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Screen Recorders are highly popular apps and, for many people, the best ones were only available on Cydia, the jailbreak app store. However, right now, we are between jailbreaks, with the last one being PPHelper for iOS 9 and there isn’t any news on when we can expect to see one for iOS 10. Ofcourse, this means that anyone who has updated beyond iOS 9.3.3 can now no longer download Cydia and that means not being able to modify their devices or download screen recorder apps.

Image : AirShou Download Tutorial


AirShou used to be the most downloaded of all the screen recorder apps on Cydia but, for some reason, it disappeared a short while ago. It is back though and the developers have given it something of a facelift, including a load of new features that make it even better than it was before. We have also come up with a way to help you get AirShou [ext link] onto your iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak it first which means that everyone can use it.

AirShou Features :

  • No need to download and install Cydia
  • Easy to use airshou_screen_recording
  • Easy to delete when no longer required
  • Records video at up to a resolution of 1080p at up to 60fps
  • Records very good quality stereo sound
  • You can use it to record anything that you want to share, including how-to’s on apps and boasting about good game scores

Supported Devices :

AirShou will work on all iOS devices

How to Download AirShou :

We have provided you with a full tutorial on how to get AirShou on your iOS device because it isn’t a simple case of heading to the app store and downloading it. You will have to download another app first, which also isn’t in the app store but we can assure you that they are both safe to use. You need a strong internet connection on your iPhone and iPad and you need to be able to use Safari browser as this will not work on any other that you may be using

  1. Download Pangu , a full tutorial can be found at the given link 
  2. Launch the Safari browser ios 10 safari
  3. Go to airshou_download_safari0
  4. Tap the UP arrow at the bottom or top of the screen airshou_download_safari0-1
  5. Select and tap on Add to Home Screen airshou_download_safari1
  6. Call the app icon AirShou and tap on Add airshou_download_safari2
  7. When you come out of Safari, the AirShou app icon will be on your home screen airshou-home-large-copy

Video : Watch this video to see these steps being performed

Tell us your thoughts on AirShou and if you come across any issues when you download it. For more of the latest tips and news, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter.




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