Cydia Substrate iOS 9.3.3

Anybody who has been jailbreaking for a while is well aware of what Substrate Safe Mode is.  If you don’t, then you need to know as it can save you a lot of hassle. Substrate Safe Mode allows you to continue using your jailbroken device while you troubleshoot problems that are on it, and get rid of packages that could be causing trouble. You do only need to use safe Mode when your jailbroken device crashes but it stops you from having to go through the motions of restoring your device and starting all over again.

Image : Cydia Substrate

cydia substrate ios 9.3.3

With the latest jailbreak, PPHelper for iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3, Saurik has provided us with an updated version of Cydia Substrate [now on version 0.9.6200] . If you have used the recent jailbreak, then this update is a vital tool for you. Cydia Substrate is the backbone of every single tweak in the jailbreak store because each and every one of them relies on Substrate to install on your device and run properly. It can also help to protect your iOS device against tweaks that could be faulty.

Cydia Substrate Features :

Obviously, it will add support for the most up to date versions of the iOS, especially now that they can be jailbroken. As well as that, other changes include:

  • Mitigating the storage issues that has appeared with PPHelper jailbreak – it won’t fix it altogether. If you had already used another extension to fix this problem, remove it before you update to the new version of Cydia Substrate.
  • A bug fix – function hooking could cause instability problems on your device, regardless of the Substrate version you are using and this update fixes that
  • Supports No Substrate Mode on the latest iOS versions. This is helpful for when your device develops any issues after a problem tweak, allowing you to remove the problem one. To get into No Substrate Mode, hold the volume up button down while you using PPHelper. Do this after rebooting your device

Updating Cydia Substrate on iOS 9.3.3 :

If you used PPHelper jailbreak, you should install this update to protect your device:

  1. Open Cydia on your device cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3
  2. Tap Changes in bottom of the Cydia screencydia ios 9.3.3 iphone
  3. If you can’t spot the update, tap on Refresh 
  4. Tap the Update and allow it to update to the latest version cydia_substrate
  5. Reboot to allow the installation to finish ios 8 spinning wheel

For those that have not yet installed the latest jailbreak, you can do so now, using our step by step tutorial .

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  1. Bookmark bars yes!!! The ONLY thing I prefer about safrai.Another thing is a way to view your history has have not worked that out, be nice to see you bring in your other google web browser style of the history as that was so cool but the browsr it self kinda sucked but that with google chrome would be perfect :D

  2. iOS 9.3
    When I use this jailbreak it works fine until I turn phone off
    Then as I try tap on cydia icon it won’t open cydia and nothing I’ve got from cydia works

    1. its unthetered jailbreak if you restart your computer you have to tap PP again lock your phone when after respring cydia will work.

    1. Hi, I had the exact same problem what you have to do is go back to the PPhelper Icon app and redo the cydia process by clicking the circle turning off your screen and wait for a restart and then cydia will work again. you will have to repeat this everytime you restart your ios device.
      Hope this helped, reply to me if it did please? :)

    2. You have to launch the jailbreak app and jailbreak it again because it’s a semi jailbreak so it doesn’t work if your device does or you shut it down/restart it

    3. Reopen the PP jailbreak app and click the center button. Then put your device to sleep and you should see a notification from PP. Then your device will reboot and ounce its done you should be able to use your tweaks and open Cydia

    4. Hello Del, the reason you have this problem is because this jailbreak is semi-tethered. Meaning, it will work until you reboot your device. You have to re-run the jailbreak tool after rebooting your device. Respringing your device will not be an issue. So every time you reboot your device, re-run the jailbreak tool used. (Keep in mind, a respringing is not the same as a reboot)

      1. oh ok I was under the impression by the comments and replies to my post that it was untethererd jailbreak now im confused

      2. Yo question. I had a problem with my sources not loading correctly. So I did everything I respring the device, nothing. Then I put it into safe mode, still nothing, sources still won’t load. Then I reboot and when I re jailbreak, everything works fine but then the patching I guess fails and I can’t get it to work. Should I delete pangu and reinstall it? Or restore device and jailbreak once again…

    5. Just go to the app PP and press the circle and lock your phone it will reboot and will work again ..

      If you could not open the app PP go to settings>>general>>device manegement>> and press on the file their and ( trust ) it.

      I wish that is helpful 👍🏼

  3. No puedo dar el jailbreak en la computadora me sale la pantalla de error dspues de poner apple id una ayuda x favor

    1. Prueba conectado en otra red, la mía era muy lenta y nunca podía, me conecte en la casa de mi hermana y corrió a la primera!.

    1. Let them get the jailbreak finished first ! They are still working out all the bugs in the 64-bit. Wait until the actual “Pangu” team comes up with an untethered JB.

  4. I have used all of these methods now about 6 times and each time something else f#%&*s up ! What happened to the people who used to bring out these jailbreak tutorials, did they all go and work for Microsoft or Apple now? That would be the only reason that there is not an untethered jailbreak yet. I know it’s a Chinese jailbreak but could someone with proper English please start to write these instead?

    I honestly DO appreciate all of the work that these teams put into the jailbreak process and I would buy you ALL a cold beer on a hot day but for now I get over frustrated trying this particular jailbreak so I will just sit back and wait for the easy, untethered jailbreak to come out.

    PS: And to Ahmed and all of the other people who keep begging for a 32 bit jailbreak, please stop and let them figure out this jailbreak for 64 first !

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