Since iOS 10 was released, there have been few jailbreaks that we can all use and a high percentage of the jailbreak community has not been able to install Cydia [ext link]. That means they are no longer able to download apps like vShare [ext link] and Install0us to get their favorite paid content for free. In the last few months, a handful of developers have released app installers that allow us some access to this content and the latest is one called AppToko.

Image : AppToko Download

AppToko is the latest app installer to gives us some access to content we got used to having with Cydia. Free to use, it allows us to download the very best paid content from the app stores and, even better, it isn’t limited to iOS. Android users can also install AppToko [ext link] and benefit from the great features. Here’s what you get :

AppToko Features :

  1. No jailbreak required
  2. Full support for iOS and Android devices
  3. Enjoy high-speed downloads
  4. Simple to install and easy to use
  5. Choose from the best content from iOS and Google Play stores
  6. Download exclusive content that you won’t get from anywhere else
  7. Download the bestselling paid and free games, apps, ringtones, comics, eBooks, themes and more 
  8. Unlike other installers, you can download more than one app at a time
  9. Downloads in Indonesian and English languages

Download AppToko on Android and iOS :

Downloading and installing AppToko is easy and we have drawn up detailed guides on how to do it, including the download links, for both Android and iOS users. The links below take you to those instructions and we also have guidance on deleting AppToko if you need to:

For many people, when they lost access to Cydia, they also lost the ability to download paid content for free. AppToko gives us back that access without the need to worry about jailbreaking and also gives Android users the chance to do the same. AppToko will not take the place of Cydia; it couldn’t possibly offer the same level of content but it can give us an interim solution while we hold on for another jailbreak that everyone can use.

Tell us if you are going to use AppToko and what your thoughts are on what it provides. To stay up to date with all the latest news and jailbreak updates, follow us on Facebook .




  1. Love the all new AppToko App. its good for downloading games for free without paying and also modified games for high score.

  2. This works great for me too. Downloading modified games from AppToko since last year. its one of the best so far!!

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