iOS 10 Battery Life Problem after Upgrade Fix

iOS 10 is out and, so far, people seem to like it. There are plenty of new features and updates to older ones as well as enhancements to both security and performance. But an age old problem has resurfaced for some users , battery life.

Image : iOS 10 Battery Life Problem after Upgrade Fix


While iOS 10 underwent testing to make sure it was pretty efficient in terms of power, not everyone thinks it is. However, it must be kept in mind that battery life is very much dependent on how you use your device. If you have found your battery life is not so good after updating, try the fixes below:

  1. Kill off battery-eating apps

First, you need to determine which apps use the most battery so open Settings > Battery and look at the list of apps for the last 24 hours or 4 days. You can easily see which ones are using the most battery so look for the ones at the top of the list that you don’t really use very much. get-detailed-battery-usage-stats-for-individual-apps-your-iphone

Close these apps when you are not using them. if you really don’t need the app then delete it. If you find an app that isn’t vital running in the background, force-close it – double tap on the Home button and swipe up the screen on the app

  1. Disable Location Services

At least, when you are not using them or don’t need them. Most users only need location services for certain apps so first, disable the feature for all apps and then enable it only for the ones that you want it on. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services to disable the feature.


You can also enable the option to use Location Services on when a particular app is in use; that way it will be switched off automatically when you don’t need it. Go to Location Services and select the specific app; tap on While Using App. Now, whenever you use an app that wants to use Location Services, you will be asked to enable it.

  1. Kill Background App Refresh

If background App Refresh is enabled, it will be constantly running in the background, using up battery. Open Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disable it for apps that don’t need to be constantly refreshed. background_app_refresh_ios_9

  1. Disable Push on Email

If you can, set email to Fetch rather than Push. That way, new emails will be checked for at set intervals, rather than having them constantly pushed to your device when a new one is received. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendar and configure your email accounts to Fetch. ios_9_mail_contacts_fetch_push_email-1

  1. Other Tips

If you still have a problem, try these tips :

  • Enable Low Power Mode. This will close down all unnecessary features, apps and functions and will extend the battery life by up to 3 hours. Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode low_power_mode-3
  • Dynamic wallpapers use battery with animations on the Home and Lock screens. Disable it by opening Settings > Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper and picking a still image 
  • Motion effects, parallax and animations all use up battery quickly. Turn them off by opening Settings > General > Accessibility and toggling Reduce Motion on reduce_motion_ios_8_iphone_6
  • Turn on automatic app updates by opening Settings > iTunes and App Store > Automatic Downloads and toggling updates to off itunes_automatic_downloads
  • Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them
  • If you are in an area of low LTE coverage, your battery will be used up searching for a signal all the time. Switch to 3G when necessary by opening Setting > General > Cellular > Enable LTE | 4G and toggle it off cellular-4g-lte-iphone-6-plus-ios-8-1
  • Set your screen to Auto Brightness or dim it manually to save your battery lifeiphone-6-brightness
  • Ensure that your iPhone or iPad goes through at least one full charge cycle every month. This means charging your battery fully and then letting it drain down completely until it dies before charging it again. This will ensure the battery indicator is properly calibrated and accurate.

Restore Your Device

If nothing is working, it could be the iOS firmware itself, especially if you restored to an earlier backup after updating. It may be worth restoring your iPhone again and then setting it up as a new device, rather than from a backup. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings reset_all_settings_ios 9

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