Deleted BigBoss Repo – How to Get it Back

The main reason why people jailbreak their iOS devices is to break free of the chains that Apple binds the iOS up in, restrictions that they put in place in the guise of keeping us more secure.  Instead of being limited to what we can and can’t do, the idea behind jailbreaking is that we can modify our devices, give the stock apps more functionality, install new ones that are better and to change the way our devices look. To do all of that, we need Cydia [ext link], the jailbreak app store that comes complete with several default sources and a large number of tweaks to choose from.

Image : Deleted BigBoss Repo

bigboss repo cydia

Sources, otherwise called repositories, are like storage boxes; they are the places where tweaks are stored and the biggest one, by far the most popular default one is called BigBoss. This is the source that most of the more popular tweaks are housed in and is the go-to repository for beginners to jailbreaking. However, sometimes, BigBoss gets missed off when the jailbreak is installed or it might get accidentally deleted, leaving you, you might think, in a bit of a mess. Things aren’t that bad though and there are a couple of Simple ways to get BigBoss back onto your iOS device.

Method 1 : Using Cydia

Instead of panicking when BigBoss is not there, look to Cydia itself to see if you can reinstall it .

  1. From your iOS device home screen, open Cydia
  2. You will see a few options at the bottom of the Cydia main screen – choose More Package Sources bigboss_repo_add4
  3. A window will pop-up giving you a warning about the risk of installing repositories and it will give you a list of sources. Look for BigBoss – it should be at the top of the list bigboss repo
  4. If you see it, just tap on it and then follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall it. bigboss repo2 copy

Method 2 : Adding a Source

If BigBoss repository is not in the list, no need to worry because you can still get it back easy enough by adding in the source:

  1. Open Cydia ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10
  2. Tap Sources from the options at the bottom of the screen cydia ios 9 source add
  3. Tap on Edit at the top right of the screen cyda_ios_9_repo_source2
  4. Tap on Addcyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  5. In the box that appears, type in this URL exactly :  cyda_ios_9_repo_source4
  6. Now tap on Add Source and let Cydia reinstall the source

Follow all instructions that appear on screen throughout the process and, after respringing your device, you should be in proud possession of the BigBoss repository once more.

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  1. Every time I tap on the cydia icon I get the package list or status file could not be opened or parsed.. It’s in red letters. Can anyone help me with this issue. I don’t have IFile on my phone.

  2. I jailbroke my phone amd it rebooted and since it is only a tethered break for some reason i can not rejailbreak please help cydia is still there and crashes

  3. Jail broke my iPad Air version 9.3.3 with PAngu and my PC. It says jailbreak successful. But I can’t get the Cydia Icon/app to show up please help

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