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Finally, Pangu has released the Apple TV 4 jailbreak and it is available to download and install for all the ATV 4 users who have got a Mac. As expected, the tvOS jailbreak isn’t as easy to install as an iOS jailbreak, and there’s a lot more to the process than just clicking on the button labelled “Jailbreak“. Thankfully, Pangu has outlined some requirements and the whole process for the jailbreak that we have given below.

Image : Apple TV Jailbreak

apple tv jailbreak pangu

The new Apple TV 4 jailbreak is the first publicly-released jailbreak for the device and works with tvOS 9.0 to tvOS 9.0.1. If you own the compatible device, you can jailbreak Apple TV 4 using the easy tutorial we have outlined here.

Requirements for Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

  • Apple TV 4 that is running on tvOS 9.0 or tvOS 9.0.1.
  • A Mac running OS X.
  • A Type-C to Type-A USB cable.
  • Apple’s Xcode and Keychain Access application.
  • An active but free account on

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 using Pangu Jailbreak :

1. Download Apple TV 4 jailbreak package first. Unzip the compressed file that’s downloaded to get all the required components.

2. Plug in your Apple TV 4 to your Mac using the USB-C cable.

3. Open Xcode and go to Window > Devices. From that list of all available devices, choose your Apple TV 4. pangu_apple tv jailbreak_pangu_apple tv jailbreak_step-1

4. You will see that Device Information tells you a lot about the Apple TV. Just look for Identifier label and note down the UDID number of the device.

5. Now go to your Apple Developer account and then register your Apple TV with the UDID you noted above. Go to this URL to do it: step-2

6. Now you need to make a fresh App ID for your Apple TV 4 in the Apple Developer portal itself. The App ID should be something that you will remember properly. You can do that by going to this link:

7. Create a mobile provisioning profile now, which can be done by going to: See the Development , and under it, selecttvOS App Development profile and click Next. Then select your developer certificate.  step-4

8. In the Select devices section, tick all the boxes next to your registered Apple TV 4 and then assign the provisioning profile you just created. Then click Continue to proceed. pangu_apple tv jailbreak_step-5

9. Now download the provisioning profile you created and save the file inside the Apple TV jailbreak folder you created earlier by extracting the downloaded zip file in the 1st step. Rename the provisioning profile to this: “embedded.mobileprovision”.

10. Go to your Mac and open the Keychain Access app. on your Mac and choose Certificates that’s give under Category. Now look your developer certificate’s properties and note down the information given as A and B. For instance, A will be the common name like “iPhone Developer: test (ABU344JXD5)”, and B will be the Team ID: “63AA45BBCC”. pangu_apple tv jailbreak_pangu_apple tv jailbreak_step-6

11. Finally, go to Xcode and choose Window > Devices. Then make sure the Apple TV 4 device is selected and click on the “+” symbol. Choose the atvipa file found inside the Payload > folder in the uncompressed Pangu jailbreak folder from 1st step.

You can also install the jailbreak app on your Apple TV by using the other script in the jailbreak tool. All you need to do is connect your Apple TV to your Mac, open Terminal, and then run the below-given command with the proper information wherever applicable: <udid> <bundleid> <team id> <common name id>

12. Finally, the tvOS jailbreak app will now get installed on your Apple TV 4 directly. Now connect the device to your TV again and open the Pangu app that you will find on the Home screen. This will complete the jailbreak process. tv frame screenshot

apple tv jailbreak success

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  1. I’m sure many are looking for a IOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak more than this, why you continued to work on 9.1 instead of the newest version, like every other year, is a mystery. Let us know not to update, or that you were still working on 9.1.

  2. Go to from your desktop in windows and you will find that they are going to release jailbreak tool for ios 9.2,9.2.1 and 9.3 soon after apple releases iphone SE on march 31

  3. Which tvOS are you currently working on jailbreaking? Wanting to know what version to update to or stop updating from

  4. can any one please advice how to jailbreak apple tv 4 with tvOS 9.2.2 without having a paid developer apple account.also it is required to install kodi.

  5. Hi Joe,

    Just side load kodi, no need to jailbreak, nor is there any point to the jailbreak at the moment. You will need a Mac computer though. Google side load kodi on atv 4

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