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Most iOS 10 users are well aware that installing beta software onto their iPhone or iPad is not without risk. Beta software is, by its very nature, full of bugs and notoriously unstable and should not be used on any iOS device that you use every day. Most of the developers keep a spare iOS device for testing purposes so that, should anything go wrong during the beta testing, they have not lost the use of their iOS device.  However, there are those who are so eager to get a look at what’s coming up that they go ahead and install the software on their daily devices.

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apple id locked pangu ios 10

This has happened with iOS 10 beta 2 and reports are beginning to appear that some people have found themselves in a bit of a pickle with an error message that reads “Apple ID Locked”. To all intents and purposes, these people are now locked out of their iOS devices and out of any associated services. According to Apple, the reason this is happening is most likely down to two-step authentication, the system they put in place to help us protect our data and devices from malicious use.

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apple id has been locked

The suggestion is that while Apple isn’t entirely sure of the cause, there may be a bug in iOS 10 beta 2 or it could be a bug in one of the authentication servers. However, the problem has not affected everyone who has two-factor authentication enabled, which could mean that something else is interfering. At this stage, Apple is saying that there is little they can do at the moment, leading to the belief that strong security may not always be the best thing.

There are a couple of things you can do to get out of this – the first is to disable two-factor authentication for the time being which may leave your Apple ID open to compromise. Apple has put out some guidance on the matter which may also help you. First, there are three likely error messages that you may see:

  • This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons
  • You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons
  • This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons

If you get one of these, go to [ext link]. From here, you can either sign in with your existing password or you can change your password. If you have too many attempts at unlocking your device successfully your ID will be locked and you won’t be able to try again until the following day.

Image : Cannot Reset Password Problem

apple_id_locked_iphone_ios_10 cannot reset password

If you have two-step authentication enabled, you can either disable it – see the steps below – or you will need to use a trusted device or a trusted phone number to unlock your ID and if you use two-step verification, you need a trusted device and your recovery key. Do make sure that, if you change your password you update it wherever else it needs to be done, such as any Apple services or iCloud.

How to Fix Apple ID Locked Problem :

If you do opt to go down the route of doing this, here’s how:

  1. Go to [ext link]
  2. Select the option for Manage Your Apple ID
  3. Sign in with your credentials
  4. Click on the tab for Password and Security
  5. Click on the option for Turn off Two-Step Verification to disable the feature
  6. Pick some new security questions
  7. Verify your date of birth
  8. Provide an alternative email address for rescue purposes
  9. Click on Save

Do make sure you remember your new security questions and answers as you may need them on occasion to verify who you are. You should receive an email confirming that you have disabled two-step authentication.

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With iOS 10 only just into beta phase, we have a way to go yet before public release in September. Hopefully, Apple will solve the problem in the meantime so that this kind of issue does not present itself in the public version.

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