Cydia Repos for iOS 9.3.3

The biggest single reason for jailbreaking is to customize and modify our iOS devices with features that Apple doesn’t allow. Many of the tweaks and mods in Cydia are free to download but there are some who charge a small amount to cover their time and effort in bringing you the tweak. However, most of these are only $1 – $2 with a few being priced a little higher but, despite that, there are some people who prefer not to pay anything for their tweaks.

Image : Free Pangu Apps Download from Cydia

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There are a number of repositories that deal in nothing but pirated apps and tweaks and, if you have now jailbroken your iOS device using Pangu and are looking for some ideas, try one of these 5 repos, after adding them to Cydia:

How to Add a Repo to Cydia after Pangu Jailbreak:

  1. Open Cydia ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10
  2. Tap on Sources > Edit > Add cydia ios 9 source addcyda_ios_9_repo_source0 cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  3. Type in the repo address – supplied below – and tap on Add Sourcecyda_ios_9_repo_source4

Video : Step by Step Guide of the above steps

Top Repos for Free Jailbreak Apps :

  • Insanelyi –

One of the top places for pirate apps as well as a large handful of legal apps. Contains a lot of different apps, tweaks, themes and mods for customizing your iOS device

  • HackyouriPhone –

Very popular repo for dreamboard themes amongst others, as well as games and other apps that have been cracked.

  • SinfuliPhone –

Top rated repo for a wide range of themes, tweaks and apps, legal and pirated.

  • xSellize –

Home to many popular apps and tweaks, as well a large source of cracked and pirate apps. Many of these can be found on other repos as well.

  • iHackstore –

This last repo contains a large number of pirate apps as well as other popular apps and tweaks that have not been cracked.


Please note that we do not condone piracy. Please try the apps you find on these repos and, if you like them, purchase the app from the developer and show him or her your support. You are also at risk of downloading malware or importing viruses onto your iOS device  from pirate apps.

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