtime with a new update . Though you shouldn’t have too long to wait for news of the next untethered jailbreak utility.

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  1. 3194 error, cydia also deleted on iphone by cydelete. iphone bricking,cant jailbreak again…pangu says already jailbreaked ios 7.1.2

  2. I downloaded the firmware without any issues, but after hitting restore (whilst pressing down the option key) and clicking on the .ipsw firmware file, a dialogue box popped up saying my iPhone “could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatable.”

  3. Apple finally released iOS 11 beta 4 download profile for iPhone and iPad developers. The iOS 11 update is available to download. There is no need to register an iOS UDID to run the latest firmware.

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