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Jailbreaking is getting harder to do as the number of utilities is falling rapidly. iOS 11 and, to a certain extent, the latter part of iOS 9, seems to be causing a problem for the jailbreak developers and the utilities are fewer and farther apart than ever before. Luckily, we have help at hand with an app installer called Cyrus Installer.

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In the past, we have had installers like TutuApp [ext link], Mojo, and TweakBox [ext link] but, like others, these have only offered us a small number of jailbreak tweaks to choose from, preferring to concentrate on iOS app store content. Cyrus Installer [ ext link] is the other way around, focusing its attention on Cydia [ext link] tweaks instead. And with support running all the way from iOS 7 right up to iOS 11, and covering all iOS devices, everyone can get something out of Cyrus Installer. Take a look at the features offered:

Features of Cyrus Installer :

  • No need to install a jailbreak
  • Minimalist simple design makes it easy to use
  • Free to download
  • All content is free forever
  • No need for resetting or restarting your device
  • You can easily customize the buttons, fonts, and icons to your taste
  • Designed for the iOS device
  • Uses SSL encryption to keep your data private and secure
  • Suitable for all users

How to Download Cyrus Installer :

  1. Open Safari from your iOS device home screen 
  2. Go to 
  3. Let the web page fully load and then tap on the Up arrow , bottom center of the iPhone screen or top right of the iPad 
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen from the new options on your device screen 
  5. When asked to provide a name for the app icon, type in Cyrus and then tap on Add 
  6. When you come out of Safari, the new Cyrus app icon should be on your home screen 

Video: This shows you how these steps are done

Do you think that Cyrus will provide what you need or do you prefer to hang on for a new jailbreak? Have a go at it, see what you think of it and if you really don’t like it then simply follow the tutorial at the linked post to delete Cyrus from your device. For all the latest news, follow us on Facebook .

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