It wouldn’t be surprising if many people thought jailbreaking had died a death or was at least floundering badly. Ever since iOS 10 was released, things have been a little fraught, with so few jailbreaks being released and even fewer people able to properly use them. With that in mind, some developers have been working hard on trying to provide us with a little taste of what Cydia offers, without the requirement of jailbreaking first.

Image : AppValley Download Tutorial

Following the release of Emus4U, TutuApp, and TweakBox  comes AppValley, another app installer with access to loads of apps, games, themes and other content. It needs no jailbreak and all content is free, now and forever. Here’s what you can get with AppValley:

Features of AppValley :

  • No jailbreak required
  • Simple to install and use  
  • Fully tested for stability and safety
  • A huge choice of content, all sorted into easy categories, making navigation simple
  • Lots of modified and tweaked apps including Pokémon Go++, Spotify++, Snapchat++, and much more besides.

Supported Devices :

The following devices on iOS 10 and 11 will all be able to run AppValley:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch

AppValley [ext link] will also work on a PC but you will need to use BlueStacks, Remix OS Player or another Android emulator and on any Android 2.2 or higher mobile device.

Download AppValley Tutorial :

Given that AppValley does not require a jailbreak, you could be tempted to go looking for it in the iOS app store. It won’t be there because this is one type of app that Apple will not let in. Instead, you will download Cydia Impactor and use that to sideload it onto your device. It is a very simple process and you can find all the details at the article linked below:

Video : AppValley Download Tutorial Video

For those of you that are looking for a Cydia clone, you won’t find it in AppValley. While it does offer a huge amount of content, it can never offer the same level of content that Cydia does and will only ever be a stopgap between jailbreaks. For those who don’t want to jailbreak, it is a great solution, a way of getting all the extra bits and pieces without installing Cydia first.

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  1. Hi, i use an iPhone 4s with IOS 7.1, and im wondering if theres any way i can get a compatible
    version of Appvalley. i’ve checked appvalley and it goes down to ios 10, i believe but thats it. is there any other apps that do the same thing that ISN’T TutuApp? thanks!

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