iOS 10 Activation Error on iTunes

iOS 10 is out and is currently enjoying quite a high adoption rate. However, while developers and Public Beta testers continue to test out the new iOS 10 download [ext link], some people are finding that iOS 10 has too many bugs and want to downgrade back to iOS 9. This is still possible as Apple is continuing to sign the previous firmware for the time being, meaning that you can use iTunes to get back to an iOS version that is stable.

Image : Fix iOS 10 Activation Error on iTunes

activation error ios 10

Some users who have updated to the latest beta are finding that they are being stalled by an Activation error as well but this can be solved in one of two ways – downgrade or use a different method of installation.

Downgrade :

You can downgrade to any iOS version that is still being signed by Apple, using iTunes. However, if you have backed up your iPhone on iTunes while on the latest beta version, you will not be able to access that backup once you have downgraded.

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes
  2. Download the iOS that you are downgrading to
  3. On your device, open Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and disable it find my iphone turn off
  4. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.
  5. Place your device into DFU mode – hold the Home and Power buttons down for 10 seconds then release the Power button. Hold the Home button down till iTunes tells you that your device is in recovery.
  6. Hold down Shift [ Alt | Option on the Mac ] and click on Restore in iTunes itunes restore
  7. Navigate to the iOS IPSW you downloaded and select it ios 9 ipsw
  8. iTunes will now begin the downgrade process so be patient and do not touch anything on your computer or device restore_in_progress_screen_iphone_6
  9. When the restore is complete, your iOS device will reboot to the Welcome screen  ios_9_hello_screen 3

Register UDID :

To stop the activation error from happening, you must register the UDID of the device you are upgrading and then download the right iOS onto your device. Make a note of your UDID – with your device connected, go into iTunes and you will find the UDID in Settings, under Summary. Highlight the number and copy it. You then have 2 options to register your UDID .

ipad udid itunes

Join the Apple Developer Program

The official way is to join the developer program at a cost of $99 per year.

  1. Go to the Apple Developers Program [ext link] and sign up, making your payment
  2. Login to the Developer Center using the Apple ID you signed up with
  3. Register your UDID number
  4. Download the right IPSW from the Developer Portal
  5. Extract it to your desktop and install it, using the steps above

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