Cellular Data Not Working on iOS 10 Fix

While iOS 10 may be packed with new features, some people are having problems following the upgrade. To be fair, despite all the testing, we have come to expect a certain amount of problems after a new update and the issues people are having are nothing new. One of the main ones seems to be with cellular data not working after the update, while other users have said that certain apps can’t access data, even though Wi-Fi works well. Yet other users have found that they can’t turn Cellular Data on because the option is greyed out.

Image : Cellular Data Not Working


There are a few things you can try if you are experiencing problems with your cellular data:

  1. Enable Cellular Data

If you can, that is. For some people, it may just be a simple case that they haven’t toggled it on

  1. Open Settings > Cellular ios-9 cellular
  2. Toggle Cellular to On cellular-4g-lte-iphone-6-plus-ios-8-1

On the same screen, you can check to see that the apps that you want Cellular data working on are toggled to On

  1. Reset Network Settings and Reboot

To do this:

  1. Open Settings > General > Reset
  2. Choose Reset Network Settings, and input your passcode to confirm reset iphone 6 ios 8 network settings
  3. Go back to the home screen and reboot by holding the Power button down 
  4. After 10 seconds or so, turn your device back on  iphone_6_logo_apple (1)

Cellular data should now be working OK

  1. Carrier Update

On occasion, a mobile carrier might produce an update for better compatibility. To see if your carrier has an update waiting for you, open Settings > General > About. If you get a message telling you there is a carrier update, install it

  1. Update to the Latest iOS

Apple constantly releases updates for iOS and there may be one waiting that will solve the issue. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and check to see if there is an update waiting for you. If there is, update your device

  1. Factory Reset and Restore

This may be a last ditch solution but it has worked for some people:

  1. Connect your device to your PC and open iTunes
  2. Backup your data through iTunes itunes backup ios 9
  3. On your iOS device, open Settings > General >  Rese > Reset All Content and Settings reset_all_settings_ios 9

This will remove all of your settings, data and content to be sure you back it up first.  One the device has been reset, update to iOS 10 again and you should find that cellular data is working fine.

  1. Downgrade to iOS 9.x.x

If it comes to it, you may need to downgrade to a previous iOS version to get rid of the bug and wait for Apple to issue an update that fixes the cellular data problem in iOS 10.

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