Keen Jailbreak iOS 9.1 in Works

If you are among those people who like their iPhone jailbroken, then get ready for another exciting news straight from China. A fresh report has stated that a jailbreak for iOS 9.1 is already in the pipeline ! This news comes only days after Apple officially released iOS 9.1 on Oct 21st 2015 and made the iOS 9.1 update available for users .

Image : Keen Jailbreak in Progress for iOS 9.1 [ Image Credits – ]

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Keen Team, also spelled as K33n, have gone ahead and made this exciting news public in an interview with Forbes [ video below ] . Liang Chen, a Keen Team member, stated that they are indeed working on a jailbreaking iOS 9.1 and hopefully will be ready with it by November 2015. Chen also showed the Keen Team’s interest to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the famous Pangu Jailbreak Teamfor the release of their first ever jailbreak.

Who is Keen Team ?

Keen Team has not been out of the light and already have a good deal of history in cracking iPhone’s. They won around $27,500 in the 2013 Mobile Pwn2Own competition and consequently bagged around $40,000 in the 2014 competition, all for hacking into the iPhone’s Safari browser. The Keen Team apparently is popular for a lot of security work and is one of the most benevolent and respected hacker teams in the world. Yet, this much-hyped iOS 9.1 jailbreak will be their first, as they have not yet released an iPhone jailbreak which allows users to install their favorite Cydia Tweaks [ext link] even from other sources and not just the App Store.

Image : K33n Jailbreak Team

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It is not a suspense why many hacker teams are “keen” on releasing the first jailbreak for iOS 9.1, because any team who does so gets a lot of recognition and a lot of money by unravelling the vulnerabilities in the iOS . In many instances, most of the Chinese app stores spend thousands of dollars, mostly more, on such researchers and hackers for their jailbreaks, so that once the users have downloaded and installed the hack in their iPhones, they are provided with options of installing a third-party app market. If rumours are to be trusted, such deals for untethered jailbreaks are worth more than a million. And why not ? Untethered jailbreaks are more convenient and in demand, as they can be downloaded, installed, and used directly without having to connect to a computer via USB. These are not barely rumours but actually are widely accepted facts in the iOS community.

Video : Interview with Keen Jailbreak

During the interview with Forbes, Keen Team member Chen said that he it’s not the monetary part that drives him, but it’s the technical challenge that interests him more. This is so because not everyone possesses the level of technical knowledge and skill that is required for successfully rooting an iPhone. Also, Chen revealed that the vulnerabilities will be kept for future hacking competitions or to bug bounty companies like ZDI by HP. They even might hand it over to Apple, though it is a known fact that Apple does not pay for it and just credits the researcher after the patches are ready. And the fact is that Apple itself is keen to learn about the bugs and vulnerabilities in its operating system to maintain control over it, yet the company is not ready to spend a dime for it. This is the reason why hackers go elsewhere.

Keen Team to enter iPhone Jailbreak Scene :

Keen Team is hoping to enter the jailbreaking community with a bang, and with the Pangu Team on its side, they surely are headed in the right direction. It is still worth mentioning at this point that the latest public release of iOS 9.1 is not yet jailbreakable at the present, but the Pangu Team did jailbreak iOS 9 with its own Pangu 9 tool , which they reportedly plan to implement into iOS 9.1 jailbreak aswell. Chen added in the interview that K33n will be working on iOS 9.1 to uncover more vulnerabilities and they plan to release the iOS 9.1 jailbreak within few days. Well, we can surely expect to see more from the Keen Team as they work on iOS 9.1 .

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    1. Thank You! Like frfr.. I accidentally updated my IPhone 6 to IOS 9.1 and now I can’t jailbreak it. So im like on any and all websites trying to see when the next jailbreak is out because I Cannot Live Without My Jailbreaked Phone!!!!!!

      1. I feel your pain 😖 same situation except Apple closed the window before I could fix my laptop an downgrade. I sit on 9.2. beta 1. My only consolation at this point is I managed to salvage my 452 games; but not too much fun without my “perks”. Hopefully a working fix will surface soon for us an everyone in this situation

  1. Guys so many month has gone but no JB still released , and now 9.2.1 update already completed . When we get the JB …😔😔😔

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